Shot at the Night (Louis)

Sometimes it feels like Fate controls us.. Sometimes it's too powerful even at the most strange times.. It gave me unconditional love.. The world is just too unfair to let me have it. "Take life by the horns." Everyone used to tell me. I'm trying but it's just not working. I am forced to stay away from her. "She's too young." I keep hearing the truth is I DON'T CARE.. Just give me a shot at the night.


1. Prologue

Nora's POV

"Hi you've reached Louis..Leave a message and I'll try to get back to you." I sighed hanging up the phone that was my 5th time trying to call him. I put down my phone and walked towards the bathroom when I heard my familiar ringtone of Louis' solo in "Story Of My Life". I walked over and looked at the caller ID and cleared my throat.


"Nora? what are you doing?" He whispered into the phone

"Louis you told me you'd call me" I said

"I know sorry I was with the boys.. How are you?" He asked

"I'm good I miss you though." I said

"I miss you too Love."

"When can I see you?" I asked

"I don't know.." He said

"I have to go." He whispered again

"Why?" I asked

"I'm getting on the bus.. I'll probably text you later.." He said

"Ok Bye." I said he hung up I sat down with a sigh. Ever since I met Louis he's been so secretive about us. I understand why though.. Our relationship isn't exactly "legal" me being 16 and Louis being 21. What can I say? It was love at first sight it was like we were drawn together by fate. Ever since then Louis has been on tour and I've been back her in London. A break is coming up in 2 weeks and I've been talking to Louis about coming over but he doesn't want to risk me getting in trouble if my Dad sees us. So, with my paycheck I bought a lock for my door. I'm not trying to push Louis I just really want to see him. It's been months.. I checked my phone once before sighing and going into my bathroom and getting in the shower.


Nora's POV

I got out of  the shower putting a towel around my waist and walked out I got dressed in PJs and walked out when I heard my phone go off I opened the message and saw that Louis had sent me a selfie with a silly face I immediately started to smile I sent one back and walked over to my desk logging into my computer when I heard the doorbell.

"Dad!" I called not wanting to get it, He didn't answer so he must have been out. I quickly skipped down the steps and opened the door. 

"Wow! You are alive." I smiled seeing my best friends Julie standing there

"Hey!" I said opening the door letting her in her blond hair tied into a bun shaped like a bow on the top of her head. She wore black black jeans and a Pink Floyd shirt that was once a tshirt was cut into a crop top I smiled as she hugged me her leg kicking up showing her red converse I raised my brows at her she was always the life of the party I used to be as exciting as her then I mellowed down.. 

"Geez Nor you can be a little more excited to see me." She said 

"Yeah while you were working up your tan in Barbados I was here in deary England so please.. Excuse me if I'm a little moody." I said she smirked 

"So wanna tell me about this mystery guy you've been texting me about?" She asked 

"I can't" I said Julie had left 4 months ago to go on her family's "Tropical Vacay Extravaganza!" She had called it Louis and I met 3 weeks after she met I thought we would have had everything over with by then but we are still a secret.

"Oh c'mon.. Spill." She said I shook my head 

"Juls (Jewels) you know I never keep anything from you and I swear I would tell you everything if I could but this is the one secret I'm going to have to keep." I said she sighed 

"Fine but tell me you at least lost your virginity." She said I folded my lips together. The farthest me and Louis have gone is heavily making out but we haven't had sex yet. Julie lost her virginity last year to a guy named Doug that she hasn't talked to since. 

"Nora!" She scolded me I laughed 

"Sorry I just don't wanna run around and throw my cat at everyone." I said she sighed 

"Sometimes it pays off to be a bit of a slut.. I mean what happens if this Mystery older guy wants to bang you and he finds out you're a virgin and loses interest?" She asked she was right I hadn't told Louis.. He's famous he could have any girl he wanted what happens once he realizes he's with a 16 year old Virgin? I swallowed hard 

"So.. How much older is this guy?" She asked as we got into my room. I sat down still thinking about what she said. 

"Nora? Hello?" She said 

"Five." I said 

"Five what?" She asked 

"I answered your question he's five years older than me." I said Julie is 17 years old turning 18 in two months. Julie and I met when she crashed on the couch at my brother's house party I took care of her and held her hair back when she was throwing up she immediately friended me and helped me threw High School. My Dad pulled me out of school and got me a home school teacher. My brain was too smart for it's age which meant I flew through school easily over coming all the grades in 1 year. Julie slid through all her grades with my help. 

"He's five years older than you?" She asked she thought 

"He's 21?!" She yelled I nodded looking up at her 

"Your dating a 21 year old?" She asked amazed I nodded 

"How'd you meet him?" She asked 

"Umm.. I met him at a business party my Dad brought me to." I said 

"Oh does Daddy know about his dirty little girl?" She asked rolling onto her stomach curling her legs in the air 

"No.. My Dad would kill me.. and him." I said she smirked 

"So do you plan on getting him in your bed?" She asked I thought of it.. If I could choose anyone in the world to take my virginity I'd want it to be Louis.

"So what's his name?" She asked 

"I'm not telling you that's the whole point of the title "Mystery Guy." I said

"Come on Nora.. I'm your best friend just tell me." She said 

"Correction you're my ONLY friend." I said 

"Perfect! You have no one else you could tell."  She said proudly I rolled my eyes 

'I'm not telling you Juls." I said turning towards my laptop. 

