The Crossed Pathways to Home

Lucy's world is fading. Sad, alone, her grandmother dying, the rest of the world hating her, what's to look forward to?
But when a mysterious blonde haired boy turns up...


19. chapter 19 (again, I never inteneded to name these chapters, sorry)

We sat in the local park. I couldn't face anyone just yet.
"Are you going to go back to your counciller?" Finbarr asked me.
"God no." I shook my head. "I can't and I don't have to. It's good to talk. I had no-one to talk to before, but now I have you. Plus, I can hardly talk about this whole werewolf thing to anyone."
He rested his head on top of mine, and held my hand. My stomach was plagued by guilt at seeing the plasters on his wrist. He saw me looking.
"They weren't deep cuts. The scars will fade" he whispered.
"I hope so." I knew I would probably always have at least faint scars on my wrists. At least I was lucky last night and didn't cut too deep on my thigh. It was really painful right now, but the scars will probably fade. But I didn't want Finbarr to have a mark of misery or pain like that on his body.
"You can talk to me any time. Or even Chris" he added.
"Ugh, yeah, I let that slip" I said regretfully, remembering how I told him that I once self-harmed when he was drunk.
"I kind of hoped he had forgotten that. But" I sighed," I don't think he's particularly happy with me anyway, since you agreed to let me change.
"He'll get over it" Finbarr grimaced.
"Um, Finbarr? When Austin was..." I struggled to find a word,"um, talked to me yesterday. He said that this new law was to protect werewolves."
"Well, that's what he thinks."
"But he sounded genuinely worried. He'd hardly attack me for nothing."
Finbarrs' hug tightened.
"Maybe they're not as malicious as we thought they were. They probably think that you're out of your minds!" He sighed.
"I don't know. Maybe." He looked thoughtful, but hopeless. And I knew Finbarr couldn't do anything. But Mason could.

