Hannah and Shane.
Both 17
In love with each other
YouTube famous
Both singers
One problem.

They only know each other by a computer.
There parents say "never fall in love with strangers."
Boy...they proved them wrong


2. Hannah

".......And we can learn to love again."I smiled at the camera and turned it off.Time to edit.Joy...

Well when that is uploading,I can tell you about my self.

Well my name is Hannah Amelia Mathews,I'm 17,blue eyes,light brown hair with neon purple highlights,and I have 4,000,000 million subscribers on YouTube 3 years ago I only had 200 subscribers.Now look at me! And I kinda have a Long Distance Relationship with Shane Evens another you tuber with 3,000,000 million subscribers.Well that's about me!baiii

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