It's all inside


3. Ch 3

As Gordon left the study so sir peter could begin the lesson. Victoria sat down reaching for the keys.

"Do you know how to play anything?" Peter asked 

She shook her head, "I never learned...." 

"Will, today you will begin to learn" he said "please play a c cord" 

By now xiumin was just getting home from his violin lesson, he was walking up the path as he stopped and looked into the window at Victoria and Peter.

"For the last time that is not how you play the keys!" Peter said hitting the top of the piano with his baton, Victoria slipped her hands away as Peter left with frustration. 

Xiumin walked inside and headed straight to the study where Victoria was still pressing keys.

"Hello" he said 

"Hi" she said 

"I am xiumin" he said  sticking out his hand for a hand shake.

"I am Victoria" she said as she kept looking straight.

He gave a confused look "aren't you going to shake my hand?" He asked 

"I can't see you or your hand" she said 

He frowned "oh..." 

He sat next to her and begun to play some keys on the piano.

She smiled and listen to how beautiful the sound sounded.

He begun to hear foot steps as he quickly got up and hid behind the piano "shhh" he said 

She nodded as sir peter walked in and look around "was that you?" He asked 

"Uhhh yeah" she said 

"When I leave that is when you play it right, will you may proceed as I step out of your way" he said 

As he left xiumin came out from the piano  and   Sat next to her "that was a close one..." He said looking at her.

She nodded slightly and felt around for the keys, xiumin seemed like a really nice guy, she wanted to talk to him face to face.

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