The Crossed Pathways to Home

Lucy's world is fading. Sad, alone, her grandmother dying, the rest of the world hating her, what's to look forward to?
But when a mysterious blonde haired boy turns up...


9. Chapter 9 (sorry not for naming these :P)

~~Again I sat in my room, but now I had started to become fascinated with my ring. I made a mental note to ask Finbarr what was with his eyes tomorrow.
For some reason, the more I learned about the wolves, the less petrified I was of this ring.

For once, a wolf who was a girl stood outside my aunts' house. She had dirty blonde hair, which was tied up into a ponytail. She was about my height, if not a little shorter, wore skinny jeans and a tight band t-shirt. She turned around as I went up to her, and I knew instantly that she was friendly.
"Hiya!" she chirped. "I'm Lisa. Lucy, right?"
"Yeah" I smiled. It's always nice when someone's nice. She began to walk quickly away and I followed her.
"So how's it going with Finbarr?" she excitedly asked.
"Alright" I hesitatingly grinned.
"I used to go out with him" she informed me.
"Oh?" I asked, taken back.
"Yeah, a good two years ago. Lovely lad, just didn't work out though. Better off as friends, know what I mean?" I nodded, even this girl was talking at a hundred miles an hour. It was like she was on a high from eating nothing but sugar all day.
"Me, him and two others live in a house together" she continued. "Christopher lives with us, you know him, right?" I nodded again.
"Finbarrs' always talking about you! I've never seen him so happy! He really likes you." I felt myself blush and melted.
I made someone happy. Someone actually liked me.
It was a weird, almost unimaginable thought, but it was a cool feeling.
We stopped outside the school gates.
Her cheerful eyes pierced my soul.
They were brown in the coloured section with the cat-like pupil.
"Nice to meet you, Lucy!" As she turned to leave, she called back over her shoulder
"Take care of Finbarr. He's sound, and he really does like you a lot." There was no denying how genuine her yappy voice sounded.
I felt a weight added to my shoulders.

The next day as I looked out the window, I saw a red-headed wolf, with green cats' eyes.
"Dia duit!" he called as I ran out.
"Eh, Dia is Mhuire duit?" I answered uncertainely. I haven't had to say that since I was in junior infants.
"Ah, sorry" he chuckled. "I'm from a Gaeltacht region. I do forget that not many speak the language." His voice had a musical lilt to it, not a harsh, Irish country accent.
"No problem!" He was inviting, and I felt comfortable around him, like I could jump around and be loud.
"Seamus is ainm dom!" Then he closed his eyes and shook his head. "The name's Seamus." We started to walk.
"Lucy!" I smiled.
"Ah, sure, all of us know who you are, little missy" he winked. "Infamous celebrity, sure!"
"Infamous?" I confusedly asked.
"Yeah, sure!" he exclaimed, like I was stupid. "It was...oh, I think sixteen, seventeen years ago since one of our pack was dating a human. Janey, I was only baby sure! So was Christopher, Lisa and Finbarr. Maybe not even." Then his eyes filled with disappointment. "Oh no!" His face fell.
"What?" I asked, slightly panicked.
"We're anseo! Sure, I was having great craic talking to you!"
"Aw, thanks Seamus!" I said, feeling flattered.
I think I found my new best friend. Seamus was just one of those people that you knew you could have some great banter with.
"Slan!" I waved at him as walked away.

Olivia actually left me alone. It was weird. O.K, a couple of angry but scared, threatened looks. My once best friend, who decided she was going to be popular and wasn't going to deal with my depression, who was a reason for my self harm, who told me to kill myself, was scared of me. Silence. No taunting, no teasing, no torture.
It was fricken fantastic!
I LOVE Finbarr! But, of course, what comes in my mind, will stay in my mind.

"So?" Finbarr asked as I went out meet him. "How'd it go?"
"Finbarr, you're amazing!" I stretched up to kiss him. "I was left alone all day, it was brilliant!"
"Fantastic!" he grinned.
"Victory" I saluted, mockingly serious.
"You know what this calls for?" he teased.
"What?" I asked in confusion.
"A soldiers victory kiss!" I squealed as he scooped me up.
"Finbarr!" I laughed.
"Into the sunset!" he announced in an unnaturally deep voice. He placed his lips on mine. I closed my eyes, getting lost in the kiss, feeling the gentle and rhythmic bumps of Finbarrs' steps. I loved how Finbarrs' lips guided mine. His warm, soft, gentle lips carefully made contact with mine, slightly sucking my lips, his tongue brushing off my lips. It was perfect.
We parted and I wrapped my arms around his neck.
"Peace out" I breathlessly joked.
Finbarr gently set me down outside Grandmas' house.
"Are you not wreaked from carrying me all that way?" I asked. He shook his head.
"Nah, strength of a wolf" he winked.
"Really?" I asked.
"Yeah, strength is kind of transferred. But anyway" he said, changing the subject. "Do you want me to stay outside or come in with you?"
"You can sit in a corner" I grandly told him. We walked in and Sophie was there to meet us.
"Hey, guys" she beamed, eyeing up Finbarr. I stared warningly at her. She caught my gaze, awkwardly looked away and coughed.
"Go on in" she embarrassedly gestured.
Grandma lay on her enormous bed, looking exhausted, but bored out of her mind.
"Hey, Grandma" I smiled.
She only made a sound. My eyes welled and my stomach dropped.
No. Please no. Please, please let her be able to speak.
"Hello!" Finbarr blatantly chirped. I gulped.
"How are you today?" I only heard a meaningless sound.
"Sorry?" I quietly asked, my voice wobbly.
"O.K" came an extremely meek reply, hardly even a whisper.
"That's good. School was really good today. We started to read Hamlet for next year. It's so good. You see..." And I kept talking about everything, anything. I didn't need any silences or meaningless grunts. It's crazy how quickly someone could deteriorate.
After a small while, Grandma spoke up. Well, as much as she could.
"Yes, Grandma?"
"I think I'm going to fall asleep, but I want you to know that I love you a lot, O.K?"
"Sure. I love you too." For some reason, I always found it awkward telling Grandma that I loved her, even though I did with all my heart.
I put my hand on top of hers.
"I'll be back tomorrow, yeah?" She barely mumbled yes. Then she shut her eyes. Feeling abandoned, like I wasn't wanted, I simply said
"Alright. O.K, then. Bye."
I felt my lip tremble and I pushed Sophie out out of the way and stumbled into the forest. When I got about ten metres away from the cottage, I just lay on the ground and sobbed.
"Lucy" came Finbarrs' voice. "Lucy!" His voice came closer. "C'mon babe, lets get you up." He took my hand, but I snatched it away and held it to my face.
"No!" I screeched. I felt as if I was about to get sick with all the crying, my stomach and chest tired and sore from the effort of sobbing.
"My Grandma!" I cried. "She's leaving me Finbarr!" I slightly opened my eyes, and I saw a water-blurred Finbarr lying beside me. He wiped away a couple of my tears.
"What am I going to do?" I burst into tears again.
"Babe, you're going to make yourself sick" he said softly, rubbing my arm. He sighed.
"I know it's sad and hard, but...we can't really do anything." I gulped, blinked hard and looked at him.
"Everyone has a time to die" he said gently. "We can't do anything about it."
And for some reason, the deal-breaker seemed to be the most comforting thing I've heard in this situation.
I raggedly sighed.
"You're right."
"I know" he said, playfully sympathetic, and hugged me hard, still on the ground. I buried my head into his chest. He rubbed my back.
"C'mon babe. Time to get up." He untwisted himself, stood up and pulled me up with him. I violently rubbed my eyes, and he tugged me along the path.


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