A New Beginning (Kidnapped By One Direction Sequel)


5. chapter 5


Okay so enough about my life here's chapter 5, finally.


Chapter 5

Louis pov

In case you're wondering, yes the 'mystery' place I was taking Madison to was the arcade.

She looked all stressed so what's a better way to loosen up and have some fun?

I looked over at her only to her face light up. Perfect. Just the reaction I was hoping for. I grinned and grabbed her hand before started to walk around.

"So what do you want to do first love?" I asked looking down at her.

"Anything" she said smiling before looking up at me. "Hey I just noticed your hair is different" she said ruffling my hair.

I grinned "something about you changed but I can't figure out what..." I said.

I can't figure out what changed and it's really driving me insane.

She just smiled up at me before looking around the arcade. I also started looking around until I noticed a photo booth.

"C'mon let's go to the photo booth!!" I said before dragging her to the photo booth. We got there and got in. I put the money in the slot and sat back by her. "Ready love?" I asked looking over at her. She nodded and I hit the button.

For the first picture we just smiled

For the second picture I kissed her cheek

For the third picture I hugged her smiling while she did the puppy face

For the fourth picture she smiled while I did a funny face.

After the pictures we got out, grabbed the pictures

"We look so weird" she said giggling. I chuckled and put them in her purse. I grabbed her hand and we started walking around again.

"Ooo let's go play Lazer Tag!!!" I said dragging her to the Lazer Tag

She smiled "Sounds cool but wouldn't my boss fire me if he found out I left work to come to an arcade with you?" She asked looking up at me worriedly

"Love, once again, I'm Louis Tomlinson, I'm sure he'll be just fine with it" I said grinning down at her "Just loosen up and have fun"


After a few hours of playing a bunch

of random games in the arcade we both decided we should get a drink and go get some ice cream. So we started walking around the mall trying to find an ice cream place.

"Hey there's one over there!" Madison said pointing to an ice cream place. I smiled down at her

"Good eye" I said starting to walk inside the ice cream shop with Madison right behind me.

We ordered our Ice cream and sat down eating it while talking about the tour and stuff that we both missed while we were apart.

"If you don't mind me asking, why did you go away anyway?" I asked taking a bite of my ice cream. She froze and looked down.

I hope I didn't hit a nerve or something but it's been driving us crazy. We didn't know what we did to make her just leave out of the blue and not even keep in contact with us.

"N-no reason, just thought I should try to make it on my own without making you guys do everything for me, it wasn't fair to you guys" she said before shaking her head and looking up at me. "So um you said Zayn and Perrie got back together right?" She said obviously trying to change the subject.

"Uh yeah they're engaged actually" I said smiling slightly.

"Already? Goodness" she said grinning "I'll have to make sure I congratulate them"

"Well maybe later we can all see have a movie night together and catch up? If you want Tiffany can come too, she's always welcomed" I said smiling. She returned the smile

"Thanks luvie" she said. "I'll see if we have any plans tonight, if not I'll be sure to text you"

"Awesome" I smiled "so want to head back now?"

"Sure" she said before we got up and threw away our trash. After I threw my trash away I looked at Madison noticing she was staring at me.

"What?" I asked "do I have something on my face?" I asked starting to rub all over my face.

"No" she giggled "it's just we look like nothing alike... How on earth are we twins?"

I sighed "I don't know, we really don't look that much alike" I said shrugging

"Do you think... Maybe they maybe made that up or something?" She asked

I didn't answer because I really didn't know how to answer... What if they did make it up?


CLIFFHANGER ;) okay so I hoped you enjoyed ;) Sorry it took so Long for the new chapter I've been all busy. Oh and the photo booth pictures is really of Louis And El but imagine that El is Madison (:

But I'm all bored so if you have a kik comment your username and I'll kik you (: k bai

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