It's all inside


7. Ch 7

It's been days and days but xiumin never returned, she begun to get really worried. She sat onto the couch into the study as she held the bottle of pills into her shaky hands.

She set them down onto the coffee table in front of    Her as she heard a door open and close 

Xiumin walked in and sat at the piano as he begun to play the song that he played on the first day.

Victoria smiled as she listened to the beautiful melody.

Xiumin started to feel weak and tired but he kept playing the keys, it wasn't before long that he felt his body give out, his head hit the keys as the lay there lifeless.

Victoria frowned as tears slowly poured down her cheeks.

Peter quickly rushed in and picked xiumin up rushing out side to the car, he cheeked his pulse but found that it wouldn't beat. At that moment he knew that xiumin was dead, he passed and he would be moving onto heaven.

Victoria didn't know that, Gordon sat down at the piano as he begun to play the song xiumin was playing.

She smiled and whipped her tears away because she thought xiumin was okay.....  

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