"I was afraid of love. Since my parents' divorce, it would always be in the back of my mind, what if the same thing happens to me one day? I mean, what is love? The defenition. Definitely not this that I have fallen into. I want you to let me free. I'm begging you, please let me go!"

Caroline Humphrey was traumatised for years after her mother and father thought it best to seperate. She always looked up to their affection and trust for each other. She was born with the urge to see others happy, but feared for her future in happiness and love after witnessing, first hand, how all those feelings can change overnight.

And that's when she took matters in her own hands. She would never end up alone and unhappy, when love is all she lives for, so when Zack Broody enters her life she thought she found the perfect match. Or did she? Zack is mysterious about a lot of things and when he starts priving secrets and traps her in his house, she fears she may never escape this alive.


2. And We Meet

"Look, I know everything's a mess at the moment. You don't know where to begin your sentences, for your thoughts are still with the actual ordeal, but ... we have to start somewhere."

Caroline Humphrey lifted her head so she could have a first glance at her psychoanalyst, Dr. Camden. A large man with trap holes for

eye sockets and less hair than she ever saw on a man before. The ordeal, he called it.

"It wasn't an ordeal," she immediately corrected him. "It was more than that."

He sat back in his chair, with his notebook in his hands and pen ready to write down all the juicy details, but there was silence after her last words. "Okay ... so let's start from right at the beginning. Where have you met your husband, Mrs. Humphrey?"

It was a summers evening. She didn't want to light the candles, for even the sight of more heat would make her want to walk around naked, and she certainly don't want to express that as an opinion about herself to her plumber when he shows up. If he shows up! He's already five minutes behind the clock.

She lit the first candle, the second, and then moved on to the other ones.

A knock on the door.

She asserted herself in a mirror and walked briskly to the front of the house. Maybe she can ask for discount 'cause he's late!

And that's when the phone rang and she discovered the already opened door, and everything just happened at once! The cold hand wrapped around her neck and mouth and she could feel the strength building up in her assailant's arms. Caroline knew then it was too late. She couldn't scream. She couldn't kick. She had no control over anything but the fact that she would get saved by her plumber - who's still on the way. But that was before he announced that he was the supposed plumber. She was trapped.

Dr. Camden's pen went up and down as he watched her talking, but stopped her mid way. "So even from the first day he abused you like that? But I don't understand. Why did you get married to him then? When the man physically attacked you the first time you met him. Or could you even call that a meeting?"

"No you can't," Caroline replied. "And you don't understand, Dr. Camden. I had no choice. He took everything away from me. I'll never forget what happened after that."

A tear went down her cheek. Just one silver tear.

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