The Crossed Pathways to Home

Lucy's world is fading. Sad, alone, her grandmother dying, the rest of the world hating her, what's to look forward to?
But when a mysterious blonde haired boy turns up...


14. Chapter way hey 14 :P

~~Aunt Peggy stonily stared at me as I walked in. I glared right back at her.
"And where have you been?" she spat.
"What do you care?" I snarled.
"I care because I know you weren't at your Grandmas'! I know your precious little Grandmas' dead!" I felt my jaw clench.
Even she's better that you!
Not the time, I hissed in my head.
"What is your problem?" I seethed. Her face was suspicious and angry, not an ounce of guilt or sadness at her own mothers' death.
"Don't you care that your own mum's dead?"
"Why would I?" she scoffed. "She didn't care about me. It was Stephanie this and Stephanie that. And then they both land me with you!"
"No wonder it was Stephanie this and that" I growled. "Jealous, evil little bitch."
"How dare you!" she spat.
"Well, I hope you're happy" I angrily told her. "You hated family while they were around. You're no relative of mine, so I guess you got what you wanted."

I sighed in my room. Sometimes it was hard not to release my pain by means of my wrists. I learned to resist the urge a long time ago. It only made things a lot worse.
No, it doesn't, the voices piped up. It makes them better.
I traced the scars on my wrist. I cringed. I missed slitting them. It did help.
I vigorously shook my head, and pulled down my sleeves. I looked at my reflection in the mirror.
"I am better than that" I told myself.
No you're not.
"Shut up, stupid voices" I muttered.
To distract myself, I picked up the ring.
"What do you want from me?" It made me shudder. Stupid ring.
"Hnart" formed.
"I know" I said, frustrated. "What about it?"
"Prophecy" came up.
"What prophecy?" I snapped, hoping it wasn't the one about me bringing peace.
Nothing formed in the rings' eye.
"Come on, please, tell me something!"
"Hnart" popped up again.
"Damn ring!" I shrieked, flinging it across the room.
I sat on the edge of my bed, breathing heavily. I buried my head in my hands.
Me throwing things around the room wasn't unusual. I was forever letting my anger, sadness and stress build up until I lashed out.
It was better than cutting myself, I guess.
Of course it isn't!
I clutched my hair. I hated these voices.
I would never call someone a bitch, either, even if it was Peggy.
I need to take up boxing.
All this stuff with Grandma, Peggy and this whole werewolf thing was getting me angry, stressed and upset.
"Stupid ring" I muttered again, covering my eyes.

"Peggy" I greeted her coldly the next morning. She looked taken aback. I had always called 'Aunt Peggy.' But that was no more.
I headed towards the door.
"Where are you going now?" she asked, with some form of defeat in her voice.
"To see my boyfriend if you must know" I said, sarcastically sweet.
She frowned.
"I don't believe you."
Who would? This worthless cow having a boyfriend?
"Whatever. Believe what you like." I shut the door, and scanned the area for a werewolf.
"Hey Manix!"
I forced myself to grin. I'm not going to lie, I'm scared of him. He was around two or three years younger than me but I didn't let myself underestimate his power like I underestimated Lisa, Christopher, Seamus and Finbarrs' power. I couldn't imagine them in the state that Manix was in.
"Hi" he said quietly, but comfortably.
A little time passed, so I decided to start a conversation.
Who would want to talk to you?
Ignoring you, I sang in my head.
"Your sister's awesome" I said, remembering yesterday. He sighed.
"She's a nightmare at home. She'll be even worse when she's able to be a werewolf."
"Oh...she can't already?" I asked confusedly.
"No, 'course not" he said, like I was an idiot.
You are an idiot.
"It's not until we're like eleven that we're able to change. That is, only if you're purebred. People changed to werewolves are different. They can be werewolves as soon they change, no matter what age. Weird, really" he shrugged.
As we got to the village, I smiled. Finbarr had obviously told him not pass by Grandmas' house.
"Finbarrs' at his house. That, or at um...Masons'."
I somehow forgot about that.
Cause you're stupid.
Just leave me alone, I warned the monsters.
"Thanks Manix."
I headed towards Finbarrs' house, nearly getting knocked over by a werewolf.
I stumbled as it kept running, but its' head turned and looked at me, its' tongue lolling. I smiled in disbelief. This was both the weirdest and coolest thing ever.
I was determined to change. I will change Finbarrs' mind.

