Captured by the Dragon Rider

Merida the Scottish princess is to be betrothed to the only son of the clan Dingwall. However, before the wedding her cousin, Astrid, comes to visit with her betrothed Hiccup. Hiccup is the famous Dragon Rider of his people the Vikings of Berk. With only three weeks until the wedding Merida is now unsure of her decision, will she marry Wee Dingwall, or will this handsome Rider capture her heart?


4. Dragons

Since the arrival of the viking cousins, the atmosphere in the castle had changed dramatically. Merida decided to take a break from the castle and go for target practice. What she hadn't planned on was the dragon rider to follow her. She saddled Angus and took of for the clearing. She fired arrows as she rode, hitting the bull's eye, every time. She made it to the fire falls, and dismounted. She sat in the grass and began to think. Wee Dingwall had left early that morning along with the other clans. He promised to return three days before the wedding and kissed her on the cheek before boarding the boat. She waved him off, and raised her hand to her cheek expecting to feel something, but didn't. She wondered if she was making the right choices. She was eighteen and still wasn't sure about her marriage she still wanted her freedom, but knew as princess she had a role to perform.


Merida turned around to see the shadows of the forest dance. Angus turned and reared his head.

"Shh Angus."

Merida pulled out her bow and knocked in a new arrow. She held it ready and listened. She heard light footsteps on the grass. Then it got closer, the grass crunched softly under the feet. Merida raised her bow ad turned in one swift motion.



The arrow slipped from her fingers and sailed cleanly into the forest, Merida ran to the source and saw the mysterious dragon rider with an arrow right above his head stuck in the tree.

"You were spying on me?"Merida growled.

"No just watching I-I"

Merida reached for her dagger when something swiflty knocked her off her feet. She laid on her back and looked to see the black dragon on top of her hissing.

"Toothless no!"

Merida had fear in her eyes, the dragon was so quick and silent she never heard or even saw it in the shadows. The dragon was the hunter and she was the pray. She stayed still and tried not to look it in the eye.

"Toothless off. C'mon bud, I'm fine."

The dragon, Toothless, hissed at Merida but backed away towards his rider.

Merida still wouldn't mover.

"Here let me help you."

"No, I'm fine, just let me be." She said.

Merida picked herself up and ran back out of the forest. Angus had gone running and left her behind.

"Brilliant, just brilliant." she muttered.

"Do you need  any help Princess?" The rider was mounted on his dragon and walked towards her.

"No, I told you to let me be, I don;t need any help from a viking." she spat.

"No need to be defensive, my people didn't exclude you from anything." He countered.

"I had no hand in that. But thanks to  you my horse has run off and its half a days walk from here to the castle and its nearly dark." she gestured to the setting sun.

"Why don't I just give you a lift?"

"I'm not riding on him."

"Its perfectly safe."

"I'll pass, besides i don't even know your name. How can I trust you?"

"I won't hurt you. And my name is Hiccup."


"Yeah Vikings are an occupational hazard and they believe if they give their children awful names we'd be more terrifying and such." Hiccup said.



"I'll walk."

Merida strode off ans heard Hiccup dismount.

"Merida wait! Please!"

Merida stopped. She turned to face him. He didn't look like most vikings she thought. He was tall and medium built, not like the giant men she saw. She noticed, there was a metal extension where his was it left leg? Well where is leg should've been. His long brown hair was thick, not messy, there were small tiny braids in it, and he had beautiful brown eyes. He was incredibly handsooome wait- what was she thinking? She blocked the thoughts from her head then faced Hiccup.

"I want to help you, but I can't until you trust me. You have no idea what's going on but I want to help you."

"How can I trust you?"

"We can try to be friends?"

"I'm not very good with friends."

"Well your fiance must be your friend if your getting married."

"Actually we aren't really friends just...I dunno."

"We'll lets start off small."

Merida kept her distance but talked with Hiccup. She learned that he never met his mother, and that he'd never fit in. She learned that he was like a  prince because his father was the clan leader. She learned that he and her cousin Astrid had only been together a year now, but were constantly at opposite ends. She wanted to take charge and he wanted to reason. Merida told him how she'd paid a witch to change her own mother, though it hadn't gone as planned. Also she met Wee Dingwall when they were sixteen and she hadn't wanted to marry at all. And she was having worries about her wedding  now. She didn't know how to talk to her betrothed and she was always feeling very awkward and just off. She wanted to feel love for him but she couldn't she never had loved a man ever. Besides the men in her family. When they finished the sun had set and the starts had come out. Merida heard her stomach growl and looked at Hiccup.

"What do you say? Toothless is harmless, I will keep you safe."

Merida was still unsure, so he then said.

"I promise nothing will happen. And if it does I'll never make you get on a dragon ever again."

Merida let him pull her onto the dragon and nestled into the crook of Toothless's shoulders.


"No." Merida gulped.

And suddenly before she could blink the were in the sky. Merida was careful not too look down, fearing she might fall from the saddle. Suddenly the ground was moving farther away as the dragon began to flap his wings and rise. Merida shut her eyes not wanting to see her impending doom.

"Don't close your eyes, you'll want to see this!" Hiccup shouted.

Merida hesitated she wasn't afraid of many things(except for marriage) but falling from the sky was definitely there.

"Wow." she heard Hiccup whisper.

Merida  opened one eye to see what he was looking at, then she opened the other eye and her jaw dropped. They were high above the forest and far into the setting sky. The view was amazing the sky had turned all sort of colors from red, orange, yellow, purple, blue,and pink. She the the sun in the distance was sinking lower and lower, past the orange clouds, until finally it was gone. In an instant the colorful sky was dark and the stars came out. It was a breath-taking sight.

"We don't get stars like this in Berk." Hiccup said.

"All stars are not the same." she replied.

"Well I guess we better take you home."

Merida nodded and Hiccup directed Toothless back to the castle. In no time at all the castle was in view.

"You had better land in the forest you'll give the wrong idea!" Merida said over the roaring winds that the dragon picked up.

"Good idea!" Hiccup shouted back.

Toothless took them over to the part of the forest, out of the castle's view.  Hiccup jumped down and raised his arms to help Merida down. Merida slid down and Hiccup caught her.


Merida jumped from his arms and began to walk towards the castle.

"It was a pleasure meeting you Merida!"

Merida turned around and was going to say something but decided not to, she turned and rand to the castle leaving him and his dragon in the night.

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