The Red Balloon

Will two best friends be able to escape a forest? Or will the stalker clown claim them before anyone can help?


4. Everything is Going to be Okay... RIght?

“Wait, I know where we are!” I exclaimed.

“What, we are in the middle of nowhere it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.” She interpreted she finished by rolling her eyes in disappointment.

“No, this is the park!” I blared. When my mom and dad were still married they use to escort me here all the time. I remember there was blue and yellow castle it had a two big shiny blue slides. There was also little hide outs covered with blue cones and a tiny red flag.

Soon enough we reached a payphone and pressed the option collect call. Kaylee listened to every digit I dialed.

Few rings later there was an answer “Hello, do you have any leads?”

“Mom it’s me!” I practically screamed into the receiver.                                   

“Oh my goodness, your father, Gabe and I were worried sick about you. Are you okay?” she rejoiced.

“Yea I just have a bruise on my temple, Kaylee doesn’t have a scratch.”

“Ashley and Lilly are here and fine. Turns how when you were playing man hunt, they weren’t in proximity for the anthrax to affect them.”

“Oh, that’s good is that the substance that knocked us out?”

“No, that was just sleeping gas but supposedly the balloon that the clown fell on did consisted of anthrax. If you and Kaylee inhaled any of it you would be dead. The police had an idea of where the clown took you and they are exploring the park right now. They said they have already retrieved the clown’s body. I will see you at the precinct.”

“So the evil clown urban legend was true?” Kaylee questioned.

“Apparently, only if someone wants us to think it was true and keep the legend alive,” I spoke as I embraced her into a hug before the police approached us and gestured us into the vehicle. I noticed his name tag, his rank was Det. Walker.

“I’m afraid there’s a mistake,” he said as he placed his black based with a tint of blue and yellow on the brim of his hat on the dashboard.

Again thank you so much for reading and liking. Sorry this was really short. Also about the indenting.-Elizabeth xoxo

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