Love Bites (Isaac Lahey Fanfic)

Hope has never felt normal. Yeah she has a normal life in England but she always felt there was something that she wasn't being told. So when Hope moves to Beacon Hills to live with her cousin Ava she doesn't expect anything out of the ordinary. But Ava's group of friends are definitely extraordinary.

Isaac Lahey catches her eye but Ava warns her about his reputation. Ladies man, dark and mysterious but that makes her more and more intrigued. Little does she know what's underneath his cool exterior.

When murders start happening to her classmates in Beacon Hills, along with Ava, Isaac, Scott, Stiles, Derek, the twins and Erin, Hope takes it upon herself to find the murderer.

Full of the supernatural, murderers, dark secrets and romance


2. We're Crazy

Part 2. 
"Hope? Hope wake up!" Ava shouts from her side of the room. I groan and roll over in bed, pulling the covers over my face. 
"Hope! We're late! You need to get up now else we won't make it!" She says frantically. My eyes shoot open and I jump out of bed. 
"What happened to your alarm?" I ask her. 
"My phone died overnight," she tells me. 
I run into the bathroom and try to sort my curly hair out. I wash my face quickly then I run back upstairs and throw my wardrobe open. I should've planned my outfit last night because now I have no idea what to wear. 
I pull out a pair of light coloured jeans and my white converse. I throw on a white vest, black leather jacket and red scarf. I apply my makeup quickly and 
pull half of my ombred hair up into a ponytail on top of my head, leaving some curls around my face. 
Ava shouts me from downstairs so I grab my backpack and rush down the stairs saying goodbye to Carol and Ian and slip into Ava's car. 
We pull up outside the school five minutes late and run inside. "Right go to the office and grab your timetable. I don't know if I'm in any of your lessons so if not I'll see you at dinner!" She says quickly, hugging me and hurrying down the hall. 
"Okay then," I whisper, looking round for a sign to the office. The halls were empty and I had no idea where I had to go. 
I traipse down the corridor hoping to just come across the office. 
I turn a corner and bump into someone. "Oh sorry," I say, looking up. My mouth gapes open at the boy stood in front of me. I look up into his bright blue eyes and light curly hair. My eyes move to his lips, curled up into a smirk. 
"No problem," his British accent sounds in my ears. 
"Umm do you know where the office is?" I ask him, looking down at my shoes. 
"Down the corridor to the left," he grins down at me. 
"Thanks," I say, walking off and my cheeks blazing. 
"Nice accent!" He shouts down the hall. A small smile plays on my lips. 
I knock on the door of the office and wait until a tall woman with short brown hair answers. 
"Hope?" She asks, looking me up and down. 
"Yeah, I'm sorry I'm late," I tell her. 
"Just don't make a habit of it," she says, opening the door wider. I follow her inside and sit down in front of her. 
"I'm Miss Sadie, the principal. Here's your timetable," she gives me a piece of paper. "You chose media and photography as extra credit lessons right?" 
"Yeah I did."
"You will be able to make it to the end of first lesson. Don't be late again Hope," she tells me sternly before shooing me out. 
I look at my timetable and see English is first. Great, where's the English corridor? 
How's your day been?" Ava asks as she walks me to the cafeteria. 
"I don't think the principle likes me very much," I laugh. 
"She doesn't like anyone," she joins in. 
"Well I'd better introduce you to my friends, they might be in some of your lessons. I'm in your science lessons, Scott and Aiden do photography and Isaac does Media," she smiles. 
"Great," I tell her as she looks around for her table. She starts walking left and my eyes travel to the table she's heading too. They are all boys except one girl, staring me out at the other side of the table. 
"Hey guys, this is Hope, my cousin I was telling you about," she motions to me. I don't really know what to do so I just stand there and smile like an idiot.
"Hey British," a low voice says from along the table. My eyes flick to the person who said it and my eyes meet blue. 
"Hope this is Isaac, have you guys already met?" She asks me. 
"Yeah she bumped into me this morning," he smirks. 
"I was lost," I stutter to Ava. But she just laughs and my cheeks burn. 
"I'm Scott," the boy in front of me holds his hand out. His chocolate brown eyes look kind and I shake his hand. 
"I'm Stiles," the boy next to him waves. I shyly wave back. Why are all these boys so good looking. 
On the other side of the table sat twins. 
"Ethan and Aiden," Ava tells me. I look frantically between them and try and find a difference. There was no chance I could remember who is who. And lastly the girl sat across from Isaac. She looks at me icily. 
"And that's Erin," Ava says before scooting up to sit next to Ethan. I smile at her but she just looks down, playing with her food. 
"You didn't tell me your cousin was so pretty," Scott smiles at me. Everyone laughs and I realise I'm going to like these people. 
"You didn't tell me your friends were so hot," I laugh back, gaining sudden confidence. 
Scott nudges my arm, my cheeks burning me. I look across the table to see Isaac's eyes burning into mine. 
"We're having a party at ours later, you coming?" Scott asks me hopeful. 
"On a Monday?" I laugh. 
"We're crazy," he whispers in my ear making me laugh.

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