It's all inside


4. Ch 4

"Are you hungry?" Xiumin asked

She nodded slightly as he grabbed a piece of candy from the bowl on top of the piano.  

"Open your mouth" he said

She opened her mouth as he slipped the candy in her mouth.

It begun to melt on her tongue and She smile as the burst of cherry flavouring came out of the middle 

Xiumin put a hand on his heart as he groaned In pain.

"Are you okay?" She asked as he took out a bottle of pills slipping one inside of his mouth.

"Yeah, I'm alright" he said.

She trusted him so she nodded as sir Gordon walked in and took her hand "come on Victoria, it's time to prepare for dinner" he said leading her out.

Sir peter walked in and looked at xiumin "I don't think you should be making contact with her" he said 

"What?! Why not?" He asked 

"She is here for studies not to be carried away buy a teen In a suit" peter said 

"She's blind! What am I supposed to do watch her suffer?!" He said 

"That's when you should think about you, you are the one with heart failure!" Peter said 

"I feel fine!" Xiumin yelled.

"Not another word, please go prepare for dinner and we won't take this conversation any further" peter said 

"This is so unfair" xiumin said before storming off into his room where he sat at his desk and begun to draw Victoria from scratch.

He made sure every line and shade was just as beautiful as she was, when he was done he set it into the drawer on his bedside table where no one would find it.

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