The Crossed Pathways to Home

Lucy's world is fading. Sad, alone, her grandmother dying, the rest of the world hating her, what's to look forward to?
But when a mysterious blonde haired boy turns up...


3. Chapter 3


I opened the door, leaving mud on the handle. I saw my aunt with a group of her friends. Her lovely...lovely friends.
I tried to quietly creep up the stairs, but of course, she noticed.
"Lucy! Where were you?" she bellowed.
"I told you, I was at Grandma's" I tiredly sighed.
"Ugh, the state of you!"
"I was...attacked by a and I fell" I lied. I think I did at least.
"Whatever" she haughtily replied. "Just be presentable, if that's possible for you." She swanned off.

I sat on my bed, bewildered. I stared at my mums ring. Their eyes were all the same. I shuddered. And what were those two wolf things? There's nothing like that in Ireland. Well, I didn't think there was. I sighed.
I had to know who they are, what they are.
"Curiosity will probably kill the cat" I groaned.

I woke up the next morning in surprise.
It was the first time in months that I hadn't had a nightmare. I picked up the ring, and for once, I didn't shudder. I tilted my head, staring at it. Then I shook my head.
"I'm crazy. I knew it! Bananas." But it didn't stop me from thinking about it. It was irritating that I only had one very, very vague piece of a puzzle, nothing to piece it with.

I quietly stepped downstairs. Aunt Peggy wasn't there. She always got up later on the weekends.
I breathed a sigh of relief and ran out of the house.

Manix scared the crap out of me yesterday, and I felt uneasy walking along the trail to Grandma's house. I nervously rubbed my arm, stopping just above my wrist. I looked uneasily from side to side, wondering what could be within the dark, dense woods on either side of me. But I eventually reached Grandma's cottage, unharmed.
Being harmed, though, shouldn't scare me anymore anyway.
I raggedly breathed as I opened the door. Grandma was asleep and Sophie wasn't here yet. A ball formed in my throat and my eyes welled up. She asleep but she looked dead. Her mouth was open and her eyes were closed. She looked hallow somehow.
So I looked around the room instead, a million and one memories whizzing through my head. The floral wallpaper was ancient, and near the door were little the notches where I was measured each year on my birthday. We also had a ginger cat for years, and the rug it used to lie on was in bits.
"Stupid Onion" I murmured affectionately.
I jumped when I heard the click of the front door, but it was only Sophie.
"Heya" she quietly grinned. "Thanks for not waking her up! She needs a lot of sleep at the moment!" She left to go into the kitchen.
"No problem" I sighed and glanced at Grandma. Sophie popped her head into the room again.
"Lucy, when your Grandma wakes up, I'll have to do some physio, give her her meds, and she'll most likely sleep again. There's no real point in staying" she said apologetically.
"Yeah, your right" I said reluctantly, pulling myself up. "Tell her I've been."
"Will do!" she yapped. I raked my fingers through my hair as I shut the door behind me. I stuck my tongue in my cheek in annoyance. Grandma was always been given bloody medicine! I never really get to see her anymore.
I began angrily stomping away, when I heard a noise behind me.
"Not again" I whimpered.. I slowly and anxiously turned around, but it wasn't Manix, who I was terrified of. It was the blonde one.
He was leaning against a tree, obviously trying to get my attention subtly.
"Hello?" I cautiously asked. His head snapped up, a crooked grin on his face.
"Oh, it's you! I forgot you lived here!"
"I don't."
"Oh" he said, taken aback. "Uh, O.K." There was an awkward silence.
"What are you doing here?" I eventually asked.
"Oh, I, I just..." he laughed nervously. Then he seemed to sigh in embarrassment. "I'm Finbarr!" He regained his smile, stepped over and held out his hand. I looked at it and then took it gently.
"Lucy" I said quietly. He vigorously shook my hand. I looked at his eyes. How weird.
He let go of my hand, and I snapped back to reality.
"Sorry if Manix scared you yesterday" he said. "Tourettes is a nasty thing." His eye twitched. What a liar.
"I'm sure" I felt myself smile. I knew I should be scared of Finbarr, but he seemed friendly. After another uncomfortable silence, I said
"Your eyes are...unusual." I refrained from kicking myself. That was an awful way to put it.
His eyebrows twitched.
"Yeah, they are an unusual colour, aren't they?" Was he avoiding what I was talking about?.. I didn't want to push it.
"Yeah..." His canines were weirdly pointy.
"How come your teeth are so sharp?" I asked, intrigued. He embarrassedly covered his mouth and shrugged. Then he chuckled and looked down.
"Look, I wanted to know if you..." He stopped.
"If I?..." I curiously prodded. He nervously sighed.
"If, wanted to go to a cafè for some, eh, coffee?" I blinked in disbelief. Nobody asks me to go anywhere with them.
Well, not anymore anyway.
I struggled to keep off a grin of delight of my face.
"I hate coffee, but sure, why not?" I smiled. His face light up with a broad grin.
"Great! Is now good?" he enthusiastically asked.
"Yeah" I answered, shocked. Why in the world would anyone be so anxious to go anywhere
"Nice one!...Um, know any place good?" he asked.
"Um, sure. I'll take you there." We started to walk. "Shouldn't you know where you want to go before you ask someone?" I asked. He shrugged.
"Don't know anywhere."
"New here?" He shrugged again. I rolled my eyes.