I creaked open the door, but stopped. Someone was crying. I peeked in.
"I can't live with this." It was Christopher.
"You're going to have to, mo chara" came Seamus' voice.
"But how can I? Why, Seamus? Finbarr will kill me" he moaned in despair.
I frowned.
"He doesn't ever have to know."
"But she's here, every damn day."
I frowned harder.
What did you do now?
Shut up, I told them.
"Christopher, you feel like this because you won't look for a girlfriend. You know every cailìn here!"
Oh crap. No no no no no no no. No.
"I can't like Lucy, I just can't!"
Oh fantastic.
"Then go away for a week. Look at girls in other packs."
"I killed a girl" he raggedly sighed.
"Mo Dhia, Christopher! You honestly think you'd be a danger to another werewolf!? Plus, there's loads of wolves out there who've killed people when they were that age, Swedish and Irish."
Then there was silence.
Look what you've done!, snapped the voices.
It's his own fault, I told them harshly.
"I just don't want to kill anyone else" Christopher said meekly.
"You haven't killed Lucy, and she's been about for weeks" Seamus told him softly.
I heard the chair screech and a pat on the shoulder.
"Think about it."
I quickly backed away from the door, something telling me I shouldn't of listened to that conversation.
Nosy cow.
O.K, I'll admit to that one.
Seamus walked out of the door, sighing and rubbing his head.
He saw me and his scary green eyes widened.
"Dia duit, a Lucy" he said, his eyes flickering to the door. "Finbarrs' upstairs." I weakly smiled and nodded.
I quietly tiptoed in, Christopher the picture of misery. I sighed.
Maybe I should talk him out of this and support Seamus' idea.
"You alright?" I timidly asked him.
He nodded, not looking at me.
"Think about what I said the other day?"
He sniffed.
"What?" he asked confusedly, looking at me, his brown werewolf eyes red.
"You know...looking for a girlfriend" I asked nervously.
He shook his head.
"Well, I'm sure that there's other werewolves who've killed someone and regret it."
He shrugged, looking away again.
"Well, I'm going to Finbarr."
He grunted a response.
Some help you were!, the voices mocked.
Let's see you do any better, you're only voices in my head, he can't hear you, I barked.
I raced upstairs. Before I knocked on the door, I opened my eyes wide, put my lips in an 'o' shape and breathed.
Christopher likes me. Great. He's so unused to girls apart of the one's he's lived with most of his life, he likes the one he can't have.
"Dammit" I muttered.
You can go to him when Finbarr drops you.
Button it, I growled in my head.
I could only hope that Christopher found himself a girlfriend. And soon.
I knocked on Finbarrs' door.
It opened, and I was met with his grinning face.
"Hello gorgeous!" I squealed as he wrapped his arms around my waist, picked me up and kissed me. My tongue brushed across his pointy canines, and it felt like I could cut my tongue, the tips of his teeth were that sharp. He gently sucked at my bottom lip and I felt myself smile, tingly, excited feelings crawling their way up from my stomach.
As I went to kiss his top lip, one of his sharp canines caught the delicate flesh of my lip and cut it a little, so I parted, not wanting to freak him out at the taste of my blood.
"What was that for?" I breathlessly asked.
"I'm just grateful that I have the best girlfriend in the world!"
"Well someone's in a good mood!" I laughed.
"Oops!" He tripped and we fell onto his soft and bouncy bed.
He looked at me then, and he seemed to stare into my soul, but in a nice, comforting way. The ice blue colour of his eyes were striking, and his diamond pupils just added to their mystery.
His teeth grew a little bit sharper, and I think I figured out what that also meant.
He slowly kissed me, but stopped again, his eyes flickering down, but then resting on my face.
Then he kissed me again, and my pulse raced. He pulled me into him, our kiss speeding up, our tongues hugging.
Finbarr froze. I pulled away from his unmoving lips.
"Finbarr. Finbarr, what's wrong?"
"Mason!" we heard again. Finbarr licked his lips nervously.
"Finbarr." I patted his face to get his attention. He looked at me like a confused and lost dog.
"Hold on...sorry."
He got up and looked out his window. His eyes widened and he hastily opened it. I followed his footsteps and looked out the window with him.
