The Crossed Pathways to Home

Lucy's world is fading. Sad, alone, her grandmother dying, the rest of the world hating her, what's to look forward to?
But when a mysterious blonde haired boy turns up...


25. Chapter 25

~~"Hi!" I tried not to laugh at his American drawl. You could tell he was from the states straight away from the way he was dressed, his accent, even the style his sandy brown hair was in.
I looked at his eyes. They were a baby blue colour, and his pupils were again, one of a cats', diamond shaped. Their eyes shocked me, scared me at first, but now I found myself drawn to them, getting used to them ,loving them. Human eyes were weird to me now.
A chorus of hellos' met him, but we were all confused. What was with the big intro?
I looked expectantly at Seamus. He caught my gaze and I smiled reassuringly at him. He gulped.
"You alright there?" came Bens' American twang. It was a massive effort not to snigger. Seamus shook out his arms.
"Guys...seo è Ben. He's...he's my boyfriend." He paused. "I'm gay."
"Awesome! Good for you!" I enthusiastically piped up. I felt everyones' stares burn. Seamus pleaded me with his green werewolf eyes. I jabbed Finbarrs' ribs with my elbow.
"Ow!" he squawked. I warningly glared at him.
"Oh, sorry. Um, good for you, Seamus. long have you known?"
What is wrong with these people? Finbarr seemed lost for words, Christopher looked confused and Lisa looked...hurt, upset and annoyed.
"About two, three years" he quietly replied.
"Why didn't you tell me?" Lisa asked, her voice hushed, quivering.
"Lisa, this is an dheacair"
"Don't speak in that crap!" she shrieked. She seemed shocked at herself, and I felt Finbarrs' arm snake across my shoulders as he pulled me into him, shielding me from her wrath.
She then regained her anger and sadness as Christopher edged away from her.
"That crap is part of who I am!" he spat, clenching his jaw. His Irish lilt sounded strange with his irritated and distressed tone. "So is being gay."
"Why didn't you tell me when I asked you out? That was two years ago!"
"I wanted to go out with you!" he growled, tears welling in his eyes. "I cannot tell you how much I desperately wanted to like you, to have those feelings for you. But I didn't have them, I couldn't have them! I didn't want to embarrass you either."
"I would've been less embarrassed if you had just told me!"
"Excuse me?" came Bens' funny accent. Lisa looked agitatedly at him. "You're Lisa, right?"
"Yeah, so?!" she barked, the tears and mascara streaming down her face.
"Seamus has told me all about you. He thinks the world of you, you know that? And he told me that he was confidant that because you loved eachother so much, that you would be happy for him, that you would be supportive of him. That you, of all people, would know that he's still the same person that he always was, that"
"But, I mean" she interrupted.
"That you" he yelled, pointing at her "would stand up for him, not put him down. So much much for that" he said spitefully, his canines sharp.
Lisa bit her lip and looked down, her own teeth quickly receding.
"Really?" she whispered.
"Of course, Lisa" Seamus said softly. "You're my best friend. You have David now, sure. I thought you were happy with him?"
"I am. I really am" she sadly smiled, tears dripping to the carpet. Seamus tentatively sat beside her, and Ben looked protectively on.
"I'm still me" he silently stated. "I was born with the gay gene, I guess." He rubbed her arm. "I'm still Seamus." She quickly grabbed him in a hug.
"Tà bron orm, mo chara." Seamus laughed.
"So you do speak some of that diddly i!" She loudly sniffed.
"Ben, you better take really good care of him, or I will personally change into my werewolf form and kill you!" Ben looked taken aback. Seamus bemusedly smiled at him and nestled into Lisa.

"What was that?" I asked Finbarr as we walked over to a bench.
"Everyone totally froze as soon as Seamus came out!" Finbarr shrugged.
"We've all lived with him for years. I don't think we expected that. Especially Lisa. I mean, he rejected her two years ago. She was so upset, and she didn't understand. I don't think she ever got real closure. But there it was."
"Yeah, she didn't take it well" I frowned. "Poor Ben."
"I wonder how Chris feels about it? He was quiet."
"Mm" I contemplated. "Once he doesn't mess it up, I don't care."

I managed to eventually give Finbarr the slip, and I sprinted to Masons' house and banged on on the door. It creaked open.
"Ah, Lucy. Come on in." I squeezed in. He slowly and painfully sat down. "Old age is a nightmare" he said, making an attempt at humor. I frowned. He was only in his forties. "So, what can I do for you?"
"Um...I was wondering..." I sighed, hating to ask him for anything. "I was wondering if you would happen to know where Finbarrs' sister is?" I slowly inquired. His lips creeped into a small smile.
"I was wondering when he would eventually ask."
"Oh, um, he doesn't know I'm asking you" I cringed. His smile dropped from his face.
"Oh, please Mason! Please help me!" I begged. "He misses her like crazy! He needs her." He sighed and rested his head on his knuckles.
"I don't like deceiving one of my pack members" he said seriously.
"I just don't want to get his hopes, Mason! C'mon, he was in bits over her!"
"Fine" he said hesitatingly. "But if I do this for you, you must promise to do something in return."
"Aw, Mason, anything!" I yelped hopefully.
"We are all going to help you listen to the ring of the eye. You must try to keep talking to Markievz." I nodded.
"Yeah, I sometimes talk to it. It replies once in a while. But I'll do it more often and whatever" I shrugged. "But do you have any clue where Finbarrs' sister is?"
Mason tiredly sighed.
"I had Irish wolves keep an eye on her in that area. She moved."
My stomach dropped.
"But they followed her, and told me where she's dwelling. They make sure she's safe." He paused, snatched a piece of paper and pen, and held it mid-air. "Take a taxi and give them this address. I'll conjure up a excuse and feed it to Finbarr. I'll let the Irish in the area you're going." I stared at address. Mason knew exactly where she was. And he didn't tell anyone?
"Why didn't you tell Finbarr you knew where she was?" I asked, struggling to control my anger.
"I have to be careful. This could uncover a lot emotional turmoil for him. He might not actual want to see her, or vice versa. He did try to attack her, and they probably hold extremely bad memories for eachother. It's not black and white."
I nodded, my stomach at my feet. I never thought this through, did I?

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