The Crossed Pathways to Home

Lucy's world is fading. Sad, alone, her grandmother dying, the rest of the world hating her, what's to look forward to?
But when a mysterious blonde haired boy turns up...


26. Chapter 26

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~~About a week later, I called a taxi and it rolled up outside Peggys' house.
"Where do you think you're going?" Peggy yelled.
"Out. Where else?" I sarcastically asked, slamming the door behind me.
I sat in the cab for what seemed like an age. I felt sick to the pit of my stomach with nerves. Mason was right. Finbarr had tried to kill her. She knew he was a werewolf, but nothing else, including the fact that he wasn't a cold-blooded killer.
The taxi shuddered to a halt.
"We're here pet. Want us to wait?"
"Yeah, please" I replied raggedly. I walked up the narrow path to the front door, unable to keep my breathing level. I closed my eyes as I reached the entrance, failing to calm myself.
The last thing I wanted was for her to reject him. I knew I'd been acting a little weird around the past few days in apprehension of finding his sister. I couldn't tell him that him that I'd found her if she didn't want to know.
I quickly rapped at the door, wanting to run away. I 'd been somewhat happy this morning, going out by myself, no werewolves attached to my hip, protecting me. But that was gone, and I wanted nothing more than to in Finbarrs' arms. Home.
I gulped as the front door swung open. There stood a professionally polished woman, her blonde hair in a ballerina bun, a black pencil skirt halfway up her stomach, and a white blouse. She scowled at me with her ice blue eyes.
His eyes.
It had to be her.
"Well?" she spat.
"Um..sorry to intrude" I stammered. "But are you Abby Henry?" She squinted her eyes with suspicion.
"Who are you? What do you want?"
"You don't happen to have a little brother named Finbarr, do you?" I hopefully asked.
"Look kid" she snarled. "You better tell me what your game is, or I'll call the Gardaì and tell them I have stalker."
She was aggressive and tetchy, not really like Finbarr in the personality department. But she resembled him, with her ice-blue eyes, strong cheekbones and brown roots in their blonde hair. Plus she had just threatened to report me for stalking her, which would indicate that I was hitting the nail on the head.
I nervously smiled at the fact that I had found her. I got menacing and cold stare in return.
"I'm Finbarrs' girlfriend." She threw her head back and laughed.
"I'm not going to even to tell you how I know that's a lie!"
"Because he's a werewolf?" I challenged. She abruptly stopped laughing and snapped to attention.
"How did you know?" she asked urgently.
"Long story" I chuckled.
"You'll get killed kid" she warned. I shook my head.
"You don't understand. When he was changed to a werewolf, his instincts went crazy! They're well able to control themselves. They live as one massive group in villages to save eachother from their instincts. Plus I'm half human half wolf" I shrugged. Apparently.
She looked bewildered, as if her entire life had been a lie.
"It was his eighteenth a week and a half ago" I told her.
"Ah, yeah. Almost forgot" she lied. Her eye twitched. Same characteristics. She had obviously been thinking about it a lot.
"I miss him" she whispered.
"I can take you to him!" I said earnestly. Her eyes light up.
"Really?" she asked quietly. I excitedly shook my head. The corners of her mouth tugged upwards.
"He was in bits. He really misses you too."
"You can really take me?" she skeptically asked.
"Of course!"
"Where's he been all this time?" My face crumpled to a frown.
"Mason never told you where he was?" She pursed her lips.
"They took him pretty quick. To get him away from our father. I can understand."
O.K, that was scabby of Mason. He shouldn't know exactly where she was, without her knowing where Finbarr was. She has the right to know where her little brother is.
But as Mason had said, it wasn't black and white. He was waiting for Finbarr to look for her, not me.
"Well...we're in Kerry. Coming? I have a taxi."
"Love to" she said in disbelief. She stumbled towards towards the taxi, wobbly, as if she was taking her first steps. Her glossy black heels probably didn't help.
We sat in the cab, and she looked dumbstruck.
"Back to Kerry?" the driver asked.
"Please" I grinned. I turned to Abby. "I haven't told him you're coming" I said uneasily. "I didn't want to get his hopes up in case I didn't find you."
She barely nodded her head. Then, she rummaged through her bag, pulled out a wallet, and then gently tugged out a small picture.
"Does he still look anything like this?" she feebly asked, showing the passport photo to me. I was presented with a picture of a sad, miserable, dirty little boy. His eyes weren't werewolf eyes. It was unnerving to see the black, rounded pupils in the middle of his ice-blue irises. His hair was a dark brown. Since then, he had let the hair on the top of his head grow out, and it was blonde. It was like a parallel universe.
"I can't believe he's eighteen" she sighed, rubbing her forehead, a strand of expensively kept blonde hair falling loose.
"He always just wanted to know that you were safe." I had just met her, but I was overly curious. "How come you didn't leave with him?"
"I was nearly eighteen myself" she pointed out, as if I was stupid. "I was going to leave home and take Finbarr with me." She bit her lip. "One day, my father was almost paralytic. He left in a state, and we had no money. Finbarr wasn't well and I was terrified. I went begging for help to the first person I could find, and for some reason, Mason was in the area."
I frowned. There could be a million reasons why Mason was hovering about over here. He could be meeting with Irish werewolves, Swedish werewolves... He could've been looking for mum.
"Anyway" she continued. "He insisted on taking him, said it wasn't fair to wait until I had a sustainable job and was able to move out. Kid, I couldn't be a werewolf. That'd be insane! It sucked, but I had to let him go with Mason." I felt my face twist in confusion. It seemed like an unnecessary sacrifice to me, to keep your humanity. Why not just change, get away from your psychotic father, and stay with your brother?
But then I remembered how tetchy Finbarr got when I told him I was human, and curiosity was in my nature. He was angry and said he was as much of a human as I was. A shiver ran down my spine.
Of course, that had led to our first kiss.
"Where's your father these days then?" I probed. A genuine beam appeared on her face.
"Oh" I said, taken aback. "Um...sorry?" I asked, unsure of myself, not really knowing what to say. She threw her head back, and her throat jumped as she heartedly laughed.
"Good riddance to him! Bastard." I raised my eyebrows. Finbarr never seemed to be as resentful towards his dad as Abby was. But he was a lot younger when he left, and his details always seemed a bit hazy, while Abbys' seemed crystal clear.
"What happened to him?"
"The idiot got involved in drugs. Didn't pay something or whatever, and they stabbed him in the house. I had left a long time by then. I went back to see if something of Finbarrs' was there. He was dead for months when I found him" she sniggered.
Some way to go. Nobody caring, nobody wanting to know, people taking joy from your murder.

