A New Beginning (Kidnapped By One Direction Sequel)


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Madison's pov

Tiffany sighed and ran her hands through her hair which we always do when we're thinking. She sighed again "now that I think about it I guess I do..." She said frowning. I smiled widely and basically jumped over the table before hugging her.

"This is so amazing!!! You guys will go on dates, end up getting married, and have beautiful babies!!!" I said smiling big

"Woah calm yo tits! You're forgetting one big thing, he has a girlfriend and he seems to really like her" she said frowning.

"Trust me he'll break up for you in a heartbeat no offensive to Sophia, I think her name is, but you're probably much much much prettier!" I said smiling

She smiled slightly "Thanks luvie but let's be serious here. If she's dating the Liam Payne she must be like perfect" she said

"Tiffany I will slap the shit out of you, you're perfect girl" I said trying to act serious but ended up laughing loudly along with Tiffany.

And let me tell you we must've been laughing hella loud because next thing we know everyone is all quiet and staring at us laugh. We started to calm down but everyone just kept staring at us... Woah stalkers...

"They're still staring" I whispered.

She looked back at everyone. "I got this" she whispered to me before standing up. "FUCK ALL OF YOUUUUU!" She yelled grabbing my hand and making sure to flip everyone off before running out of the shop pulling me with her.

By the time we stopped running we were having a laughing fit.

"That was the funniest shit ever" I said in between laughs. "See this is why I love you" I said before hugging her.

"I love me too!" She said hugging me back.

I fake gasped putting a hand over my heart. "You.Suck." I said crossing my arms.

"Aye I love you too though" she said laughing.

I chuckled "I bet we're banned from that shop" I said

"Their lost" she said chuckling

"My lost too I left my purse" I said frowning.

"Wanna go get it?" She asked

"I'll go get it myself" I said chuckling "you wait outside" she nodded and we started walking back to the shop. Tiffany waited outside while I walked in. Everyone started staring at me again. What the fuck is with these people and staring.

I rolled my eyes and looked around for my purse. I saw one of the workers carrying it behind the counter. I started running after her trying to get her attention. She finally stopped after like 5 minutes of me trying to get her attention.

"What?!" She asked. Oh no she didn't.

"Well you're a lovely worker" I said rolling my eyes.

"Mmhmm what do you want?" She asked

"That's my purse. I forgot it on my table" I said.

"Shouldn't have left it there" she said rolling her eyes and turning around before walking behind the counter.


I growled and walked outside to Tiffany. "This bitchy worker won't give my fucking purse back" I told her as we walked inside and up to the counter.

"What do you want me to do?" She asked.

"Get it back pleaseeeee!" I said doing the puppy face.

She groaned "fine what worker did it?"

"Her name tag said Brittany I think"

"I got this..." she said pounding her hand on the counter, trying to get the workers and some of the costermers attentions.

"How can I help you?" One of the workers asked.

"Can I talk to Brittany or whatever her name is?" Tiffany asked.

"Um sure.. Brittany!! Come here!!" He yelled walking towards the back.

Brittany/The worker that took my purse walked up looking annoyed as ever.

"What?" She asked.

"Give my friend her purse back" Tiffany said putting her hand on her hips. She looked Tiffany down before looking over at me.

"What purse?" She asked

"The one that was left on the table" I said

She groaned "Its in the back" She said.

"okay....go get it..." Tiffany said cleary annoyed.

She groaned loudly, a little too loud if you ask me I mean for real 3/4 of the costermers looked over, and walked in the back. TIffany high fived me before Brittany walked back out carrying my purse. "Here yo-" She started but got interupted by some blonde girl walking up pushing past me and Tiffany out of the way.

"I've been waiting in this damn line for fucking ever are you gonna take my order or not?!" The blonde haired girl said.

"Move it Blondie, cant you see im talking to them?!" Brittany asked.

"If you dont take my order now ill report you to the manager and get your sorry ass fired" She treatened.

"K, have fun with that" Brittany said.

She scoffed and walked over to some other worker.

"Sorry about that blonde bitch" Brittany said causing us to laugh. "Here's your purse" She said handing me my purse.

