Trapped in a disastrous world

What if Harry Potter actually died. Voldemort would rule the wizarding world. There would be no one there to stop him. Until Ron found the resurrection stone...


4. A whole family, once again


Ron arrived back at the castle, his mind buzzing with so much to tell Hermione. He had found a way to contact Harry and Fred although he knew not to do keep them in this world for to long as they did not belong.

"Hermione!" Called Ron. He beckoned for his new girlfriend to come over to where he was. He showed Hermione the resurrection stone but careful not to let anyone else see. He knew if everyone saw it, they would want to use if despite how good it would if they could see their loved ones again.

"You mean we can see Harry again?" Asked Hermione, her voice sounding slightly happier again than what it did twenty minutes ago.

Ron nodded and said, "We can think of a way to destroy Voldemort. We will probably need Harry's help to do it too. You know? Like Harry's parents did the night Cedric died."

"The echoes?" Considered Hermione?

"Yeah, them. They can distract Voldemort again." Replied Ron.

"But it isn't going to be as simple as that, Ron. It will take a lot of planning and what about the snake? The prophecy? It had to be Harry who killed him. Not us. Harry. How are we supposed to do that? We would have to bring him back to life and that isn't possible. Even you know that!" She said sarcastically.

Ron sighed as he knew, once again, Hermione was right.

"Why don't we start of with showing your mother the stone. I think it's only fair. Her son and 'might-as-well-be' son is dead. We should let him speak to them. Also George, he's his twin oh and Ginny too." Babbled Hermione.

"What happened to not showing anyone?" said Ron but Hermione gave him a stern yet pleading look, "Oh all right, just my family though."

Finding Molly was hard as finding a pin in a haystack. There were so many people- students, teachers, parents and just normal witches and wizards who had come to help fight. She could be anywhere in the castle.

After a long trip, they found Molly in the great hall, holding Fred's stone cold hand.

"Mrs Weasley?" Said Hermione softly. She startled but smiled once she saw who it was. "Can we have a word?"

"Sure! How are you two? It must be hard at the minute because you know... losing Harry..." She paused as tears came to her eyes. "Now, what is it you want to speak to me about?"

Ron pulled out the resurrection stone from his pocket and Mrs Weasley gasped at the sight as if it was a horrible monster which was towering over her.

"Is this the..." But she was cut off by her son.

"The resurrection stone, yes. I found it in the Forbidden Forest and I'm guessing Harry once had it. Look mum, I've seen Harry and Fred through this. They're ok. I promise but I want you to know for yourself." Ron opened his mother's hand and placed the stone there. Molly burst into tears and hugged Ron and made his ears go a bright pink.

Molly dashed off a few minutes later when all the other Weasley's were distracted.

When she was on her own, she looked down at the light stone in her hand. How was she supposed to work it. She couldn't do it. She should have got Ron to explain it more. Molly sobbed loudly, shut her eyes and wished this was all a horrible nightmare.

"What's all that noise for, mum?" Joked Fred.

"It's ok, Mrs Weasley." Comforted Harry.

Mrs Weasley opened her eyes and burst into even more tears.

"I love you, mum." Whispered Fred

"Thank you for everything." Added Harry.

"You guys are ok, right?" Asked Mrs Weasley

"You know we are." Began Fred. "We saw Ron tell you everything. We are always with you mum and Harry has his real family back."

Molly nodded and just then, Hermione, George, Ginny, Mr Weasley and Ron came running into where Molly, Harry and Fred was.

"George! Oh George!" Sobbed Fred. It was the first time he had cried but seeing his twin brother was too much. He ran to give him a hug but not being able to touch him reminded all of them that they he and Harry was dead and nothing was the way it was before.

"My boys!" Cried Mr Weasley.

"Harry! Fred!" Shrieked Hermione and Ginny together.

They all stood there together and it looked like they were a normal family once again however, despite all their happiness during that moment, they all knew that it could not stay like that forever.


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