The Crossed Pathways to Home

Lucy's world is fading. Sad, alone, her grandmother dying, the rest of the world hating her, what's to look forward to?
But when a mysterious blonde haired boy turns up...


10. Chapter 10 (whoop double digits)

~~"Seamus is cool" I said after I composed myself.
"Jeez, Gaelic Irish isn't in it! Always speaking in Irish, no-one understands him!" laughed Finbarr, shaking off what had just happened. I weakly smiled, and tried to do the same.
"Um, question" I began, a question popping into my head. The question I've been meaning to ask.
"Do you know the way that you all can't go to school?"
"Apart from, well, the danger of killing people, is another reason because of your eyes?"
He nervously glanced at me.
"What about our eyes?"
"Oh, come on!" I scoffed. " The weird diamond pupil, like a cats', a circily coloured section and then the white part behind! It's a bit obvious and weird, so is that another reason why you don't go to school?"
He stopped abruptly and turned to me.
"You can see our eyes?"
I frowned.
"Yeah, 'course, I'm not blind!" He looked bewildered.
"You can see my eyes? Like that?" he asked.
"Yes! You have a diamond pupil and an ice-blue coloured part!" I repeated impatiently. What is wrong with this boy?
He looked everywhere and seemed to think.
"Something wrong?" I prodded.
"Humans can't see our eyes" he slowly told me.
"What?!" I spluttered.
"You shouldn't be able to see my eyes" he simply repeated. "To humans, our eyes should like normal human eyes."
We both stood there at a loss.
"What does this mean then?" I asked. He shrugged.
"I...I haven't got a clue." His face twisted in concentration. "Well I guess we'd better ask Mason then."
And we legged it.
Of course I had to be awkward and weird. I had to see their stupid eyes.
Finbarrs' face was panicked, and that wasn't good. I could tell this was strange, even by his wolfy standards.
That was a bloody brilliant sign.

Finbarr banged on Masons' door.
"Mason, sir!" Finbarr said breathlessly when he opened the door.
"What's wrong Finbarr?" he asked calmly, like everyday a panicked werewolf came frantically slamming on his door.
"It's Lucy!" Finbarr finally caught Masons' attention, and he worriedly looked at me.
"What is it?" he asked, his serene voice not matching his anxious face,
"She can see our eyes. Like, properly see them." Mason gently frowned at me, his face a mix of shock and intrigue.
"Can you now?"
They both seemed to have their minds blown, while yours truly, was still left completely in the dark.
Then something seemed to click with Mason. But he didn't say what had clicked with him to Finbarr.
"What does it mean Mason?" Finbarr then asked, like a three year old asking his parents something. Gullible, almost.
"I'm not sure" Mason said slowly, cautiously. But I knew that he knew what it meant. Why in the world wouldn't he tell us?
"I'll do some research, ask around" Mason told Finbarr. "In the meantime, continue on as normal."
I sniggered.
What a stupid word. It should be only used in medical terms.
Finbarr nodded and Mason gently closed the door.

"Why didn't you tell me you could see our eyes before?" Finbarr asked, leading me towards his house.
"Well, I said they were weird and you talked about their colour!"
"Oh" he said dumbly in realization.
"Plus, it was just your eyes. I presumed you stayed here so no-one could see them, they're so obvious."
He shook his head and opened the door. I felt my eyes widen.
"Finbarr, it's amazing!" It's one of those houses where it was bigger on the inside than it was on the outside. It was colourful and modern and buzzing with life. Even Christopher had to give some form of smile when he was in the happy atmosphere made by Lisa, Finbarr and...Seamus?
"You didn't tell me Seamus lived with you!" I over-excitedly yelped.
"Ah, 'tis you again! Conas atà tù?" he asked, grinning.
"Tà mè go hàlainn! This is fantastic! How cool! All of you in one place!"
"You speak some of that diddly i?" Lisa asked, her voice a mix of sarcasm and disbelief, pouring herself a cup of tea.
"Don't know a word of that stuff!" she said, shaking her head. "Not a languages person myself."
"But sure, it's in your name and blood! Nìl sè dhèacair."
Finbarr sat down quietly beside Christopher and began chatting to him.
Lisa looked at Seamus expectantly.
"Seamus, I told you, I don't know a word of that stuff!"
"He said it's not hard" I told her. "I think people find it difficult just because people before them gave out about how difficult, boring and useless it is. It's totally plesibo effect" I said to Seamus.
"Ceart!" Seamus burst. He gave me a side-ways hug, resting his head on my shoulder. "Is aoibhinn liom an cailìn seo!" Lisa confusedly raised her eyebrows again.
"It means I love this girl. Honestly Lisa!" Seamus walked over to Lisa. I looked back behind me to where Finbarr and Christopher were sitting, and they were deep in conversation.
Lisa took a gulp of tea.
"What's up?" Lisa inquisitively asked.
"Oh, something about me being able to see werewolves' eyes. You know, a diamond pupil, a circle of colour..." I trailed off as their faces to grow more in shock as I kept talking.
"What?" I nervously asked.
"An ceapann tù how serious this is?" asked Seamus. "How big and well, weird this is?"
"No, I don't really understand, not really" I answered. No-one was really taking the time out to explain all this to me yet.
"This has never happened before" Lisa told me in a serious tone.
"It's only in stories and legends."
"What is, exactly?" I asked. Seamus and Lisa looked acknowledgedly at each-other.
"Nothing!" Christopher piped up. "It's just a characteristic of a mythical creature."
"Ah, now, Christopher" Seamus began.
"Ah now Seamus nothing!" Christopher snapped, a warning tone in his voice.
"Lucy has never had anything to do with werewolves before. It's impossible!"
"Excuse me!" I butted in. "Would anyone mind telling me what is going on?"
"There's a creature in Wolvien legends called a Hnart" Seamus told me. "Basically half wolf half human."
"Finbarr mentioned that" I nodded. Remembering Finbarr, I looked over to where Finbarr was and realized he had gone.
"He said it was in some prophecy, to bring peace!"
Christopher sighed.
"It must be something else though...It's impossible."
Then Seamus' eyes widened with realization.
"Christopher?" Christophers eyes shot to alert, understanding what Seamus meant.
"No, Seamus, for crying out loud! That's ridiculous!"
But Christopher didn't look one hundred per cent sure of himself.
"Excuse me?" I said again. "Do you mind telling me what's going on?"
"No" Christopher agitatedly barked. "Just Seamus letting his imagination run away with him, as per usual!"
"All right, calm down!" Lisa said sternly, but her eyes were filled with worry.
Again. What a bloody brilliant sign.

Finbarr finally made an appearance. He nodded at at Christopher, and Christopher sucked in his cheeks.
Finbarr silently took my hand and lead me outside, and we sat on what I presumed was his garden.
"So. What's wrong with me?" I sarcastically asked.
"Nothing!" he said, overly-enthusiastically.
He didn't seem so sure.
"It's just...weird." He foolishly grinned. Some form of relief spreading.
"You're different, Lucy."
I jokingly flicked my hair back.
"I know" I said snottily, and he laughed, his beautiful, perfect laugh.
I'm so glad he couldn't read my thoughts.
His head wouldn't be able to fit through the door.

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