The Crossed Pathways to Home

Lucy's world is fading. Sad, alone, her grandmother dying, the rest of the world hating her, what's to look forward to?
But when a mysterious blonde haired boy turns up...



The last chapter!! :D I'm going to re-upload chapter five, as it came out kind of funny :P But thank you for all the likes and reads and favourites and comments! Please tell your friends and share this if you don't mind :3 you'd be doing me a HUGE favour and I'll love you forever :D

But here's the last chapter :3 Hope you enjoyed :)

Aoife xxx


~~"Happy birthday babe!" came Finbarrs' over-enthusiastic voice. I rolled over in my bed and grinned.
"Thank you very much" I said poshly.
"Now, do forgive me, but I'm going to give you your present later."
"Sure, that's fine" I lied.
"Your eye's twitching" he teased.
"Shut up!" I laughed. "I won't be able to cope with the anticipation!"
Seamus and Ben, Lisa and David, Christopher and Chloe, and Mason were all in the house by four.
Typically, they couldn't resist getting a birthday cake and singing happy birthday.
And by 'they', I mean Lisa.
I couldn't help but cringe a little.
As Mason was about to leave, he surprised me with a hug. I breathed in his musky smell. It was the weirdest sensation, so foreign, yet so right and familiar.
"Happy birthday, my daughter" he smiled, tears in his eyes. He walked away, and my heart felt warm. That was the first ever real emotion I had seen from him.
Finbarr seemed to keep his promise, not pulling any stunts, until about six o'clock.
"C'mon" he whispered, his warm breath beside my ear sending a shooting tingly sensation down my spine. He dragged me outside.
"Where are we going?" I nervously asked.
"I thought first....well, you brought my sister to me, so I thought I might bring someone to you." He led me to the cemetery. I looked up at him, confused.
"Go on" he gently smiled. "Just say hello. It is your seventeenth birthday."
I stood looking at Grandmas' grave. She was just there. And maybe she was here in a spiritual way, like Markievz. It wasn't my first birthday without her. She was here in a different way. Dead doesn't mean gone. Death doesn't imply forgotten. Maybe.
I shook my head. You never know.
"Goodbye Grandma. Love you" I smiled. I walked back to Finbarr, dry-eyed.

As Finbarr led me to the beach, I scoffed.
"You copied me!" I teased.
"Yours was at ze night. Mine, is at, ze sunset" he said in a mock French accent.
We sat on the sand, letting the waves gently swash against our feet.
"So" I said playfully. "I am insulted that I didn't get either a birthday kiss or present!" He grinned.
"Would you like a kiss?"
"Yes please" I said, my voice going up an octave. He smiled the cutest smile ever, his canines slightly pushing down on his lower lip. I felt my own canines sharpen for the first time. They stabbed at my bottom lip. My heart was going at what felt like a million beats per second at the apprehension of Finbarr leaning in to kiss me.
It never gets old.
His soft lips landed on mine. Our sharp canines clashed, and it was a little difficult to navigate our tongues around the two sets of teeth at first, but we got there, and slowly kissed.
When we parted, Finbarr kissed my forehead.
"Ready for your present now?"
"Oh, that was enough for me" I raggedly breathed. He smiled nervously, and started digging around in his pockets.
"O.K" he began. "I know by Wolvien law, we'll have to wait until your at least eighteen, but..." I frowned in confusion. "One second" he murmured, searching desperately in his pockets. "A-ha!" he burst. "Thought I'd lost it there!" He sighed, his breathing badly shaking. He forced himself to gulp.
Even though we were sitting down, he went on one knee. I felt my eyes widen.
He wouldn't.
Why would he?, came a silent whisper.
Shh!!! I yelped excitedly in my head.
He opened up a little box with a sparkling ring.
"I know you said that you didn't want jewellery...but will you marry me?" he cringed, terror written all over his face.
My jaw was on the sandy floor.
"Seriously?" I asked, gobsmacked.
"Of course! Lucy, I love you so much. You brought me my sister, you have made me happier then I've been in my whole life! I can't believe I found someone as perfect as you...and I'd be honoured if you would stay with me the rest of my life and continue to be my ray of positivity. I want to do for you what you do for me." He paused. "Please?" he pleaded, pulling a puppy face.
"Yes!" I yelped. "Yes, of course I will!" A huge, adorable grin spread across his face, and he put the beautiful ring on my ring finger. I wrapped my arms around his neck.
"I love you Finbarr!" I cried, tears of joy bucketing from my newly formed werewolf eyes.
"I love you, Lucy" he said gently, his tone screaming relief, planting a soft kiss on my lips. I collapsed into his arms, pure happiness bubbling up throughout me. I was in the one place where I felt truly safe, protected, happy, loved, at home.
Finbarrs' arms.
And now I had the promise that I could stay there forever.

The End

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