We sat in an extremely tense atmosphere, in the sitting room, for once.
The couches were a modern shape with different colours on the top, and glossy white underneath. The carpet was white, and some walls were a light grey, while the other walls, including the door, was pink.
Lisa insisted, apparently.
But Christopher wasn't happy at this moment of time, and Finbarr knew it.
"Chris, you're going to have to talk to me sometime."
Christopher coldly glanced at him.
"Dude, it's not even your problem!"
"Not my problem? What happens when she realizes what a curse it is to be a werewolf, how much it sucks?! If she kills someone? Wants to go to college? Finbarr, you'll ruin her damn life!"
"Do you not think that I've thought about that? That thats' why I disagreed with her in the first place? She has her reasons."
"And she'll regret it."
"You are impossible" I heard Finbarr groan as I slipped out of the room, out of the house.
"Top of the morning to you!"
"Seamus, it's like, four o'clock" I said turning to him.
"I know, but is aoibhinn liom saying that!"
What could I say? He loved the simple things in life.
"Where are you going off to without Finbarr in tow?"
"Ah, him and Christopher are arguing about me. Again" I said as jokingly as I could, brushing the comment off.
"I thought that I'd go to see Mason." He nodded acknowledgingly.
"Ah, sure, don't let me stop you then" he said, getting out of the way, spreading out his arms.
I smiled awkwardly and walked away, feeling nervous. I've barely spent any time with Mason at all. My own father.
How weird.
I stood outside Masons' door, my fist suspended in mid-air. And then, with a burst of courage, I rapped it quickly.
And I wanted to run.
Mason opened the door, and seemed to look around me, and then his serene, mysterious eyes settled onto mine.
"No Finbarr?" he asked inquisitively.
"No." I gulped. He seemed so calm, so friendly, so...familiar. Even with the werewolf eyes. But that fact wouldn't chase away the fear I had.
But it begged the question; What was I afraid of?
Getting to know him? Maybe it was having no similarities, not getting along, him rejecting me like I had previously rejected him.
"May I come in for a minute? Christopher and Finbarr are having another argument. And I just...I just wanted to ask you about something." He nodded, held the door open wide, and I tentatively walked in.
The contrast between his house and Finbarrs' house was massive. Finbarrs' was split into a kitchen, a sitting room, a hallway, and then the upstairs. Mason just had his house as one big space, no walls to divide the areas.
Even though there was plenty of windows, the minuscule kitchen area and the huge log fire made it seem dark and musky somehow. It was oddly comforting.
It took Mason a little effort to sit down. His bones slightly creaked and he eventually collapsed onto the chair.
"Please, do sit" he said, gesturing to the other one seated chair.
I was about to tell him no, that I was fine, this would only be a minute and I hadn't told Finbarr where I was and about a million other excuses.
But I pushed them aside, and sank into the comfortable red seat.
"So" Mason began, taking a sip of tea.
I smiled. He hadn't bothered to ask me if I wanted a cup. I had turned up uninvited. Tea was probably the last thing on his mind.
And I felt weirdly content, noticing the first similarity in behaviour between us.
"What did you want to talk to me about?"
"Well, I assume Finbarr has probably told you about Austin?"
He nodded, completely calm, nothing ever seeming to seriously swaying his emotions.
"Well...he was talking about this new law. He said it was to protect werewolves from humans. And he sounded like he was telling the honest truth."
He looked into the fire, his brow furrowed, but still looked relaxed somehow. I don't know how he does it.
"Communications between us have been nearly demolished. We both think we're right. It's complicated."
Everything's complicated, isn't it?
"But Lucy, I think you're the answer to all our problems. Whatever Markievz says, will ultimately go."
"But what if the ring thinks that wolves who let witnesses go should be killed? This whole pack could die!"
"Excuse me?" he asked, bemused. "Who told you that?"
"Well...I and I think Finbarr presumed and Christopher seemed pretty certain." He looked at me, with a slightly amused expression on his face.
"He did say he'd kill Finbarr, Seamus, Lisa, Christopher and then me if I listened to the ring and interfered with his work." I shuddered, the threat still fresh and scary.
"Austin is forever making fruitless threats. He knows, of course, that you don't know that. It is, as the human phrase goes, that his bark his worse then his bite."
His lack of reaction was annoying me. Nevertheless, it was still a serious threat.
"But what if he decides he's going to do what he thinks is right? What if he does decide to kill you all?" I asked, trying my best not to come across as agitated, even though I was.
"Lucy, they wouldn't kill us all" he told me matter-of-factly.
"That's a lie."
I turned.
It was Christopher who had spoken up. Finbarr was cowering behind him. He was uncomfortable with anyone speaking to Mason disrespectfully, and he didn't like how he and Christopher had jus barged in without knocking.
"Chris" Finbarr warnfully whimpered.
"But they wouldn't kill us all. In an unlikely extremity, they could possibly kill me, Finbarr and Lucy. But I don''t see that happening."
"And what makes you think that they won't kill the whole pack?" Christopher asked, his eyes flaring with rage.
"The Swedish wolves are not as heartless as you seem to make out, young Christopher" he said, his calm wavering slightly, his authority mildly stepping up.
"They kill witnesses!" Christopher dramatically pointed out.
"If ,they feel under very serious threat. If, they feel it's needed. I don't think they have any real intention of killing Lucy as she is a Hnart."
"You must be joking Mason? Why would we be hiding her then?"
"No, it's because we bloody well have to! Seriously, what about the Swedish wolf who attacked her, Austin threatening her?"
"That was merely a young werewolf, showing off" Mason said wisely. "But Austin, he is worried. That was an act of desperation. The same as us, he does not wish that the entire human population know about us. He is only trying to protect his pack, in some ways, even us."
"If they're so caring, why has the relationship between crossbreds and wild ones totally collapsed then?" Christopher snapped.
"Because wolves like you" Mason said stonily, painfully getting up from his chair, and heading towards the door,
"look at them as cold, heartless, murderous monsters. That is not what they are, and as much as they disagree with us, they don't think of us that way, either." He opened the door. "Come and talk to me when you realize that they aren't cold-blooded killers, and are ready to treat them as equals." Christopher stared at him, defeated yet still stubborn.
I darted my eyes between them, seeing how cool it was to see their diamond pupils locked together.
Christopher glanced at me, and I returned a subtle shrug. His eyes darted to Finbarr, who awkwardly rubbed his neck and looked away.
He ashamedly but obstinately nodded his head and left.

"So you really don't think that I'm in any immediate danger?" I asked Mason while Finbarr and I were leaving.
"Not fatal danger, no" he said, gently shaking his head. "The fact that he didn't want you to listen to the ring shows that he thinks Markievz will go in our favour." He barely bowed his head and shut the door.
I stared at his front door in disbelief.
"What's up Lucy?" Finbarr asked.
"We're in no real danger."
"Well...that's what Mason...seems to think" he said tentatively. I could tell he was at least originally with Christopher on this one. Now that Mason had stated otherwise, he was unsure of himself, and didn't want to disrespect him either.
But it got me thinking.
"So did I?" I stopped to gulp. "If I had known that previously, I probably wouldn't of cut myself. Did I self-harm over nothing?"
Finbarr looked down, and for once gave me a completely uncomforting answer, but honest all the same.
"I don't know."