Mason was outside his house, alongside Christopher. Opposite them was a tall guy dressed in blue jeans and a grey army-styled jacket. His hair was black.
And I then saw his eyes, and I realized why Finbarr was nervous.
His eyes were black, nearly as black as his cat-like pupils.
It was another Swedish wolf.
I shuddered at memory of being attacked by one of them.
"I thought this was illegal in Wolvien law!" I urgently whispered.
"No...Only if it turns violent" he whispered back, his eyes transfixed on the three werewolves.
"Mason, my old friend" said the scary Swedish wolf, his arms held open.
Mason looked mildly nervous, and Christopher looked angry and frightened.
Then I noticed no-one was out, only faces peering out their windows.
"What do you want, Austin?" calmly asked Mason.
"Oh, I just wanted to talk to your two little..." he paused, thinking. "Mutts."
The voices in my head laughed. That's a good one, they taunted.
Christophers' face twisted in rage, and I worried whether it was because Finbarr was his friend or because he liked me.
"You will have nothing to do with them" Mason replied, his voice unwavering.
"Why not?" he loudly asked. "Just because I'm a Swedish wolf? Because I want to keep us alive, hidden, and know that I have to kill witnesses? Some of yours are the same" he continued grandly. "You, of course, Christopher."
Finbarr looked crestfallen. This was cruel.
"You killed someone. Witness. Probably saw you before you mauled her."
Christophers' jaw clenched, and he looked down, tears streaming down his face.
"Bastard" I muttered. Christopher didn't need this, not if he was going to move on.
"Enough" Mason stated.
"Young Manix nearly succeeded. Well done!" he yelled, spinning around.
"Manipulative git" I hissed. Finbarr nudged me, signaling for me to shut up.
"But that little mutt stopped him! Too bad he's not purebred. He had the instincts of a Swedish wolf once before!"
I frowned in confusion and looked over at Finbarr. He angrily turned his head away.
"But this other little one!" He clapped his hands together. "Interesting. Rings, eyes and a so-called Hnart! Mason, I simply must see her, do understand."
I gulped.
"Austin, leave now!" Mason commanded, raising his authority. "You are forbidden to go near our pack members. One of your own attacked her on our territory. Go and sort it."
Austin scowled at him.
"Make me."
"Wolvien law, number ten, subsection thirteen. You must leave if the pack leader says so."
"Fine! But I'll meet you one day!" he shouted confidently, twirling around again. He walked away, into the depths of the forest.
As he left, the world seemed to slow down.
Christophers tears seemed to slowly drip. Mason stared out after Austin, like a statue, and Finbarr seemed motionless, looking sadly ashamed.
"Finbarr?" I asked quietly, after what seemed like an age. "Finbarr, what happened?" I asked him softly.
His whole body shook and he put his fists to his eyes. I hugged him, rocked him, rubbed his jumping shoulders. I kissed his temple, feeling his smooth soft skin underneath my lips. I buried my head into his.
"C'mon Finbarr, it's O.K."
What Austin had said had struck a serious nerve.
"I can't believe he knows" he hiccuped.
"Knows what?" I gently asked.
"When...when Mason changed me" he sighed. "I had a sister. A little older. I wanted her to come with us. I wanted her to get away from our father. She refused. I tried to force her...Then the wolf thing kicked in. Between trying to get her to come with us and...a part of me wanting to kill her...Let's just say it was lucky that Mason was there." He shook his head.
"I never wanted her to be scared of me. I just really wanted her to be with me, but I haven't seen her since. God shes'..." he counted up on his fingers.
"Like twenty six." He let out another rattled, regretful sigh.
"I miss her."
"I'm sorry Finbarr" I whispered.
How awful. He must feel so guilty, attacking someone he cared about, horrible that he had to leave her.
I wiped away a tear off his face.
"So sorry."
"I don't deserve you" he sadly chuckled.
No he doesn't, the voices cackled.
"No, you deserve more" I confidently told him. "You deserve everything, the world, the universe."
The edges of his mouth twitched upwards. He kissed my hands.
"Doubt it."
We stayed there, hugging for a while.
Finbarr eventually began to calm and settle down.
