Night Time

There's death on the doorstop, when 14 year Kayla is left at home alone unexpected due to heavy snow storms in the heart of the Americas creeping forest of all times, watch paranormal documents is not the answer for this never ending story. What will happen? Will Kayla's homecoming Parents come home at the midnight hour or will Kayla be deaths next victim?! Become a fan now to read Kaylas paranormal being story!


1. Leaving a note.

''Come on!'' Demanded the bus driver as I aboded the Bus, with a load of other year Eights. They laughed at me as I tripped over my own boot laces. ''Haha you are such a emo!'' they singed with a kind of sarcastic I hate you look. I kicked the older year eight I hated in the leg where it really hurt. I thought It was funny to what he first reacted. So I laughed a little remembering not to snort like a demented pig. ''I'm going to get you little snail'' he shouted, so I legged it to the back of the bus avoiding other hates who wanted to trip me up. Soon enough I reached a spare double seat. Now no one would dare go near me , obviously they backed away from me. So the older year eights just turned away and got back in their own seats. I reached for my headphones and I pod, and Listened to blood on the dance floors music all the way home!

                                                   When I got home at last, to my surprise a note on my bed  from mother It told me to stay at home when until my mum came back home. So I guessed I would Just chill relax... but what about electric.. The telly wasn't turning on My I pods battery had gone and worst of all the light switch wouldn't work...I turned around to my horror to see a pair of two glowing red eyes and  'ABC' glowing letters on the tummy of a Toy teddy bear...


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