"Fine.. Oh! Did you hear?" She asked 

"What?" I asked turning back to her 

"One Direction has a break in 2 weeks hence they will be coming back to London!" She said 

"So?" I asked trying to keep it mellow 

'You're going to help me meet them! I know you don't like them but I do.." She said 

"What are you going to do? Camp out at the airport?" I asked 

"Yes" She said 

"Or y'know your pops can get me in to meet them." She said with a wink 

"I told you this before Juls, My Dad doesn't have that much authorization." I said 

"He doesn't have to be with us all he has to do is sneak us a couple of Back Stage passes or All Access.." She said 

"No. I'm not risking my Dad's job just for you to get 5 minutes with them." I said 

"Ugh. You suck." She said 

"So.. Aren't you going to ask me if I got any Tropical Ass?" She asked 

"Did you get any Tropical Ass?" I asked she gasped 

"Oh! You wouldn't believe the hunks that are there! I almost orgasm'd every time I walked down the beach." She said I raised my brows at her openness. 

"Oh and yes I did get some Tropical Ass me and my Cousin Serena had a hell of a time." She said with a wink I rolled my eyes 

"You're only acting like that cause you're a virgin." She said I threw my pencil at her

"So where exactly is it that Mystery Boy is vacationing?" She asked 

"Um.. Jamaica." I thought quick 

"Oh.. So before he gets back let's get you a one night stand to get rid of that pesky virginity." She said 

"No! I don't just wanna lose my virginity to some idiot at a house party." I said 

"Then what? Want me to go on Craig's List?" She asked 

"I don't know I just want to be able to know the guy that takes it from me." I said 

"Want me to call up David?" She asked David was my childhood best friend and crush. 

"I don't talk to him anymore I'm not going to call him up and be like "Hey David I know I haven't talked to you in 3 years but wanna come over and have sex with me so I'm not a virgin when my older boyfriend comes back from his trip and wants to have sex with me." I said making a phone with my pinky and thumb. 

"No you don't tell him why he's coming over you invite him to a party I will throw here and you know make him an offer he can't refuse." she said I nodded 

"Well? Call him!" She said I shook my head 

"You do it." I said she shrugged and nodded David had also met Julie and they instantly became friends. She pulled out her phone and went into her contacts and put her phone to her ear. 

"Hey David! It's Julie.." She said she put the phone on speaker 

"Hey! I haven't talked to you in forever." He said his voice had gotten much lower since the last time I talked to him. 

"Yeah, I was calling you because I was wondering if you'd want to come to London for a party I'm throwing at Nora's house" She said 

"Nora? As in Nora Kane?" He asked 

"Yeah, She has missed you and actually came up with the idea to invite you." She said my heart started to beat 

"Is she still hot?" He asked My heart did a back flip. 

"Oh trust if I was les I would be all over her." Julie said David chuckled 

"Yeah sure I'll come.. When is it?" He asked Julie's smile disappeared and she looked up at me a panicked look on her face, she covered the mic 

"When should we have it?" She asked I shrugged 

'When does your Dad come back?" She asked 

"3 weeks" I said 

"We're having it in 4 days.. Can you make it?" Julie says 

"Hold on I'll ask." he said we heard him put his phone down

"Can we even invite and decorate and get organized in 4 days?" I asked 

"Trust me I'll have like 50 people and my cousin is a Dj. I got this." She said 

We heard David pick up his phone 

"Yeah, I can come. I'll see you guys then?" He said 

"Do you still remember where she lives?" Julie asked 

"Yeah, I'll never forget that palace." He said Julie giggled

"Alright see you then Dave." She said and hung up. 

"Holy shit Nor! He thinks you're hot. This is going to be easier than I thought." She said I rolled my eyes. 

"So when do we get started?" I asked 

"I have party supplies in my apartment so I can bring those over I will also help you block off the stairs so you and David can shag it up in privacy." She said I nodded 

"I will go grab that stuff call a view people and come back." She said I nodded I felt my phone start to vibrate on my leg luckily I switched it to silent or Julie would have heard my ringtone. 

She got up walking out of my room blowing me a kiss my phone stopped vibrating it started again I pulled it out of my pocket seeing it was Louis I waited till the door shut until I answered it 

"Hello?" I said 

"Hey babe, What's up?" He said 

"Oh nothing.." I said 

"I can't wait to see you" he said I smiled 

"I can't wait to see you either" I said 

"We just got a hotel.. Our break is now in 1 week.. I was going to surprise you but I was too excited. The other boys went into the hotel I'm out in the bus." He said 

"So you'll be home in 7 days?" I asked smiling 

"Yep.." He said then my heart sunk 7 days.. The party is in 4. If I had sex on the night of the party then from Julie's words it would take me 4 days to recover which means the night Louis comes home I'd still be sore.

"Hello?" He said bringing me back to reality 

"That's great! Are you coming over the night you get home?" I said 

"Yeah, You still have that thing I can climb up at the back right?" he asked 

"Yeah. My Dad still doesn't use the back garage since we got that other one built so you can park in there and lock it." I said 

"Ok. I'll see you then babe" He said

'Wait? What time will you be here?" I asked but he had already hung up. I sighed when my phone started to ring. I answered it 

"Hello?" I said 

"Nor, I got the stuff want me to come over? We can start decorating and I'll just crash there and start again when I wake up. I'll decorate while you sleep" She said I heard the sound of cars driving by 

"Juls? Where are you?" I asked 

"I'm outside of "One-Piece" shop." She said 

"Ok.. Come over whenever you can with the stuff." I said 

"Ok" She said 

I hung up and sighed crashing down onto my bed I went into my phone and changed my ringtone to marimba and closed my eyes.

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