It's all inside


8. Ch 8

 Today Victoria would be getting surgery done on hers eyes so she would be able to see again.


she felt very very nervous but Gordon told her not to worry about anything.


she couldn't help but think about xiumin, yesterday was the day of his funeral and everyone in town gathered in town to watch his send off.


the doctors came in and brought Victoria to a room where she was put to sleep.......


when end she woke up she looked around, she couldn't help but smile, this has been her dream for the longest time and it finally came true! 


As Gordon drove her home she looked out the window at the beautiful sights she could see.


When he parked Victoria got out and walked up stairs opening the door to xiumins old room.


she looked at his desk, there sat the bottle of pills and a glass container filled with candy.


She picked it up and sighed.


she looked over to the bed side table and opened the little  drawer where the drawing of Victoria was.


she held it on her heart as a tear fell down her cheek.


she walked over to the rest picking up the feather pen and a piece of paper.


dear xiumin


its me, Victoria. I just wanted to let you know that I miss you, badly. Even though I couldn't see you, I knew that you where a very beautiful person, have a safe trip to heaven, I love you. 


She wrote.


she put the candy, the pills, the drawing and the letter in to a bag as she picked up a umbrella and walked to the grave yard.


 She put all the stuff neatly on to his grave stone as she sighed.


"I love you" she said as she walked away and headed towards the street.


she was thinking very will as she walked across the street, a car was speeding towards her, she turned her head as her jaw dropped and the car hit her.


After a few days, she joined xiumin where she could be happy with him and not care about what other people say


they where both, gone......


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