Prodigy's Lover

Layla's past wasn't a very good one. Her mother had past away giving birth and her father was an abusive alcoholic. Soon she finds out that mindless behavior, favorite boy band, is starting at her school, New Leaf. Layla finds out through rumors that Prodigy, her favorite guy, likes her. What will happen when Prodigy and Layla get together?


1. abuse

"LAYLA ! Get your ass out of bed and make me some crab cakes !", yelled Layla's father. Her mother died in a car accident. Her dad was an alcoholic and was very abusive. He'd wake her up very late in the night to have her make him something to eat like a crab cake. And if she didn't make it right or she didn't make what he asked her to make, he would beat her until there was a scar or a bruise. Layla tried to call the police, but her father would threaten to beat her more. Layla didn't have many friends. Carly, Rhia, and Jay were her only friends. The last time she asked if they could come over , her father beat her until some of her skin pealed off. Layla attended Perfection Prep. She and her father had to have financial help from the school in order for her to attend the school. Layla was an honors student. That was until 4 new students arrived. Then everything changed.


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