Captured by the Dragon Rider

Merida the Scottish princess is to be betrothed to the only son of the clan Dingwall. However, before the wedding her cousin, Astrid, comes to visit with her betrothed Hiccup. Hiccup is the famous Dragon Rider of his people the Vikings of Berk. With only three weeks until the wedding Merida is now unsure of her decision, will she marry Wee Dingwall, or will this handsome Rider capture her heart?


7. Dreaming

Hiccup didn't sleep well that night. After storming off from the camp site he and Toothless had flown around the kingdom several times before the large dragon became too tired. They lowered themselves into the forest canopy and made their own camp. As he lay there looking at the stars he began to thing about Merida. She was a hard one, Hiccup thought. For some reason she would not let him or even her fiance  into her world. He wondered why that was, she didn't seem harsh but her exterior was as tough as a dragons hide. But then there was also that tinge of vulnerability, she wasn't easy to convince but she could be persuaded. Hiccup loved her sense of wonder and her mystique. It reminded him of the old Astrid, when she was enjoyable, and not as easily flustered. Ha! Flustered didn't even begin to describe Astrid now a days. He couldn't find a single resemblance to prove the relation of the two, other than their stubbornness.  He felt something different with Merida something he hadn't felt in a long time...


Merida? Merida! Come on it's not that bad. It'll be fun." Hiccup said.

"Ohh.. I dun't know are you sure about this? I dun't want to fall!" I hollered to him.

"You won't I promise!"


I jumped on to the back of his dragon and we were flying! It was the most amazing experience in the world! It was incredible! I've never seen the wold from a dragon's eye view come to think of it I'd never seen a dragon either. I looked into his eyes, they were stunning, he was strong but gentle and brave, it amazed me how he bonded with his dragon, it was not his pet but his friend it was incredible. They were one in the air and one on land, I wish I had a way with people like he did with his dragon. So easy with no one to think you are daft or wrong. Suddenly the air was colder and brisker, something was wrong. I turned to Hiccup who was focused ahead.

"Steady bud!"he shouted.

"Hiccup what's happening?" I was frightened.

Then came the flash, lightening struck and thunder roared like mountains crashing against each other! It started to rain and I held on to Hiccup tighter and tighter.


"I'm here!" I shouted.


Hiccup was ripped from my hands and I was falling from the sky!"





Merida opened her eyes and saw she  was back in my room. It was just a dream a strange dream she thought.  What was she  doing? A loud thud on her door interrupted her thoughts as her mother burst through her bedroom door.

"Merida come now, we have so much to do! Get out of bed a princess rises with the sun!"

Merida groaned and slumped out of bed.

"What do we have to do?"

"Everything! The wedding is in fourteen days, there is so much to prepare for!"

As her mother left and Merida awaited for her chambermaids to assist her n dressing she looked out the window towards the forest. What was it about this rider that made her feel so different? It was something she'd never experienced before.

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