The Crossed Pathways to Home

Lucy's world is fading. Sad, alone, her grandmother dying, the rest of the world hating her, what's to look forward to?
But when a mysterious blonde haired boy turns up...


5. Chapter 5

Bit of a long chapter, sorry :P Thanks for the viewings guys, comments and likes are really appreciated ♥ I woke up the next morning, again with no nightmares. I sat up and toyed with the ring, feeling completely at ease with it for the first time. Bewildered, I put it down and wrote on a scrap piece of paper. "Aunt Peggy. I will be visiting my sick and elderly Grandma, then will probably wander around the village. Lucy" "Argue with that" I said sullenly, leaving it on the kitchen counter and walking out the door. I got to Grandma's, and happily, she was awake for once. "Hello Grandma!" I beamed. "Hello darling" she said feebly. "Sorry that your visit was wasted yesterday." I violently shook my head. "No problem. At least you're awake now!" I pulled over the chair and sat beside her. "Hello Lucy!" came Sophies' head at the door. "Hiya!" I said chirpily. She looked as taken aback as I felt. I usually meet her with low grunting noises. "Someone's happy today" came Grandma's voice. And she was right. I was just in a happy mood. "Meet someone?" she curiously asked. I looked at her. Finbarr couldn't be the reason for my good mood, could he? I was delighted at the fact that Grandma was awake and talking to me, but it did make my heart flutter at the thought that he might be waiting for me outside. "Yeah, sort of" I said hesitatingly. "Oh, what's his name?" she asked as excitedly as she could muster. I grinned sheepishly. "Finbarr." "Ah, nice and Irish" she said contentedly. "He's Irish alright" I smiled, shaking my head. "Go on, tell me about him" she feebly insisted. "Um... He's blonde, tall, cheeky,charming...He's lived here for a while" I struggled to say, trying to find something to tell her. "You can go to meet him if you want" she whispered. "No!" I exclaimed. "You are more important than a boy I've just met! Besides, I don't know if I'll see him today or not!" I was shocked that she would say such a thing. Whether I liked Finbarr or not, Grandma is my true family, Oh great. I've just admitted to what I didn't want to. I liked the creepy guy. Someone I should probably be scared of, stay away from, but no. I had to be awkward. "Good girl" she said contentedly, sinking even more into her bed. "Good girl." The irony. Grandma drifted back into sleep soon after, so I decided to leave. I stepped out of the cottage and scanned the area, to see if Finbarr was around. My heart sank. He was nowhere to be seen. I jumped down the steps and kicked the dirt in annoyance. I knew I'd scared him off yesterday. I stuffed my hands angrily into my pockets. I knew I was way too forward with my questions. I started to walk away, when I heard footsteps behind me. "Finbarr?" I asked, turning around. But it wasn't Finbarr. It was another stranger. He was only a small bit taller than me. He was dressed in grey and black and had jet black hair. And he had the weirdest eyes that I've ever seen. He had a cat-like pupils, but the coloured section was really dark. It was nearly as dark as his pupil, but just enough lighter so you could see the distinction. "Hello" I frowned. "Hi" he said slyly, his canines scarily sharp. Finbarr's and Manix's were never that bad. Not even Christopher's were, and they were very sharp. "What do you want?" I asked shakily. He smiled in a creepy manner. "You know, don't you?" "Know what?" My legs felt like jelly. I struggled to keep my breathing level. "You know something." He squinted at me evilly. "C'mon Lucy." I looked into his eyes, terrified. "Yeah, I know who you are" he continued, feeding off my fear. "I also know of your little Finbarr. And I know" he taunted, taking a step towards me, "that you know his secret." He cocked his head to the side. "Smart girl. Figured it out all by yourself. Quite quickly, too!" My eyes widened. Not the werewolf thing. I couldn't be right, could I? "Look, I don't know what you're talking about" I said matter-of-factly, and turned to walk away. "I don't think so" he snarled and grabbed my arm. He pulled me into him and caught me by my upper arms. "Let me go!" I snapped, with terrified adrenaline pumping through me. "Look, I know you're lying to me" he said, thrusting his face towards mine. "Bite me!" I spat. He laughed. "Don't tempt me!" He looked me up and down. "You're scared. And you have every damn right to be! That's because you know!" He started to dig his claws into me. "Don't you dare hurt me" I growled, slightly panicked, knowing I couldn't hit him in the liver. He had me too close to him and my arms were trapped. The only self defence I knew was impossible in this position. "Listen to the girl." "Finbarr?" I asked, relieved. Finbarr came out of the shadows of the denser forest and into the light of the path. The one holding me seemed to look down and chuckle. Then, all of a sudden, he seemed to spin me around and had my wrist in his grasp. I probably should've tried to hit his liver then, but I was panicking over him touching my wrist. "Only carrying out the Swedish Wolvien law, Finbarr" he said in a sickly-sweet manner. "Would you let go!" I yelped, his grip tightening. "Look, she's not a witness, let her go" he warned. "Witness? She's bloody figured it out by herself!" Finbarr glanced at me. "No she hasn't. No-one's told her anything" he said uncertainly. "Even so, you'll have to tell her now, which means" "No!" Finbarr interrupted, his face creased with worry. "You are on our turf, so your law is irrelevant here!" "Your law is rubbish!" he snarled. "Swedish is the original, the most effective." I yelled and doubled over in pain as he squeezed even harder. "You're going to break my wrist!" I cried. He growled at me. Proper dog-like growled at me. "Let her go, now!" Finbarr yelled. "Finbarr, give it a break. You only want to save her because you like her, don't you?" Finbarr's jaw clenched. I glanced in confusion at him, but then squeezed my eyes shut in pain again. "She's never going to like you." He grabbed his face with his other hand, and I could only make meaningless