Crumbling Walls (1D not famous)

Mariella thinks she is all alone in her life. She gets bullied every day and abused by her stepfather, all because she's Irish. She had no one until she met him - Niall. Pretty soon she has a whole crew of friends by her side - Jannsen, Jolene, Abby, Perrie, of course Niall, with Louis, Harry, Liam, and Zayn in his band called One Direction. Enjoy the love, drama, and friendship in store. (that sounds cheesy but i promise it's not)


If you saw the movie Brave, it would be easiest to read Mariella's parts in Merida's voice. (i just realized how close their names are.)



3. Something Terrible


Mariella's P.O.V.


   I walk through the living room, rushing as to avoid the overtaking odor of alcohol and sweaty-dude from Brad (my stepfather) and Andrew (my stepbrother). I am about to step onto the stairs when Andrew grabs my arm and slams me into a wall, causing all of the pain from earlier to flood back at once. "DAD, MARIELLA'S BACK!" he shouts to Brad, looking at me through cloudy eyes. Brad stumbles in, pushes Andrew aside, and yanks me up off of the ground by the neck of my hoodie.

"Where the fuck were you, you ugly piece of shit? You're three fucking hours late!" he screams, throwing me full-force onto the floor. "I was just studying with a friend." I say, standing up.

"What 'friend'? Who in their right mind would ever talk to your fat ass?"

"Umm . . . Niall." I answer hesitantly. I know Brad doesn't like the idea of me talking to boys very much. He glares at me, obviously furious. He punches me in the stomach and knees me in the face.

"Go to your fucking room you ugly, worthless slut!" he screams into my ear. He pushes me to the ground and kicks me in the stomach before storming into the kitchen with Andrew.

 I run up the stairs into my bedroom and fall apart, sliding my back down the door. The tears will not stop coming, and the bitter memories will not stop replaying. It's not my fault I'm Irish, and it's not my fault mom died. However, Brad still believes it's my fault some asshole got drunk and crashed into mom because I was there. Just thinking about how much everyone hates me is making my walls crumble. Today was only a light beating from Brad, so I'm sure he has something horrible planned for me later. My phone rings, and I expect it to be Kaitlynn or Stephanie. I remember this is the special ringtone I set to Niall, so I rush to get it. I sniffle up as best as I can before actually answering.

"Hey Niall."

"Hi Mariella, I just called to chat. Are you busy?"

"I'm not doing anything at the moment. What's goin' on?"

"Do you want to maybe . . . catch a movie Friday, well, tomorrow, at 9? I wanted to go see 'Last Vegas'."

"That sounds great, Niall. I'll meet you there at 8:30. See you tomorrow!"

Before I can hang up, Brad shouts my name through the house, followed by countless sexist-Irish slurs.

"Is everything okay over there, Mariella?" Niall asks, now sounding quite a bit worried. Brad bursts through the door, slamming it into the wall (the actual one, not my metaphorical one). He's shouting words I don't hear over my own heavy breathing. "Yeah, everything's fine Ni-" I am cut off by Brad.

"Who the fuck are you talking to, you fat ugly slut?"

"Mariella! What's going on? You don't sound-"

"Uh, bye Niall." I say, cutting him off as I hang up. I throw my phone onto the floor and back into a corner, already in tears. Brad pins me to the wall and grabs my ass. I slap him hard in the face and push him off of me. I try to run into the bathroom, but Brad grabs the hood of my sweatshirt. He yanks me onto the bed and straddles me. He pins me down on the bed and tries to remove my clothes. As much as I scream and fight, he succeeds in taking off my hoodie and the shirt underneath. I instantly regret my decision of wearing a front hook bra out of laziness. I scream even louder and try to push him off as he unfastens it.

"We're all alone, baby. Andrew's out. It's not like he'd come save you anyway." he whispered into my ear. I kick and scream as he removes my jeans and panties. I gag when Brad takes off his pants and boxers. I try to sit up, but he held my hands in one fist while the other connected with my cheek. I see him pull a cloth from his shirt pocket with a familiar smell. He holds it over my mouth and nose until everything goes dark.

I wake up, ass naked, on my wooden bedroom floor. Remembering what occurred earlier, I instantly burst into tears and run into my closet. I throw on some panties, my favorite sweatpants, and an old tee from Ireland. At this exact moment, I begin to question my life. Why do they all hurt me? How can I stand my ground if everyone wants to bury me beneath it? Why haven't I taken their advice and killed myself? I realized all I was good for was being a sex object and a punching bag, free to all.


The whole situation with Brad happened about 2 hours ago. I am currently kneeling on my bathroom floor. I've been crying here for at least a half hour while Stephanie blows up my phone with things like,"hey loser ur 2 fucking fat u cow do u cry when u look in the mirror cuz ur so ugly", and,"eww i cant believe i have 2 share a planet with u ur an ugly worthless shithole y dont u go cut urself or something u emo Irish  FREAK!". I reach into the shower and grab my razor. I take it apart and hold a single blade in between my fingers. I slide its edge along my wrist and watch the blood drip onto the floor. The pain still feels better than being called worthless, ugly, fat, and especially leprechaun. My arm is covered in bleeding slits before i can rethink my decision. This is my only escape from the feeling of worthlessness and uselessness. Realizing I've been sitting on the floor for 20 minutes crying and cutting myself. I pick up my phone, hide my blades, and leave.

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