The Crossed Pathways to Home

Lucy's world is fading. Sad, alone, her grandmother dying, the rest of the world hating her, what's to look forward to?
But when a mysterious blonde haired boy turns up...


27. Chapter 27

Sorry this took so long.. I suffer from depression and it takes me away sometimes :P


~~Christopher, Seamus, Lisa, Finbarr, Mason and I all sat in Finbarrs' kitchen.
"Now, I need you to concentrate" Mason told me. I frowned. How do you concentrate when you look like a prat, talking to a ring and a bunch of werewolves are staring at you?
"Just talk to Markievz" Christopher nodded. I raised my eyebrows.
"Alrighty then" I sighed. "Hello, Markievz" I said, knowing I wasn't taking this seriously.
"Lucy!" Christopher moaned.
"Sorry! O.K, O.K. Hello?" I asked. I felt like a fortune teller. 'Soon' formed near the middle of the ring. "It says soon" I said impatiently.
"What's soon?" Lisa frowned. I shrugged.
"Ask him then!" yelped Christopher.
"Hold your horses, O.K! What's soon?" I felt ridiculous. Everyone was staring so enthusiastically at me. 'Nearly there' formed in the swirling colours. "What do you mean, nearly there?" I asked, agitated. 'Almost time' formed. I let my hand slam on the table. "This is ridiculous! It's always doing this, going around in circles!"
"That's what the books say that Markievz was like" Christopher informed me.
"Keep going Lucy" Finbarr urged me.
"Almost time for what? What's nearly here, what's soon?" I asked. I couldn't believe what popped up. "Sarcastic git" I muttered.
"Cad?" asked Seamus.
"It said you'll see" I said wryly.
"Maybe if you try to speak to him in Wolvien language, he will respond better. Try saying twa osloinn malij" Mason nodded, somewhat excited. Just mildly, though. I repeated what he said.
"It just says you'll see. Patience" I sighed. Mason groggily got up.
"That's it for today then" he announced. He stiffly walked out, leaving us all staring after him. I shook my head.
"Some use that was" I spat, stuffing the ring into my hoodie pocket. Someones' phone then beeped, and Christophers' mobile appeared. A shadow of a smile appeared on his face.
"Christopher and Chloe, sitting in a tree, doing something they shouldn't be" childly smirked Lisa.
"Shut up!" Christoper snapped, but then returned to his happy bubble.

Any other talking sessions were useless over the next few days. I gave either stupid or no answers, as per usual.
"What is the point of this?" I asked Finbarr. "We're going in circles!"
"I have no clue, babe" he sighed, wrapping his arms around me. I let myself sink into him. "It's not stressing you out, is it?" he asked, concern dripping out of his voice.
"No" I laughed. "Course not! Is Abby coming back soon?" I asked, changing the subject.
"Yeah" he grinned contentedly. "Next month."
"Ah, she'll miss my birthday!"
"What do you want to do for your birthday?" he inquired.
"I dunno. Was never one to celebrate my birthday."
"Ah! Well, we have to do something huge then!" he said playfully.
"No! No no no no!" I warned him. "Sure, it's an excuse to get Ben, David and Chloe over again, but nothing massive!"
"Alright" he chuckled. "I'll compensate with an awesome present."
"You don't have to get me anything!" I sincerely told him.
"Yes I do!" he yelped. "You got me a deadly skateboard, of course I want to get you something!" He shook his head. "You are weird, aren't you? I've never met anyone like you."
"And that's why I'm so fabulous!" I joked, whipping my hair.
"But in all seriousness, I have to get you something."
"Fine" I regretfully sighed. I hated when people made a fuss over me. It was just plain awkward. "But don't be tempted to buy me jewellery. I don't wear any, I don't particularly like wearing it, it'll never get worn and it's overly-expensive."
"Right. No jewellery" he grinned, his eyes gleaming. He had an idea, and I didn't know whether that was a good thing or not.
"Hey, don't panic!" he said, seeing my worried face. "I promise. No big fuss. Just a cool day."
"Thank you" I breathed. He softly kissed my lips and my heart sped up.
"Anything for you babe."

We walked into his house and we were met with Lisa literally dancing around the kitchen.
"What are you so happy about?" asked a bewildered Finbarr.
"It's David!"
"You broke up with him!" Finbarr interrupted, sarcastically happy. He wasn't overjoyed at the way he had reacted at my scars, and his view on him had taken a sour turn.
"Shut up!" she snapped. "Of course not! There's been a few houses free for ages, and Mason is letting me have one! I'm finally moving in with David! I've been waiting months for this!"
"Whatever floats your boat" he shrugged. I gently shoved his arm.
"Good for you!" I chirped. "When is it happening?"
"He's coming as soon as he can, so within the next week or two. But hey!" she burst, pointing at Finbarr. "I'll be here all the time anyway. Change my sitting room, and you're dead!"
"I won't change your sitting room" he playfully promised.
"How did Seamus take it?" I asked. Ironically, Seamus walked in.
"Ah, Lisa moving out? Perfect timing, actually! Mason gave me and Ben another one of the empty houses!"
"Deadly!" exclaimed Finbarr, wide-eyed.
"Really? How long have you and Ben been going out for?" I frowned.
"Over a year" he replied sheepishly. "A quiet, lay low relationship, you know?"
"Well done!" I grinned. "Jeez, the house will be silent with you all gone!"
"Ah sure, we'll be here all the time, won't we Lisa?" Seamus reassured me. Lisa nodded.
"So just you and Christopher, huh?" I asked Finbarr.
"Yeah, we can make this a bachelors pad, convert Lisas' room into a lads' room, an arcade or something!"
"You will do no such thing" she warned.
"What does Christopher think?" I asked, changing the subject.
"Ah, he's too busy texting Chloe" Lisa said, swatting her hands. "He won't even notice."
Everything was upheaving. We were all beginning to grow up, get into serious relationships, cope with our problems.
Our problems. My first birthday without Grandma. I let out a hallow sigh. Trying to block out Grandmas' death was difficult.



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