A New Beginning (Kidnapped By One Direction Sequel)


1. Chapter 1

Okay so this is the sequel to Kidnapped By One Direction! So if you haven't read Kidnapped By One Direction, get your butt out of here! ;) Okay so enjoy!!!


Chapter 1

Madisons pov

“Madison…… Madison……”

“Leave me alone… I want to sleep” I said turning over on my stomach


I screamed, falling out of bed onto the floor. Ugh who is waking me up this fucking early?! I looked up to see Tiffany standing there with her hands on her hips. Ugh Why Tiffany… why…

“Why the hell did you wake me up so damn early?!” I asked slowly getting up off of the floor.

“We have to go to work stupid” Tiffany said walking into her closet.

Work?! OH MY GOD I FORGOT ABOUT WORK!!!!!! I quickly ran into my closet and grabbed a maroon tank top, Mickey mouse leggings, mickey mouse sweatshirt, and my white boots. I quickly threw on the clothes before running a brush through my hair and putting on some mascara, eyeliner, and clear lipstick. I brushed my teeth quickly before grabbing my phone, purse, and keys.

“You ready?” I asked Tiffany.

“Sure am” She said joining me by the door.

Okay so youre probably wondering whats happening… So let me explain. Okay so ever since I left the lads I moved in with Tiffany since I basically lived there before. After 2 days of living there I needed all my other shit so I had to go back and get all the rest of my stuff when they weren’t there, since I had an extra house key. I left the key on the table along with a note and went on my way. Sadly, I haven’t talked to them since but ive been doing really good on my own. Tiffany and I got a job at the same place and we’re sharing a car. And yeah its been almost a month since I left so Im doing pretty good.

Tiffany and I got in the car and started driving to work. I honestly love this job, theres no dress code and that’s a really good thing! Youre probably wondering where we work at, and of course we got a job at the mall. We’re basically at the mall 24/7 so why not work there? We work at this shoe store that we absolutely love! And the best thing is, we get discounts!! So for us, its heaven working there. I probably sound really lame but you don’t understand how much we LOVE shoes! Also the boss and co-workers and customers are pretty beast!

We pulled up to the mall and quickly got out of the car, before running to the store we work at since we were 10 minutes late already.

“RUN FASTER MADISON!” Tiffany kept yelling at me

“SHUT UP IM RUNNING FASTER THAN YOU! YOU RUN FASTER!!” I yelled picking up my speed

“IM IN HEELS CALM YOUR TITS!” She yelled causing some people to look at us weirdly.

“SHUT UP THERE ARE CHILDREN HERE!” I yelled running into the store before her.

I bet people think we’re just going to shop and that we were really obsessed with shopping, which we are so I didn’t mind. We went to our shifts and mine was the cash register and Tiffanys was restocking the shelves. It should be a pretty easy day since it is Monday so that's good.

3 hours later

"Nicole!! Time for our lunch break!!" I yelled to Nicole from across the store.

I laughed when I heard her cheer. We walked to the food court and got a mini box of pizza to share with two cups of soda. We sat down at this table and started eating our food.

"Maddieeeeeeeeeee!!" Nicole said with her mouth full

"Ew swallow before you talk dork" I said making a grossed out face. She rolled her eyes before swallowing her food.

"Maddieee!! Focus!" She said with a serious face. Oh god..

"What's wrong anyways?" I asked

"They're here!" She whispered loud enough for me to hear

"Who's here?"

"The lads" she whispered again

I was confused for a second till it hit me....

The lads/ One Direction are here..

"Where at?" I asked with wide eyes

"At the table behind you.." She whispered again

My eyes got so wide I thought they were going to pop out of my head. I quickly took a big bite of my pizza, finishing it off.

Somehow we ate the whole box of pizza... Wow we're fatties. I took one last drink of my soda before throwing everything away with Nicole right by me. We went back to our table and grabbed our phones and wallets while facing our backs to their table behind us.

"Ill race you" I told her smirking

She nodded

"Ready. Set. GO!!" We yelled taking off running back to the store. But being the clumsy self I am, I tripped and fell after just a few steps. Nicole noticed and started laughing really loud causing everyone to look at us. I groaned not wanting to get up. I licked my lips and noticed they were bleeding.

"Wonderful" I breathed out

"Hey, are you alrig- Madison?!?!" I heard a very familiar voice say from behind me.

Wonderful. This has been a lovely day so far.


So here's a long chapter for the first chapter of this book ;) hope you like ittt!!


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