I started to become reserved into myself, staring into oblivion, ignoring everything that everyone was saying. My mind was quiet over the past day or two. I never realized how much I took the silence for granted.
"Lucy!" I jumped.
"What?" I bewilderedly asked.
"Lucy, I think it's time to go home" Finbarr told me as if I was three, while everyone else looked at me concernedly.
"Yeah...Yeah, 'course" I said, shaking my head.
"I'll go grab our jackets" Finbarr sadly smiled. He thudded up the stairs.
Christopher watched him leave, and as soon as he was certain that he was gone, he grabbed my arm.
"Come out here for a minute." He dragged me outside and looked at me worriedly.
"What?" I asked him shrewdly
"This is a bit personal, but..." He sighed. "Did you cut yourself again?"
"What? Did Finbarr tell you?" I angrily asked.
"No! No, he honestly didn't. But he was a long time at your house yesterday, he had plasters on his wrist, and I've never seen him so upset, or cry so much..."
Look what you did, a small voice whispered.
Finbarr wasn't here to tell it to go away.
"What?" I asked, devastated.
"After you went home yesterday, he just totally broke down. But he wouldn't tell me what was up."
I raked my hands through my hair.
I didn't think it was possible for me to feel any more guilty than I did already, but I felt even worse.
"Is that why he's down?"
Does this nightmare ever end?
"Yeah" I whispered.
Look at what you've done.
I was angry at myself then and viciously kicked a bucket away.
"Why am I so stupid?" I hissed.
"You're not stupid, Lucy" Christopher said gently.
Yes she is.
"Yes I am!" I felt a burst of rage and punched the stone wall, and immediately regretted it.
"Crap" I murmured, rubbing the slight surface scratches and blood away from my knuckles.
Idiot, couldn't last forty-eight hours without self-harming.
I didn't like how the voices were a tiny bit louder.
It was an accident, shut up.
Or what?
Or I'll tell Finbarr.
"I've just done it again. I'm hopeless!" I leaned against the wall, tears beginning to fall. I heard the door click and I turned my head away from its' direction. I saw a blurred Christopher looking at Finbarr.
"You need help, Lucy." He silently walked away.
I didn't want help. Not the type of help he was talking about. I just wanted love and support.
I felt Finbarr standing beside me, and I knew all too well that I was hurting him. I slid to the ground and he slid with me.
"I thought you said you were going to stop hurting yourself" he said, pain prominent in his voice.
I looked at my scratched knuckled.
"I was angry. It was an accident. I just went to hit something, I didn't mean to hurt myself." The salty tears burned my cuts, and I cringed and wiped them away.
"You don't know how to cope with things, do you?" he softly but confusedly asked.
"I do, I just..."
"You just what?" he gently asked.
I looked over to his gorgeous, attentive face, filled not with pity, but concern.
And that's when I realized that his world revolved around me as much as my world revolved around him.
I took a deep breath.
"All I need to do is listen to the ring, say what it says and have you by my side." That doesn't sound too bad now, does it?, I thought to myself.
He won't stay by your side, a small voice jeered. I cringed.
"Stupid voices" I muttered.
"What are they saying?"
"That you won't say" I said embarrassedly. It sounded so stupid.
He rested his head on top of mine.
"Silly voices. I'll always stay." I smiled. "Are you sure you're O.K?" he continued.
"Your hand..." He rested his hand on top of mine.
"I just need a sport or something to vent some energy. Christopher will tell you, I was just annoyed at myself and lashed out at whatever was in front of me. Unfortunately, that was a wall." I tried to reassure him, but his face seemed stuck, worried and upset.
"I didn't mean to hurt you, I really didn't" I whispered. I held the side of his miserable face.
"You're the best thing that has ever happened to me. You're like my guardian angel. My really hot guardian angel." He sniggered and I smiled for a few seconds.
"But seriously Finbarr. You've always done your best for me, and I promise to do a million percent for you. I promise not to punch walls or anything. To talk to you if I need to. Even Christopher if it needs be." I paused, the hopefully asked,
"Do you forgive me?"
He grabbed me in a hug and seemed to sigh in relief.
"Never had a grudge." I clutched at his hair, not wanting him to leave me, not wanting anyone to snatch him away from me.
"Finbarr?" I said over his shoulder.
"I'll make it up to you, I promise."
He shuffled back a bit and kissed my forehead.
"You don't need to."
"I want to" I sincerely told him. "I really want to."

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