Captured by the Dragon Rider

Merida the Scottish princess is to be betrothed to the only son of the clan Dingwall. However, before the wedding her cousin, Astrid, comes to visit with her betrothed Hiccup. Hiccup is the famous Dragon Rider of his people the Vikings of Berk. With only three weeks until the wedding Merida is now unsure of her decision, will she marry Wee Dingwall, or will this handsome Rider capture her heart?


12. The Wedding Crasher(s)

A large tent had been set up for the ceremony and it was already packed with people, who had come from all over to celebrate the wedding. Merida grimaced as she saw Wee Dingwall walking up and down the path in front of the bridal tent. She quickly ducked under the tent flap and looked around trying to clear her head.

"What am I doing?" she asked aloud.

Sighing Merida tried to breathe to calm herself down but it was of no use. It wasn't that she did not love Dingwall, she knew she didn't love him, but she had grown to care for him and hurting him was the last thing she wanted to do. She would not do what Hiccup had done to her. Merida was used to pain, she'd fallen off Angus several times, burned her fingers while attempting to cook, and scratched herself plenty with pine needles and thorns; but the pain Hiccup had made her feel, was that as if she'd been crushed by the Stonehenge just off in the clearing by her castle. She felt her face grow hot as she thought of Hiccup, how angry he made her and how much she despised the way she felt when he gave her a crooked smile. Ugh! But he was gone now, he had gone back to his precious bride to be, her cousin, the greedy Astrid. Then why was she so confused. No she wasn't confused she was furious that Hiccup had betrayed her, but that didn't stop the fact that she felt something in her gut, whenever she looked at Hiccup or even thought of him, whether she was angry or not. She was in love with him.

"Merida!" whispered a voice.

Startled Merida looked around to see who had called her, but there was no one in sight.

"Merida, over here!" the voice called again.

"Ouch!" said another, this one more female..

"Who's there? Show!" Merida shouted as quietly as she could.

The bushes across from her rustled and Hiccup's head popped out along with another girl.

"Who is she?" Merida whispered harshly. This was not the first question she wanted to ask but seeing this other girl with Hiccup in a bush after all the thinking she'd done, was not helping the matter.

"Hi I'm Heather, a friend." the girl said.

"Hi, not to be so rude, but what are you two doing here?" Merida hissed as she looked around to make sure no on was coming.

"Merida, you have to listen." Hiccup began as he stepped out of the bush.

'No Hiccup you have to leave now," Merida said stiffly as she backed away from him.

"But Merida this is important."

Merida made a turn as to run but the girl Heather was in her way.

"Please Princess, you have to listen to Hiccup, we are trying to help you." she insisted.

"I have to go!" Merida said frustrated.

Hiccup grabbed Merida by the shoulders and faced her towards him.

"Merida, Astrid is on her way here we have to stop her, but she's coming after you. You can't get married today." he said as calmly as he could.

"What? Why would she come back? I gave her what she wanted. Why is she coming after me?" Merida said very concerned.

"I may have said something to tick her off."

"What did you say?"

"I can't tell you."

"Well, that's just gran isn't it. Well if you can't tell me, how am I supposed to believe anything you say?" Merida seethed as she shook Hiccup's arms off of her.

She began stalking back to the tent when Heather called out.

"He told Astrid he loved you!"

This made Merida stop dead, she turned around to look at them.

"You said that Hiccup?"

He nodded and then looked down at the ground. It felt as if the whole world had just stopped in time and they were the only two people, well and Heather, in the forest.

Shaken Merida said,"So Astrid is coming?"

The viking teens nodded gravely.

"Merida I didn't want anything like this to happen, I'm sorry." Hiccup tried to say.

"It's, well it's not alright, but we have to do something quickly!" she said urgently.

Suddenly, Merida heard the voice of her mother coming from the direction of the bridal tent.

"Merida! Where are you? It is time to start now! A princess is never late!" her mother called.

Frightened Merida shoved Heather and Hiccup back in to the bushes.

"Merida we still have Astrid to-" Hiccup whispered.

"Look as much as I appreciate this, I have a duty to do as well, I'm sorry." Merida whispered.

Running from the bushes Merida ran to the bridal tent where her mother was lining everyone up for the procession.

"Oh Lass, there you are." her father said to her as he checked his sons to make sure their faces were clean and their hair was some what neat. Like Merida the boys had wild red hair, that was always having to be cut short.

"Yes, I'm here, its fine." Merida replied and grabbed the circle of flowers she would be carrying down the aisle.

Queen Elinor popped her head in the tent and look around.

"Places everyone! Places now!" she said in her most queenly voice. "In this procession, Lorcan will walk with his parents, and then Fergus you and I will go next, and then the boys and then the lovely bride Merida!"

"Alright then lets get this on way!" King Fergus exclaimed.

Queen Elinor took his arm, and after making sure all her children were lined up properly she and her husband exited the tent and shortly after the ceremonial bagpipes began to play.

Hamish, Hubert and Harris glanced at their older sister, Merida looked back at them, she did not feel well, and she knew what was going to happen in a matter of moments.

"Are you nervous Merida?" Hamish asked.

"No, just want to get this over is all." she said in a monotone voice.

"Well, it will be soon, chin up is what mam says." Hubert added.

"You look pretty Merida." Harris said taking her hand.

Merida's heart ached even more, but she became strong once she took her brother's hand.

Astrid may be coming fr me, but if she lays a hand on anyone else, pray no one has a sword near by. I will not let he take anything else from me. Not ever again. Merida thought to herself.

"It's our turn now." Hamish said as he left the tent, taking Hubert with him.

Harris held Merida's hand until they were out of the tent, then he let go to walk with is brothers. Merida smoothed out her dress as a chambermaid fixed her head piece and straightened her train.

"Here we go." she said grimly, as she began her walk into the ceremony tent.

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