She's a gamer

Samantha or as everyone calls her, is a gamer who stays on Xbox all day long. When she enters another round of Xbox live, playing call of duty black ops, she starts speaking to someone far away from her. He has a nice accent but she doesn't know who he is. Although she only knows him from his voice, will she start caring more about him as time goes by?


1. A girl gamer

Chapter 1: Samantha
I grabbed some chips off the counter when I arrived inside my house. Cheetos were my favorite. I run upstairs so excited to play another round of Call of duty. I know what your thinking, a girl who is obsessed with Xbox. Xbox is my life. I swung my door shut when I stepped in. I set my chips on my stool and picked up my controller, turned on my tv and turned on my Xbox. I opened my chips while it was loading. I was trying to get all my guns gold and was almost finished. It finally loaded and stated that I had 566 friends online. Who cares? I don't. All my friends on here are boys, all boys that think I'm hot, until I beat them. 
 I clicked the call of duty symbol and waited once more to load. I heard the front door slam shut downstairs, it was Brady probably, my younger brother who was 16. I clicked on a couple of things before I finally started playing. I put on my mic and begin walking with my gun in hand. "Hello?" I heard someone say. "Hello?" They repeated. "Hey" I finally said. He laughed. "Are you a girl?" I smiled, this is the funniest part. "Yes, yes I am" he laughed harder. "Your not supposed to play this game, I don't want to hurt your feelings or anything but girls can't play. " I stayed quiet  until the game was over. "Oh yeah," I said as the score came up. "Then who's number one, with the most points". I smirked. 
I heard a loud gulp. "Your are." He said with shock in his voice. "That's right, I'm a girl gamer and your going down." 

Authors note: 
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