Shot at the Night (Louis)

Sometimes it feels like Fate controls us.. Sometimes it's too powerful even at the most strange times.. It gave me unconditional love.. The world is just too unfair to let me have it. "Take life by the horns." Everyone used to tell me. I'm trying but it's just not working. I am forced to stay away from her. "She's too young." I keep hearing the truth is I DON'T CARE.. Just give me a shot at the night.


7. Seven

I locked my phone and heard Louis coming up the stairs. I pulled the blankets over my head.

"Nora?" He whispered I didn't answer. I thought I would play with him a bit.

"Nora?" He whispered crawling onto the bed.

"Nor?" He whispered lightly shaking my shoulder he rolled me over and pulled the blankets down.

"Nora wh-" I cut him up putting my finger on his lips he looked down at my finger then my eyes

"Shhhh" I whispered I slid my finger down his lips slowly

"Do me" I whispered

Seconds later I started snorting Louis smiled and laughed with me.

"I wanna go somewhere!" I whined he sighed

"I would if I could." He said

"I wish you weren't famous so we could do something." I said

"You don't like just hanging out with me here?" He asked I nodded

"Ouch" he said I smiled I sat up looking into his eyes

"You know we could make it fun." I said he bit his lip and shook his head

"Ugh! You're so stubborn!" I said he chuckled

"I'm getting out of my pjs." He said I nodded

He walked into the closet and came out a minute later wearing fresh clothes. Black jeans and a black tshirt. He walked past the mirror and fixed his hair I got up and walked into the closet changing into black skinny jeans and picked out one of Louis' shirts and walked out he was laying on my bed and was on my bed. He looked at me

"Is that my shirt?" He asked I nodded

"Movie?" I asked he nodded I walked down the stairs Louis right behind me.

"My fans are wondering where I am." He said

"Oh really?" I asked

"They complain that I'm always MIA." He said

"Cute." I said he nodded

"But really I'm always with you." He said I smiled to myself. We sat down on the couch

"What movie?" Louis asked

"Surprise me." I said he nodded

"Okay babe." He said

He picked up at movie and held it out to me

"Transformers?" I asked

"It's a good movie." He said

"Alright put it on" I said he smiled at me and stuck his tongue out.

He put the movie in and sat down next to me put his hand on my knee. I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder.

"I love you." I whispered

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