The Red Balloon

Will two best friends be able to escape a forest? Or will the stalker clown claim them before anyone can help?


3. The Lethal Mistake

    It was sunrise when I awoke again. Something was different this time. Instead of feeling chills, I felt warm. All the energy and heat it released was transferred to my body. The body resembled a paralyzed person. The long tresses of hair hinted that it was a girl. Her outfit seemed familiar, white long sleeves surrounded by lace and Hollister blue jeans and black combat boots.

          “Kaylee?!” I couldn’t hear a response so I wiggled in her direction.

          “Yea, are you hurt Alyssa?” she replied. Her eyes were fixed on my forehead. I felt for my forehead and then remembered that my hands were still bound.

          “Let me help,” she said after she glanced down at my hands.

          “You aren’t tied up?” I puzzled. “You had me worried just a minute before, you were so still. I honestly thought you might be dead,” I finished.

          “No, I was so tired last night from walking around aimlessly. When I saw you I tried to wake you up but you were out cold so I lied down next to you. Did you hear from Ashley or Lilly?” she said while browsing our surroundings.

          “Nope,” I said as a shook my head side to side in disappointment. I was imagining what we would be doing if we were still at home. Right now it didn’t feel life like at all. I could swear that this is just a dream but then I began pinching myself just to make sure. The picture of Kaylee’s house was still wired into my brain. Her house was a modest size house with yellow shingles, blue top coat, and nice black balcony. The aroma of the flowers reminded me of home, even though not my birth home but in spirit my home.

`    “All done!” Kaylee states. The sound of her voice brought me back from my trance. Glancing down at my red swollen hands I pulled them closer to me. My mouth functioned as a heater and warm air escaped my mouth and was transported to my hands.

We sensed that something was in close proximity to our location because of the rustling in the shrubs. Walking in the opposite direction of the unidentified sound we walked at the same rate as each other.  After a few more strides we noticed that something was unbalanced, there was an additional step to every stomp. I uncrossed my arms from my chest and extended my arm to my right in front of Kaylee. She froze, breaking her left right pattern. Behind us was the sound of leaves being punted across the terrain. We twisted our heads as far as our neck allowed us to, in the rear of us was the stalker clown. His chaotic wig was cardinal red, his eyes were bloodshot as if he was up all night, and his stained yellow teeth wrenched into a crooked smile, he wore a clown suit with vertical rainbow colored stripes.

I finished examining the upper half of his body and relocated my eyes to his lower half. In his left hand he was controlling a shimmery red soulless balloon. It swayed with the winds rhythm. Hand in hand we ran as fast as our legs could take us. Flashes of green, yellow and brown were implanted in our minds. At the speed we were going it felt like we were flying through the forest. I peered behind us and the clown was not in my range.

“Where did he go?” I yelped. Kaylee replied by clutching my hand tighter in her palm.


“The balloon,” we both said after we gasped for oxygen. We looked in back of us at all the land we had covered and saw the clown about twenty five yards off. The clown face planted into the turf. His red untidy wig had fallen off and we could make out his shiny hairless head. His hands made a V shape above his head. Beneath him was the balloon, it looked like he tripped on a branch and fell right onto the balloon. Causing the balloon to pop he perished to his own creation. I tugged her wrist and dragged both of our bodies deeper into the forest. It’s important that we don’t breathe any of that substance in. Otherwise, we would join the clown. Now that the clown was dead as a doornail our next priority is to breakout of the forest.

Heyy guys, thanx so much for reading. Again I'm so sorry that I didn't update yesterday. I may give you a little treat for as a token of my apology.-Elizabeth xoxo

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