Finbarr squinted his eyes in the daylight, away from the shadows of the woods. I glanced over at him as we walked through the small village. It looked like he was talking to himself, hand gestures and all. I smiled. He looked really stupid.
We eventually reached the bookshop cafè. Finbarr studied it.
"That's it?" he teased.
"You're chancing your arm" I warned him. He opened the door.
"After you, m'lady!" he joked. I grinned and walked in. I frowned a little, as I had a feeling in my stomach and it was warm and bubbly. I brushed it off though, and I sat down at a small table by the window with him.
"So Finbarr, where are you from?" I asked.
"Ireland" he grinned. "I'm going to get some tea and cake, be right back." He saluted and rushed off. I rested my head on my knuckles, wondering how I could get him to tell me who or what he really was.
"So, Ireland?" I sarcastically asked when he came back. He nodded.
"Any particular county, town...?" I trailed off.
"You're very secretive" I frowned. "It's like you have something to hide." He shook his head. I smiled as I saw his eye twitch.
"What?" he asked, looking confusedly at me.
"You do know your eye twitches when you lie, right?" The smile dropped quickly from his face.
"No it doesn't!" he protested, his eye twitching.
"Yes it does!" I exclaimed, pointing at it. He went stony-faced for the first time and rubbed his eye.
"Just a weird twitch" he murmured. I leaned back in my seat. I had him where I wanted him.
"So come on" I persisted. "You lied to me about lying, your creepy friend who you lied about by saying he had Tourettes and having something to hide!" He glared at me.
"Don't miss much, do you?"
"Look, it's none of your business" he nodded.
"So why look for me if you're not going to talk?" I suspiciously asked. He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out.
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." His eye didn't twitch.
"No." I sighed. Maybe I didn't have him where I wanted him.
"O.K, lets start again!" I didn't want to scare him off, and I desperately wanted to know what he was hiding, but he was charming, funny, cute and very, very likable.
God help me.
"I'm Lucy, I'm sixteen years old and I'm born and raised here in Kerry!" His dopey grin returned.
"I'm seventeen. I've been here for a while."
"So, Manix. Nasty Tourettes" I said with subtle sarcasm.
"Terrible." He shook his head, playing along.
"Brother, friend?" I asked, taking a sip of lemonade.
"Uh, I'm some sort of distant...adopted relative?" his eye didn't twitch, but he seemed unsure.
"So..." I continued. "Live in the village? I live about ten minutes up that way" I said, pointing in the direction that I was talking about. I knew that if I showed trust in him, he'd show trust in me, but apart from being intensely intrigued, he seemed very warm and he was easy to talk to.
"No. Place in the forest, like the one you do be in." I nodded.
"My Grandma's house."
"You go there a lot?"
"Yeah, she's not particularly well" I grimaced.
"Oh, sorry" he said, his eyebrows bent.
"Thanks" I nodded. "Live far away from my Grandma's?" I asked, getting back to the subject.
"Yeah, a good twenty minutes." A memory hit my brain from yesterday.
"I saw two animals in the forest yesterday after you left" I said, looking up from my lemonade.
"And?" he nervously grinned, his smile slipping.
"Well, I wanted to know if you knew what they were. They were like wolves" I said innocently.
"Foxes, maybe" he mumbled through his mouthful of cake.
I nearly jumped, surprised at myself for giggling. I became all too aware of the butterflies in my stomach, but instead of a nervous, sick feeling, it was a nervous, warm and comforting feeling somehow.
"Um, no." My voice trembled. "Far too big. One was a brown colour, the other one was like, blonde." I coughed, trying to keep my voice leveled. He looked at me funny.
"I don't know." His eye twitched.
"You need to stop lying" I told him. He sighed in annoyance and slumped back in his seat.
"Finbarr!" I heard a voice behind me. Finbarr groaned and I looked behind me to see some-one in their early twenties, with brown hair, a worried face and...dark brown eyes. They had diamond shaped pupils too. I glanced at Finbarr and raised my eyebrows.
"Don't say a word" he whispered.
"Finbarr!" the other person or thing repeated.
"Hello Christopher" Finbarr sighed, and then strained to smile.
"What are you doing here?" he asked, totally ignoring me. He stayed hunched at Finbarr's side and talked in hushed tones.
"Talking to Lucy" he said, gesturing towards me.
"You are lucky we're Irish and not Swedish!" he snapped, glaring at him. I frowned. This was becoming even more confusing. Swedish? Irish? Lucky? Nothing was making sense.
"Maybe!" Finbarr snarled back. I sharply inhaled, noticing once again, his pointy canines. They seemed to have grown even more menacing than Manixs'.
"Mason's going to kill you!" Christopher continued. "Has me and Seamus looking everywhere for you!"
"Sorry, Christopher. I'll talk to Mason when I get back" he impatiently reassured him. Christopher wasn't listening and kept on talking.
"Seriously, I know it's O.K in Irish Wolvien law but"
"O.K Christopher!" Finbarr yelped, getting up. "Better go" he said to me. "Catch you later?"
"Yeah, 'course" I nodded. Finbarr friendly slapped Christopher's shoulder.
"O.K Chris, let's go." I stared after them, totally confused.
"You idiot" I heard Finbarr's fading voice. "She's not a witness yet!"
"What in the world..." I muttered. I had even more pieces of the puzzle, but I'm even more confused than I was this morning.




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