Some of the wolves stared at Abby as I led her through the minuscule village.
"What are they looking at me for?" she whispered.
"Again, really long story. Just keep following me." I opened the door to Finbarrs house.
"Hey Lucy, back from your cousins?" Finbarr grinned. But then he saw Abby and his jaw dropped. He looked at her human eyes, and then looked at me, scared.
"Lucy, what are you doing?" he hissed.
"She knows about werewolves already. It's O.K" I assured him. Abby looked at me expectantly.
I couldn't believe it! They didn't recognise eachother.
"Finbarr..." I said slowly. Abbys' eyes widened in realization and looked him up and down, shocked and delighted. "Turns out Mason knew where Abby was." His eyes darted over to her.
"Abby?" his quietly quivery voice asked, the tears already beginning to stream down his face.
"Hi Finbarr" she breathed. He ran over to her and nearly knocked her down, grabbing onto her in a hug. She kissed his head and stroked his hair.
"I missed you so much!" he sobbed. "I was so scared that dad would do something to you! I'm sorry for attacking you!" He held her as if he was never going to let go.
"It's O.K she whispered. "I have a job, a house. Dad's dead."
"He's...he's dead?" he shakily asked.
"Yeah...for quite a few years."
I slipped out the door, and gently clicked it shut. I felt elevated.
I had done it! I had found Abby, even with Masons' twisted methods of keeping her location under wraps from Finbarr. He was worried that they would not want to see eachother, but they did.
I sat on a bench on my own, buzzing.
I was unstoppable!

I saw Abby leaving the house, with a red-eyed Finbarr. I ran up to them.
"You're not leaving, are you?" I asked.
"I have to, Lucy" she smiled. "My boss was furious when I rang to say I wouldn't be in." You're telling me. I heard him roaring down the phone in the taxi. It wasn't pleasant. "I'll be fired if I don't go in tomorrow."
"Seamus will bring you to a taxi" Finbarr sniffed. She caught him in a motherly hug.
"You have my number and address, yeah?" I saw his blonde head nod beside hers. "I'll see you really soon, O.K? Love you."
"Love you too." One last squeeze and she left, with Seamus leading her back to the real world.
I smiled over at Finbarr. He started bawling again and roughly wrapped me in a hug.
"Thank you, thank you so, so much!"
"Hey" I whispered. "Hey, no problem." I held the back of his neck and kissed his cheek.
"I love you so much Lucy" he sobbed.
"I love you too" I grinned.
He didn't cheat this time.


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