She's a gamer

Samantha or as everyone calls her, is a gamer who stays on Xbox all day long. When she enters another round of Xbox live, playing call of duty black ops, she starts speaking to someone far away from her. He has a nice accent but she doesn't know who he is. Although she only knows him from his voice, will she start caring more about him as time goes by?


2. Chapter 2

I decided to just play one more round of live before I got off. God I hope I get a decent person with a sense of humor and a life. I have been online for over 6 hours facing low life's. I clicked some things before I got to the "play" part. I was looking forward to someone decent. I clicked and it began counting down. "

"Hello?" I spoke.

"Hello, love." Said a gentle accent. 

"Hi umm, are you from a different country?" I said.

"That depends if your from a different country?" He replied.

We both laughed and I realized that maybe he wasn't a punk after all.

"So you enjoy playing I see, from your profile." He stated.

"Of course man!" I said in a hyper tone. 

"Your a girl, am I correct?" 

I rolled my eyes. "Yes, I am a girl." I said bored with the topic.

"Oh, I think it's cool that your a girl gamer, I mean your obviously better than me." He said.

"Really? Everybody always says the opposite." 

"Yeah it's cool. So what's your name Samantha?" He said in a joking tone.

"Could you please not stalk me?" I said knowing that he got it from my profile. 

"I don't know, you go out in details." He chuckled.

"Just like you go to the ground." With that I shot him right in the head. 

"Damn! Why'd you do that?" He said in a kid tone.

"Because I can." I said in a cute voice.

He didn't speak and the game finally ended, making all the info disappear. I didn't get to get his gamer tag. He was really nice and the only guy who respected me. I can't believe I didn't ask. 

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