The Red Balloon

Will two best friends be able to escape a forest? Or will the stalker clown claim them before anyone can help?


8. Welcome to my Blog

Heyy my lovelies, you are now tuning into my blog. WARNING: I will probably rant about random stuff. Our current position is Fresno, in California. In a few days it will be London, England. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait. I always wanted to travel to England, now I can live there! I always wanted to pick up a British accent, I think it’s so cute and proper.  I hope when we move there I do that would be awesome. Don’t even get me started about boys. With their British accents I always wanted to date a boy with a British accent. Although I like cute boys with British accents I don’t like one direction. I just do not understand it you can't call them your idols. Unless you worship them. Hopefully you don't because you shouldn't worship just a normal human. Somebody with real powers, who is truly PERFECT. No I did not say perfectly imperfect. I will replay PERFECT. Do you know him? I bet you have heard of him before. Let' see if you can figure HIM out for yourself.  Until later (most likely tomorrow) I hope you enjoyed my thoughts about Britain. L.U.L (Love you lots)-Elle G. (my pen name, get it LG LOL)

Thanx for tuning in I hoped you liked the start of her blog. I hope u like my edits. Sorry it is kinda short.I will post again if my group gains one more member. Click the link in my mumble to find out more!!-Elizabeth xoxo

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