But we both jumped as something slammed.
"Oh crud, Chris!" Finbarr realized. We looked urgently at each-other and then scrambled to get up and rushed downstairs. We met Christopher drinking a half empty bottle of alcohol.
"Chris, c'mon, give it to me" Finbarr said with unsure authority.
"Why?" he asked. He was unbalanced. "You heard what he said!" His words slurred and he took a massive swig.
"I'm just much of a scumbag as they are!"
"Chris, you know that's not true! It wasn't your fault, you shouldn't of been let out on your own!"
"Pah! I almost had her killed too!" he spat, gesturing at me with his bottle of red liquid.
"Well...she's fine! Just a slip-up!" Finbarr said desperately.
"Still, at least if she was dead, I couldn't like her!"
I looked at him shocked. Finbarr glanced at me sideways.
"C'mon, man, that's the drink talking" he said, his voice filled with uncertainty.
"Sorry" he shrugged. "The only girl that I haven't lived with nearly all my life, can you blame me?"
"Why don't you go to other packs, find a girlfriend?"
"No-one'll want me! Look at me!" he drunkenly laughed, holding his arms out.
"What's wrong with you?" Finbarr snapped. "Well? You're a good looking bloke who accidentally killed a girl like hundreds of other wolves, Swedish and Irish. Eight years ago. Eight. Cop on man!"
"M-m-make me!" he stuttered.
Finbarr snatched the bottle out of his hands and smashed it against the sink.
Christopher and I both jumped, with a pool of wine and shattered glass gathering on the floor.
"Sober up and move on" Finbarr aggressively snarled. He flounced away towards the door.
"I'll be with you in a minute" I told him. He sighed, nodded and left.
I turned my attention to a quivering Christopher.
"Why do I have to live?" he asked miserably. I felt my eyes well up with tears, and he staggered back as I nearly knocked him over with a hug. He awkwardly held his hands in mid-air before he squeezed me hard.
"Because everyone has the right to be happy. I wasn't happy and I self-harmed" I told him over his shoulder. "It was horrible. Please, Christopher, please go for a week or two, find someone. Be happy."
I tried not to wretch at the strong smell of alcohol. I stepped away from him.
"Promise me." He messily nodded his head.
"Cool" I said. Not wanting to outstay my welcome, I added "See you later, then."
As I closed the door behind me, Christopher seemed to sit and think, brushing his runner through the puddle of wine and shattered glass.
"Was I too hard on him?" Finbarr cringed.
"No...I think that was just what I needed" I said slowly, somewhat confidant.
We watched as people gradually started to come out of their houses. A ginger werewolf and blonde and brown werewolf raced up to Mason.
"Nothing." It was Seamus. I looked in awe at their majestic and beautiful wolfish forms, but then they changed back, and it was like it never happened.
"He's gone" shrugged Lisa. Mason nodded in relief.
"Good work, you two." Finbarr and I caught his eye and he gestured for us to come over. We did so, and Finbarr held his hands behind his back and consciously stood up straight. I shook my head.
"Lucy" he said to me, and I surprised myself by snapping to attention. "You need to be extremely careful. Things like that don't happen. They just don't. And it's worrying how quickly news travels. Now, the ring needs to stay with you, don't give it to anyone. And one of us will always be around, so we can protect you." He nodded and turned to leave when I felt an obligation.
"Mason?" He turned around fully to me again. "Thank you. A lot. Um..." Oh God, me and my massive mouth.
"Apparently you made my mum really happy. I never knew her but...thanks. You seem alright."
It was the first time I'd seen him genuinely smile.
"No problem. Maybe we will get to know each-other better in the future."
Again, metaphorically kicking myself. But...I'm sure he couldn't be that bad.
"Sure, maybe." And I found, surprisingly, that I seemed to mean it. His smile entered his eyes, but then he turned to Finbarr.
"Take care of Christopher" he told him, and then he walked away.
"Really?" asked Finbarr. I frowned.
"Yeah" I said confusedly.
"Awesome!" he grinned, either moving on, forgetting or masking the emotional turmoil that he was having only an hour earlier.



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