Shot at the Night (Louis)

Sometimes it feels like Fate controls us.. Sometimes it's too powerful even at the most strange times.. It gave me unconditional love.. The world is just too unfair to let me have it. "Take life by the horns." Everyone used to tell me. I'm trying but it's just not working. I am forced to stay away from her. "She's too young." I keep hearing the truth is I DON'T CARE.. Just give me a shot at the night.


3. Three

Nora's POV

Julie and I finished decorating the front room.

"So.. Did you get guests?" I asked

"Yeah.. About 45" she said I nodded

"But I plan on getting more don't worry and my cousin is going to be the DJ." She said I nodded

"Thanks" I said

"Hey this is the mission to prep you for a wild Sex-life with your most likely sexy 21 year old boyfriend." She said I smiled.

"By the way his parents are sending him home in a week.. Would I recover by then?" I asked

"Recover? You mean from the soreness?" She asked I nodded

"You should be ok.. Unless David goes really hard." She said winking.

"Ugh gross Juls."

"Ugh just lose your virginity already so you'll stop being so boring and conservative." She grumbled

"I'm just not into talking about my area." I said she nodded

"You mean your vagina?" She said I nodded

"You might wanna stop being so shy about those areas because him being 21 he's probably experienced in those kind of sexual activities where you only need that part and a mouth." She said

"Really Juls?" I said annoyed she made Louis sound like such a dirtbag.

"Just saying Nora.. It's the truth. Anyways do you have condoms?" She asked

"I don't think so." I said

"Well you're in luck I brought some." She said

"Thanks." I said we climbed down from our ladders and gave nods of approval at our work.

"Next room?" She asked I nodded.


The next day I woke up and went downstairs and noticed Julie had finished decorating she had music playing. I yawned and found her in the kitchen eating eggs.

"Oh goodmorning sleepy head!" She said I waved getting some orange juice from the fridge.

"So.. I have questions for you." She said I sat down with my glass.

"Shoot." I said

"Ok.. Where is he from?" She asked

"Doncaster" I said she nodded

"Where does he currently live?" She asked


"What is his job?"

"Umm he works in Toys 'R' Us" I said

"What colour is his hair?" She asked

"Brown.. Kinda like caramel." I said

"Cute." She said

"Is that it?" I asked

"For now.. Oh! Does he have any tattoos?" She asked I nodded

"Oh hot." She said I nodded

"He is but he's also sweet." I said

"Aw that's sweet." She said I nodded once more

"God will you stop with the nodding?" She asked I shook my head.

"Ugh you're impossible." She said I smirked


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