yes Edward, your my father

Rennesme never met Bella. She died while giving birth to her and the Cullen's were gone. Garrett was in town and for 16 years has been raising her. Now they have to meet. throw in some love, and what do you get?


1. what?

please please forgive me but i wont be home again maybe some day youll look up and barely conscious, youl say to no one isnt something missing? you wont cry for my absence i know you forgot me long ago. am i that unimportant  am i that insignificant? isnt someone missing me? even though im the sacrifice you wont try for me not now though id die to know you love me im all alone isnt someone missing me? please,please forgive me.= evanescence 

okay... so were do i begin? oh yeah! my names rennesme Elizabeth Isabella mason McCartney  And im not like you, im a half immortal. It all stared with my mother Bella Swan. She moved to forks washington to live with my now deceased[may he r.i.p] grandfather Charlie. There she met the gorgeous Edward Cullen, who turned out to be a vampire!. Were you expecting that? really? well she wasn't  And get this, so were his family. Now my mother, being so naive, decided she didn't care. trouble came ahead and he decided he had to leave and she found out she was having me. But she didn't know much about half immortal children because they weren't real [well they are but i'll explain later] and didn't know that she would die in the process.She did near the end though. And decided to right a later on my name and her back ground. Then when i was being born, a Savior was in the hood! well.... actually no. A nomad named Garrett was in town to visit my grandfather Carlisle. He saw that they weren't there, found me and decide that i had a certain potential. And from 16 years on he became my father ive never met the Cullen's.  I don't know what i would do if i saw them. I don't really care though. If they couldn't love my mother, why would they love me? and besides, im so happy with Garrett  Speaking of Garrett  "daddy were are you?" I called from my bedroom window. we were in Boston city. daddy [Garrett BTW]hated England so we only went there when i really wanted to go. he was in the american war, i know because he never shuts up about it. he didnt answer so i texted him. he went hunting, without me! that's what you get for falling asleep watching harry potter. team Voldemort all the way! any way i would totally give him crap about this later. when he came back he had new clothes on. "hunny" he said and hugged me. it was hard staying mad at him."you said you'd bring me" i said. he never brought me to the city with him. he only brought me to the little towns. he smiled. "well, you were asleep and you looked like an angel so i thought wouldn't it be a sin if i woke her?" he said and shrugged off his leather jacket. "why do i smell aunty char and peter?" i asked. i loved those two.they were so cool. uncle peter was so over protective about me. "there coming in a second, they missed you" he said and sat on the couch. i sat next to him."daddy, can aunty Charlotte and i go shopping?" i asked him. he was so over protective as well  "well, alright, but be safe and bring your phone" he smiled and took out his laptop. i went up to my room to get dressed. my room was covered in purple and black. i loved those colors. my room was big. i had a double bed and a big wardrobe. as i opened my walk in wardrobe i heard aunty char and peter walk through the door. "hey aunty and uncle, ill be down in a minute, just getting dressed" i shouted down, picking up my black skinny jeans and a purple tank top, i put my peep toe boots on and my purple leather half jacket on. "no need to shout sug" said a voice behind me. "aunty char" i said and hugged her fiercely."baby girl, you've grown so much, look at you!" she squiled. "thanks char, how are , i haven't seen you in ages" i said. down stairs uncle peter and daddy were laughing."well, peter and i now live in the hood. we bought a house two hours ago" she smiled and we walked down the stairs.i loved walking in high heels. it made me feel like an adult. "there's my baby niece" uncle peter grinned and hugged me, being careful not to hurt me with his super strength. the last time i saw him he gave out to me for talking to a human boy. it was kind of funny, the guy actually pissed his pants when uncle peter glared at him and told him to piss off. "oh uncle peter its so good to see you" i said. he kissed my cheek. "god your getting big izzy" he said. i looked at him. "are you calling me fat?" i asked and everyone started laughing. "i wish darling  your too thin" he said. we said bye to everyone and left for the shops. i loved going shopping with Charlotte  she was always good at getting deals."there's something we need to talk about sug" char said as we finished shopping. "sure, whats wrong" i asked, was i in trouble?. "your grand father Carlisle wants to see all of us, and garret decided to bring you as well, since doesn't know you exists, do you under- hunny!" she never got to finish that, i had already fainted.

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