"I was afraid of love. Since my parents' divorce, it would always be in the back of my mind, what if the same thing happens to me one day? I mean, what is love? The defenition. Definitely not this that I have fallen into. I want you to let me free. I'm begging you, please let me go!"

Caroline Humphrey was traumatised for years after her mother and father thought it best to seperate. She always looked up to their affection and trust for each other. She was born with the urge to see others happy, but feared for her future in happiness and love after witnessing, first hand, how all those feelings can change overnight.

And that's when she took matters in her own hands. She would never end up alone and unhappy, when love is all she lives for, so when Zack Broody enters her life she thought she found the perfect match. Or did she? Zack is mysterious about a lot of things and when he starts priving secrets and traps her in his house, she fears she may never escape this alive.


3. Death Would Be Nice Now

"I was tied to a chair," Caroline went on. "He wouldn't let me go."

"So after the break-in, he tied you to a chair. And then?" Dr. Camden asked wide eyed, while gripping his pen harder by each word.

Caroline promised herself she'll never have to tell this all over again, but since they've put her in this place, it started becoming her daily routine. Isn't a place like this suppose to help you deal with your trauma, not make it worse? she thought to herself.

"And then he left," she went on. "After he tied me to the chair and pushed a tennis ball in my mouth, he left. Just like that. It was so weird, though ... to me ... at that moment, you know. I was sitting there, unable to do anything, trapped inside my own house, waiting ... just waiting for something to happen next, not knowing what to expect, but knowing the fuck that it can't get better."

"I don't understand?" Dr. Camden shook his head and leant forward.

"Three days it took him to return. And he wasn't in a good mood at all!"

I woke up with a hard knock against my head, and then another quick one on the other side. It ached like the devil himself. I was immediately aware of the fact that I'm still tied to a chair, but the thirst and hunger hurt more.

And then I saw him.

He looked exactly the same as three days ago; unwashed and fucking bad. He was walking a couple of meters from me, and back. Up and down, up and down. I thought he maybe wanted, or was forcing me in a way, to get a good look at him.

"Before I start," his voice gave me shivers and it was the first time I ever felt the chills running down my spine, "I'd just like to inform you that I'm not a bad person. And that's why you are going to do all the bad stuff for me." He finished by pointing both his thumbs to his chest.

He came closer, until I could smell the tobacco on his breath. "Do you understand? You're doing my bidding now, and you may retaliate, please, don't let me hold you back. But I've been watching you and your precious daughter. It would be so sad to see her leave this earth before she even had the chance to get to know it."

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