Trapped in a disastrous world

What if Harry Potter actually died. Voldemort would rule the wizarding world. There would be no one there to stop him. Until Ron found the resurrection stone...


3. The Resurrection


Ron still couldn't get over the fact he had lost his bestfriend and a brother. Life would not be the same anymore. He wanted them back desperately.

He carried on walking for another few minutes and came to an abrupt halt. A sharp stone was pressing into his shoe. He took a step back to find a small, yet sharp, black stone. Ron was about to chuck it on the ground again before he realised.

"The resurrection stone!" He called loudly, to himself. He would be able to see and check on his loved ones even though he could not bring them back forever. He held it in his hands and closed his eyes.



A strange feeling sped through Harry as if he was being pulled back to earth. It was also as if he was apparating but only a few metres.

Within seconds, everything went back to normal but the world had more colour and a living human being was stood before him. Fred too, was stood next to Harry and had obviously had the same sensation happen to him.

"Ron!" Gasped Harry, unable to stop smiling.

Ron opened his eyes and once he realised what was going on, he too began smiling uncontrollably at his bestfriend and brother.

"Hey, mate," grinned Fred, "How are you?"

"I've been better." Sighed Ron.

"How's George? Tell him I said hi." Said Fred and with this, Ron began to cry.

"Come here, mate." said Harry and gestured for Ron to give him a comforting hug, But as soon as Ron's hand should have touched Harry, it was as if nothing except air was there and it fell straight down.

"Give our love to everyone, especially mum and dad," Said Fred, "And don't worry about us. We watch over you everyday, we are happy and with everyone too."

"Harry? Are you with your parents?" Asked Ron.

"Of courser and Sirius, Remus, Tonks. We are fine and give our love to everyone like Fred said: Mr and Mrs Weasley, Hermione, Ginny." Answered Harry.

Ron looked grief-stricken yet pleased to hear that they were ok. "I will mate. I promise." With that, Ron let go, yet didn't drop the resurrection stone and Harry and Fred went back to Heaven.

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