Crumbling Walls (1D not famous)

Mariella thinks she is all alone in her life. She gets bullied every day and abused by her stepfather, all because she's Irish. She had no one until she met him - Niall. Pretty soon she has a whole crew of friends by her side - Jannsen, Jolene, Abby, Perrie, of course Niall, with Louis, Harry, Liam, and Zayn in his band called One Direction. Enjoy the love, drama, and friendship in store. (that sounds cheesy but i promise it's not)


If you saw the movie Brave, it would be easiest to read Mariella's parts in Merida's voice. (i just realized how close their names are.)



8. A New Heart and A New Home


 Mariella's P.O.V.

  Niall is the sweetest, funniest, most amazing guy I've ever met. Let's be real for second, who wouldn't give anything to look into those wonderfully blue eyes?

 He softly touched my cheek then brushed his lip on mine. We look at each other, his bright, ocean-blue eyes staring into my emerald- green ones. I lean in, he leans in, and we kiss again. This kiss wasn't quick, but slow and passionate. Niall's hands hug onto my back and my fingers run through his hair. Things got a bit heated, so we pull away. We smile at each other, knowing we've met for a reason.

*After The Movie*

 Niall and I walked out the movie, fingers intertwined. We freeze and hide behind a wall when we saw Evan and Stephanie sitting on a bench in the lobby. Jannsen and Harry catch up to us and hide on the wall with us when they see the bitch and the man-bitch (mitch?).

"We can't hide from them anymore." I whisper to Niall. "Then let's stop hiding." he whispers back, squeezing my hand. All four of us through the lobby, right in front Stephanie and Evan. Sure enough, Her Majesty walks in front of me and pushes me back.

 "I can't believe you actually show yourself in public, you ugly leprechaun. Niall must be desperate as fuck to go out with someone like you!" she yelled, collecting her energy from the stares from the scene she was causing. Niall squeezed my hand a little, and a huge wave of confidence surged through every part of my body.

"Well, that's a lot to say, especially coming from someone who got her ass handed to her earlier today. Bye now!" I reply in my sweetest voice we walk out the doors. My wall was almost rebuilt, and for once, I felt good about myself. Reality smacked me in the face when got a call from Brad. I stopped Niall and answered it.

"Where the fuck are you? Don't you dare come back to this house if you're with that Miles kid!"

"Why does everyone think my name is Miles? And you can stay at my apartment until things clear up with your stepdad, Mariella." Niall says to me. "Thank you so much Niall!" I say really to Niall, but loud enough for Brad to hear.

Guess what Brad?" I shout proudly into the phone, "I'm staying at Niall's place, so good riddance to your pathetic ass! I'm tired of you abusing me for no reason and I'm done with it! Goodbye!" I hang up and we catch up to Harry and Jannsen. I climb into the front seat of Niall's car and let out a deep breath. We drove to Niall's apartment and talked the whole way there. Ni had one hand on the wheel, the other in mine.

 When Niall opened the door, I was blown away. The living room had a black leather sectional, a glass coffee table, and a large flat screen TV.  The kitchen had a large island in the middle, lots of cabinets, stainless-steel appliances, and granite countertops all through it. A guy with straight brown hair and blue-gray eyes walked into the kitchen. When he saw us, he waved and introduced himself.

"Hi, I'm Louis. You're Mariella, right?" I noticed he had a British accent like Harry.

"Yeah I am. It's nice to meet you Louis." I answer.

"Oh Niall! You found a 'wee lass' for the Irish lad!" Louis says, trying his best to do an Irish accent. I think his was the best I've heard in America. Abby walks in wearing sweatpants and an oversized tee. Louis grabbed a bag of baby carrots and kissed her on the cheek as he walks past her down the hallway. Abby smiles, and her expression changes to surprise when she sees me with Niall.

"Oh hey Mariella! What'cha doin' here? Not that there's anything wrong with you being here, I was just wondering-"

"I know what you mean. I'm actually staying here for a little while." Her face brightens and she pats the spot next to her on the couch. I sit down and Abby turns on the TV.

"Anyone want any mashed potatoes?" Niall asks from the kitchen, almost reading my mind. "MEEEEE!" I yell, jumping up from the couch and running to the kitchen to join him.

"Niall, I guess you finally found someone who loves potatoes as much as you do!" Abby teases. I checked the time on the stove clock. 11:45. Right now, I would normally be crying my eyes out and rubbing bruises. That side of me is gone, and that side of me is never allowed to come back.

"MARIELLA!" Niall yells. I jerk back and grasp my chest, instantly regretting it because now my boob hurts.

"Why the fuck are you screaming?" I ask him, rubbing my ears and my chest (it really hurts).

"You zoned out for a bit. The potatoes are ready now." he explains. He spoons some into two bowls and takes one. "I'll be right back." Niall says, kissing my cheek and walking down the hallway. I sit down with Abby on the couch and get lost in my potatoes and The Big Bang Theory.

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