"Thanks, good luck with her" I said pointing to the blonde girl. She laughed and said a quick thanks.

"Guess she wasnt that bad after all" I said shrugging. 

"True true" Tiffany said. We walked out of the shop and sat on the bench right outside. 

We talked for about 10 minutes before Brittany walked out mumbling "Stupid blonde bitch" 

Guess she got fired after all. Tiffany and I got up and ran up to her.

"Hey did she end up getting you fired?" I asked

"Yup. Im already low on money now she got me fired from the only job I got hired at." She said shaking her head.

"I know some people that can get you a really good job" I said.

"Really? Who?" She asked.

"Here follow me" I said walking inside. I walked up to the lads. Luckily they were still here, Tiffany and I kinda forgot about them...

"Hey guys can you give us a really big favor?" I asked them.

"Sure, what is it?" Niall asked.

"Can you guys help us get her a really good job? That ass got her fired" I said pointing the blonde girl. We all looked back at her only to see her glaring at me and Brittany. Tiffany, Brittany, and I all flipped her off before turning around towards the boys. We heard her gasp which caused Tiffany, Brittany, and I all to laugh.

"Um yeah sure. Where at?" Harry asked.

"Ooo theyre hiring at the shop we work at!" Tiffany said.

They all nodded. "Lets go then" Liam said smiling.

Tiffany, Brittany, and I all high fived each other before walking out of the store with the boys following close behind.

"Oh wait I forgot something" I said walking back in the shop. I looked for the blonde girl and saw her already glaring at me. Man this girl and her glaring. I flipped her off and stuck my tongue out before running back out of the shop to them. "Mkay im good" I said smiling.

We started walking to the shop but it was on the whole other side of the mall so me being the lazy person I am started getting tired. "Hey Tiff you should so give me a piggy back ride" I said doing the puppy face.

"Fine. Hop on" She said bending down a little. I smiled widely and jumped on her back.

"This is why I love you" I said kissing her cheek. She laughed before we all, well except me, started walking to the store. As soon as we got there Tiffany dropped me.

"You're so fucking heavy!!" She said sitting down on the floor trying to catch her breath.

"Geez someones out of shape" I said laughing beore sitting down next to her.

We looked up only to see the lads and Brittany looking down at us with weird looks.

"What?" I asked.

They all shook their heads. I laughed before scooting closer to Tiffany

"Hey can I tell Louis that you like Liam?" I whispered to her.

"NO! Why would you tell Louis?!" She said outloud and it was pretty loud too.

"Tell me what?" Louis asked.

"Nothing!" Tiffany said.

"But Louis wants to know" Louis said sitting on the floor by us.

"Thats to bad for Louis then" Tiffany shrugged.

"Please! He can so hook you guys up" I whispered before winking at her.

"No just no" She said shaking her head.

"You know I just heard all of that right?" Louis said from right behind us. I screamed before turning around and hitting his head.

"Bad Louis!" I said

He pouted "Wait but hook who up?" Louis asked quietly

"Pleaseeeee" I said doing the puppy face.

"Fine but only him. Louis I swear if you tell anyone I will kill you in your sleep" Tiffany said glaring at him.

He nodded with his eyes widen. I laughed before leaning over towards Louis. "Tiffany likes Liam so we need to like make him and his girlfriend break up and hook them up" I whispered to Louis

"YOU LIKE L-" Louis started to yell but I cut him off by jumping on him and covering his mouth with my hand. 

"Shut.the.fuck.up." I said before uncovering his mouth and getting off him. "I swear I cant tell you anything." I said shaking my head.

"Im sorryyy but ill help" He said smiling.

I nodded before leaning back towards him. "Oh and dont make is obvious she likes him either okay?" I whispered to him.

He nodded and we all looked up at the lads and Brittany who were having their own conversation.

"OKAYYY SO ANYWAYSSS" Louis yelled standing up. I held my hand out towards him so he can pull me up. See I got that lazy life. He pulled me up before pulling Tiffany up.

"Let's go get Brittany that job" I said smiling.



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