The Crossed Pathways to Home

Lucy's world is fading. Sad, alone, her grandmother dying, the rest of the world hating her, what's to look forward to?
But when a mysterious blonde haired boy turns up...


22. The beach

~~"Ready?" Seamus asked me. I nodded.
"What?" Finbarr asked.
"Close your eyes and I'll lead you" I grinned. I tugged him into the dim-lighted kitchen, our view presented to us with the flames of candles. I felt my smile weaken though, when I grasped that Mason was there. He dipped his head in my direction, and I turned my attention back to Finbarr.
Of course he should be here. Mason meant the world to Finbarr. He was like the dad he never had. But he might be the dad that I never have. And I knew that it was selfish, but I didn't want Mason here.
Selfish git.
Didn't I just say that, I said sarcastically to the almost muted voices in my head.
Mason and I barely spoke, and even though I'd only met Chloe and David, I felt closer to them, and they fitted better into the scene of Finbarrs' birthday than he did.
I shook my head and pushed Finbarr into his designated seat.
His eyes twinkled as if he was five years old, the flickering flames of the candles causing light to dance in his eyes.
Almost everyone started singing 'Happy Birthday,' and of course, Seamus sang it in Irish. But Mason and I didn't sing. Personally, I found the tradition of singing 'Happy Birthday' to be very awkward, and it was one thing I liked about living in Peggys'. There was never a big fuss revolving around my birthday.
I scanned the room, and even Christopher and Chloe were quietly singing. They were reserved from everyone, but standing side-by-side. I grinned.
I thought Finbarr was out of his mind when he told me about this plan, but it looks like he was on to something.
"Go on, make a wish!" Lisa tweeted. He sniggered, but then seemed to think, and blew out the candles.
"Just dropped by to give you this, Finbarr" came Masons' voice. He handed him a small envelope. "I know you're going somewhere now anyway."
"Thanks, Mason...Wait, what? I'm going somewhere?" Mason nodded. "Goodbye Lucy." I awkwardly tilted my head in acknowledgment. He left, and I saw David looking over at me, confused, obviously my somewhat thorny attitude towards Mason. Lisa whispered something to him, and the befuddled expression left his face.
"Lucy?" I jumped back into reality.
"We're going somewhere?"
"You like bowling?" I playfully asked.
"Yeah! I haven't been in years!" he gasped, his eyes widening. I guess the werewolf thing left him in the confines of the pack most of the time.
"Well you're going now."

We walked as a massive group of seven to the bowling alley. I still felt bad for Seamus. He was left alone by his usual companion. Even Christopher had some company in this moment of time.
They didn't seem to talk, but if you looked closely, you could see the slight movements of their lips, having inaudible conversations.
But Seamus was forever on his phone, texting away, and his face lit up whenever it boomed his favourite song.
Finbarr, on the other hand, was buzzing, and we let our interlocking hands swing inbetween us.

The bowling alley was massive, but abandoned.
"Prepare to be smashed" Finbarr informed me, pulling on his hideous bowling shoes.
"You better be prepared to lose!" I retaliated in all seriousness, letting my competitive side shine through.
Finbarr went first, and got a spare.
"Beat that" he teased. I picked up the lightest bowling ball I could find, and let my tongue stick out in concentration. Knowing the slippy and unpredictable dynamics of the smooth blue ball on the slippery lane, I took a lucky shot. I cringed as it landed with a loud 'thud' on the laneway, but then I held my breath, and slowly took a few steps back, watching it as it rolled towards my target, hitting the body of the pins. They all collapsed, except one. It swirled and danced, tantalizing me.
"Go on" I whispered. "You know you want to."
It dropped.
"Yes! In your face!" I laughed at Finbarr. He covered his face with his hands.
Both of our skills deteriorated from there, and we were extremely lucky to get a spare. I was way too pleased at the fact that I beat Finbarr by three points. Surprisingly, the huge David came last, his throws always ending up rolling to the sides. But the biggest shock was the winner, and that was Chloe. She was only very small, but she had a really strong shot, and skilled aim, and got strike after strike after strike.
"Good on you, a Chloe" Seamus radiated. He had gotten continuous texts throughout the game. On her face appeared a ghost of a smile, pride teasing her expression.
"Seamus, can I have that thing?" I asked.
"Oh, yeah." He handed me a small wicker basket.
"Thanks" I winked.
As we went outside, a chorus of 'Happy birthday Finbarr', 'bye', a 'slan' and 'see you tomorrow' came our way. As everyone began to walk home, and Finbarr and I stayed put, he looked down at me questionably.
"Where to now?" I held his hand, his skin weirdly rough but soft.
"C'mon, let's go." I brought him to the empty, moonlight beach.
"Midnight picnic thing!" I grinned.
"You romantic" he teasingly winked.
We sat on the sand, eating chocolate, staring up at the stars.
"Weird to think that we're partially made of dead stars. Carbon" I mused.
A shiver ran down my spine. The sea air was cold.
"What type of boyfriend am I? Come here!" I shuffled over towards him and he wrapped me in his arms and his jacket. I sighed in satisfaction, being in the one place where I felt happy and safe. What home should feel like.
"Have a good birthday?" I asked, shaking the thought, but not the feeling.
"Best ever" he softly told me, kissing through my fringe, to my forehead.
"Awesome." He started to tease a strand of my hair.
"Love you."
"Thats' cheating!" I joked. "Two words instead of three." I paused. "Love you too." He turned to his side and smiled. My heart beat faster and my stomach jumped around in anticipation. His kiss started out sweet, but it began to turn into something more. It was the first real time that we were in no danger of getting caught by someone in our more intimate actions.
He blatantly opened his mouth, sucking on my bottom lip. There was a weird suction sound as our tongues hugged. I clutched at the collar of his shirt, and found myself wanting nothing more than to open his buttons to feel the smooth, soft skin underneath. His canines rapidly became sharp and I felt a bulge against my leg. Even though his face was aflame, adrenaline was pumping through me, and I opened his first few buttons.
But the he pulled his lips away from mine, and grabbed my hands.
"You're underage, babe" he whispered.
"Even in Wolvien law?" I hopefully asked.
"Even in the two Wolvien laws, sweetheart." He smiled, partly amused, partly apologetic and partly regretful.
Then I was embarrassed, and I felt myself violently blush.
"Sorry" I mumbled, looking away.
"Hey, it's O.K!" he grinned, holding my face, forcing me to look at him again. "We'll just wait a little while. One year isn't too long. Until then, we can work on having the best connection ever!" he said, jokingly serious, rolling his eyes.
There was nothing cuter than a guy who really respected women.
"Sounds like a plan." He kissed my forehead again, and I let myself snuggle up into the sanctuary that was Finbarrs' arms again.
"What did you wish for?" I eventually asked. He sighed.
"For my sister to be O.K. For you to stay with me. Are two wishes greedy?" he genuinely asked.
"No" I said quietly. "Just perfect. "But you don't need a wish for me to stay by your side." He squeezed me tighter.



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