Captured by the Dragon Rider

Merida the Scottish princess is to be betrothed to the only son of the clan Dingwall. However, before the wedding her cousin, Astrid, comes to visit with her betrothed Hiccup. Hiccup is the famous Dragon Rider of his people the Vikings of Berk. With only three weeks until the wedding Merida is now unsure of her decision, will she marry Wee Dingwall, or will this handsome Rider capture her heart?


10. The claws come out

The day of Merida's wedding was also the day the vikings headed home to Berk. Well, all most all the vikings. Hiccup was not one to start a fight, but he was known for standing up for what he believed in. That morning he'd blown up on Astrid. It wasn't what he meant to do, but somehow that's what had happened. It was well before dawn, and the sun hadn't come up, all the vikings were clearing camp. Hiccup had been packing his saddle when Astrid, wrapped her arms around him and held him tightly. Hiccup shook her off and continued his work which upset her.

"What's biting you?" she asked annoyed.

"Nothing, just leave me alone."

"Hiccup stop being a baby, it's not very leader-like."

Astrid stormed away and Hiccup stood there seething. Just as the sun was rising, the first set of dragons took off. Hiccup, Astrid, Heather, and Fishlegs were to be the last ones to go. Snoutlout, and the Twins were among the first to lead the vikings back to Berk. Finally the sun was high and Astrid and Hiccup took to the sky, Fishlegs and Heather not far behind.

"When we get back to Berk," Astrid began, " we have to plan the ceremony, I'm thinking a grand one with lots of people and there will be those nice flowers I wanted-"

"Astrid." Hiccup said.

"And the expensive furs I saw and the nice leather for my dress-"

"Astrid." Hiccup called louder.

"Of course it won't be too expensive now that we've got the money, plus yours as well-"

"Astrid!" He shouted.

"Hiccup I'm talking! What do you-"

"No! I'm talking you listen!"

Astrid's eyes stared daggers at him, but Hiccup ignored her.

"I don't want to be married to you, you've become so selfish and cruel. This whole idea of your was terrible and I can't believe you talked me into this. You know they're right, we aren't welcome because we are horrid. But this is your family and you stole from them. It isn't right and the fact that you are using the money for your own selfish desire's is wrong! You are not the girl I was in love with all those years ago. No your just a horrible person, and I will not marry someone so vile as you!"

There was silence as they continued to fly. Hiccup sighed and looked away from Astrid's  icy stare.

"You love her." she hissed.


"You love Merida, that's why your so prissy."

"No Astrid-"

"Shut up! No, you are going to marry me whether you like it or not! I won't be embarrassed by you again! And to make sure you don't try to leave me, I'm going to pay my cousin Merida a little visit before her walk."

"Astrid! NO!"

"Stormfly, yah!"

Astrid turned her dragon back towards the kingdom and took off. Hiccup growled as anger burned inside him.

"Fishlegs you stay here, and keep everyone going to Berk, don't let anyone turn back. Heather come on I'm going to need your help." Hiccup said as Toothless flew close to Meatlug so Heather could hop on. (Heather hadn't found a dragon that bonded with her, so for the most part she rode with Fishlegs or another rider.)

Helping her nestle inside the saddle Hiccup took hold of Toothless' reigns and pulled the dragon to chases after Astrid. 

"What's your plan?" Heather shouted as the dragon took off at lightning speed.

"Stop Astrid, rescue Merida!" he shouted over his shoulder.

"Sounds simple!"

"It won't be, trust me!"


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