sounds of protest. "Pretty little thing like her." He glared over at Finbarr. "Shut up" Finbarr snarled. My initial reaction would be to gasp, but I couldn't. "Hit a nerve, did I?" the dark one innocently asked. He threw my face away. "Stop kidding yourself!" he said loudly. "It's not going to happen Finbarr. C'mon" he continued persuasively. "Let me do what needs to be done. No pain. No heartache." "I'm telling you for one last time, let go of her, now!" "Or what?" he nastily teased. And that's when I got the biggest shock of my life. In front of me stood a blonde wolf, where once Finbarr stood. He seemed to look apologetically at me. "Now she's a witness" the dark one grinned. "Let her go" Finbarr wolf-thing growled. I stood there in pain, but wide-eyed. I wasn't crazy. I was right. He...he was a werewolf. He was a fricken werewolf! The grasp was finally released from my wrist. I staggered away, clutching my wrist, but then quickly let go of it again. Then, where the dark one stood, there was now another wolf. It was pitch-black. Finbarr wolf...thing pounced, and I screamed and covered my ears. I heard muffled growls, barks and howls, and then a thud. I opened my eyes, but kept my ears covered and stayed in the crouched position. I felt a tap of my shoulder. I yelped and jumped. "Hey! Hey, it's only me" came Finbarr's voice. I turned around. "It's O.K" he said reassuringly. "You" I pointed at him. "Him. You. Oh God, is he dead?!" "No, no." He shook his head. "He'll come around. Eventually..." "You. said...I thought...I was right?" "You're a clever cookie, aren't you?" he asked, somewhat bewildered. "Why didn't you tell me?" I asked. "Because I didn't want this to happen" he exasperatedly sighed. "Look, I need you to listen to me very carefully, O.K? I'm going to bring you home. You are going to pretend to be sick in the morning and stay until I come to get you yeah?" I nodded. "Seriously, do not answer the door, do not talk to anyone at all. I cannot stress that enough, O.K?" I gave him a small nod. He looked at my hands and I looked with him. "You're shaking" he said quietly after a pause. I looked up to him and gave him a small smile. "A lot to take in" I whispered. He took one of my hands in the two of his, trying to stop it shaking. "He tried to kill me because I knew about werewolves, didn't he?" I asked shakily. He smiled sympathetically and nodded. "Finbarr?" I asked again, my eyes welling up with tears. "Yes?" I looked at him, finally seeing what my fear was masking. Finbarr was really, really cute and handsome. He had an awesome sense of style, with skinny jeans, converse and cool shirts. His hair was always styled perfectly, the sides of his heads shaven, his blonde hair swept across his forehead. That warm feeling bubbled up inside me. But... "I'm scared." Tears started to roll down my face. I'm used to people hating me. People like Olivia and her gang. Olivia had once told me to top myself, but someone or something actually wanting to kill me, attempting to do it...That was something else. "It's O.K" he sighed. He opened his arms and I collapsed into them and cried. He held me close and tight. "It's O.K" he repeated. "I promise I'll protect you. You're going to be fine." And I thought I felt a tear drop onto my temple. I let Finbarr bring me back to my aunts house. We walked in mostly silence. I asked no questions. There were occasional sniffs from me, and "You're alrights" from Finbarr. We stopped not far from Aunt Peggys house. He pushed me away from him and faced me towards him. "Now, remember what I said?" he asked. "Yup" I answered quietly. "Good" he nodded. "Do as I say and you'll be safe, O.K?" I nodded. I could tell he wanted to say something. He nervously smiled instead. "O.K, go on. See you tomorrow." He didn't leave until I locked the door behind me. I looked around. The house was silent. My note was scrunched up on the kitchen surface. Aunt Peggy was gone out on one of her Sunday afternoon teas. I sat on my bed, paralyzed with fear. Someone just tried to kill me. And they're still out there. I rocked myself, holding a cuddly toy I've had for years in my hands. I felt sick with worry, the creepy Swedish werewolf's face embedded in my brain. I jumped at every noise and creak. I heard the door open downstairs and I froze. I didn't breathe, not wanting to make a sound. I heard footsteps, but nothing else. I gulped. If that werewolf knew my name, what I knew, he probably knew where I lived. The doorknob twisted, and I winced. This was it. "There you are!" I sighed in relief. I'd never been so happy to see Aunt Peggy in one of her flying rages. I slumped back, pure relief flooding my body. Surely, with my Aunt Peggy here, that wolf would have to stay away since she knew nothing about them. "Where in the world have you been?" she seethed. "I left you a note" I frowned. "You are impossible!" she shouted, pointing her short, fat finger at me. "What have I done?" I asked indignantly. "You're always out to that little grandmother of yours, who of which, landed me with with you! You're always wearing that horrible red hoodie. You're just like your mother! No wonder your father left you both!" "That's not fair" I retorted angrily. "Isn't it? Your mother raves on and on about her wonderful boyfriend, and as soon as she's pregnant, BAM! He's gone!" I stared stonily at her. There was nothing I could say. It was true, wasn't it? "I'm telling you, as soon as you're eighteen, you're out of here!" She slammed my door closed. I looked at my wrist, but then quickly looked away again. I tapped my fingers off my bedside drawers. "That's not fair" I repeated quietly. But I knew it was all true. My dad had left. Mum died soon after childbirth. She had cancer. I never heard from him. It was like he just vanished. I stared at the ceiling. He didn't want me. Mum probably didn't either. Grandma was the only one who wanted me. And she was only going to be around for a little while longer. I turned over and saw the ring. I sighed. Maybe. Just maybe Finbarr wanted me around. The dark wolf had obviously hit a nerve earlier. "Wishful thinking" I sadly reminded myself, and closed my eyes.
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