Trapped in a disastrous world

What if Harry Potter actually died. Voldemort would rule the wizarding world. There would be no one there to stop him. Until Ron found the resurrection stone...


5. A brief plan


Harry reluctantly was pulled back to Heaven after his sad but loving meeting with his other family. They raised him since he was eleven and stuck with him until the very end. They would always be there for him, dead or alive and he would do the same for him. Even though he was back with his real family (and he couldn't be happier about it), he still wished he could see the Weasleys and Hermione again but not just through the resurrection stone- he was there with them. Despite all this, he knew he could still watch over them and stay with them, just like they did, until the very end and then they would come join Harry and his family too.

"Harry, dear?" Began Lily, tapping Harry on his shoulder. "Are you ok?"

Harry shook out of his daze and nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine... Just thinking."

"About what?" Said Sirius, popping out of thin air.

"We need to defeat Voldemort still. We can't let him rule the world like he is. Life will be torturous for the living. However, I need to kill him. It's not possible. Is there any way?"

No one spoke for a while, thinking about Harry's response but after a few silent minutes, Remus spoke, "Is it possible for the dead's soul to attach into the living?"

"Yeah I believe it is... But it is excruciating pain for the living person who has two souls inside of them." Replied James.

"That's what we do then, surely? I can attach to someone, I'm still inside them so technically it's me killing them." Said Harry.

"Yes but I'm not sure whether it works like that?" Answered James. "But it's possible though. We just need to find out how to do it."



Two months later, Hogwarts was unrecognisable. Ron, Hermione and many of their classmates decided to retake their seventh year. Many of the teachers were forced to leave or were threatened through a month in Azkaban. Many death eaters were teachers and they were being taught the dark arts and many students had been tortured for breaking the ridiculous rules.

The majority of the Ministry of Magic was run by death eaters however, a few people still had their job. Luckily, Arthur Weasley still had his job but worked in fear each day of being sacked and of course, the dark lord himself was the minister for magic.

Muggles went into hiding in fear of being killed and the wizarding world lived in fear and discomfort. Hardly anything was like it used to be.

The burrow, however, was cheery and bright. Mrs Weasley tried her hardest to keep the good mood up and was successful despite the harsh times. Bill and Fleur occasionally came round, much to Ginny's disgust or the whole family went over to Shell Cottage and enjoyed a break there. Their homes were protected with many protection charms so it was near impossible for an intruder to enter without a large army. The family was safe and if any harm was to come to them, Harry, Lily, James and Fred would know about it. They had started to figure a plan to defeat Voldemort. Within another few months, it would start and they would be one step closer to rid the world of a living form of evil.


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