Love Bites (Isaac Lahey Fanfic)

Hope has never felt normal. Yeah she has a normal life in England but she always felt there was something that she wasn't being told. So when Hope moves to Beacon Hills to live with her cousin Ava she doesn't expect anything out of the ordinary. But Ava's group of friends are definitely extraordinary.

Isaac Lahey catches her eye but Ava warns her about his reputation. Ladies man, dark and mysterious but that makes her more and more intrigued. Little does she know what's underneath his cool exterior.

When murders start happening to her classmates in Beacon Hills, along with Ava, Isaac, Scott, Stiles, Derek, the twins and Erin, Hope takes it upon herself to find the murderer.

Full of the supernatural, murderers, dark secrets and romance


4. Party ll

Part 4. 
We all sit in a circle, my knees touching Scott and Ava's next to me. 
"I'll go first," Ethan grins. "Truth or dare Derek?" 
"Hmmm dare," he grins. 
"I dare you to take a shot of..." He says looking round. "This," he grabs a bottle of black liqueur. 
Derek pours a shot and downs it immediately. 
"Ugh!" He groans, "what the hell was that?"
"I have no idea," Ethan laughs. 
"My turn now. Ava truth or dare?" He looks down at her. 
"Truth," she smiles. 
"Do you love me?" He asks her smirking. 
"Of course I do," she kisses him, making everyone in the circle moan. 
"Get a room!" Stiles shouts and Derek glares at him. 
"Scott, truth or dare?" Ava asks. 
"Dare," Scott says. Ava eyes sparkle at me and I know what she's thinking. Before I get to protest she speaks. 
"I dare you to kiss Hope," she smirks. 
"Woah what? I've only just met her," he laughs, but doesn't say no. 
"Ava I don't think that's a good idea," someone speaks. All our eyes turn to Isaac. He's glaring at Scott. 
"I don't mind," I tell them, my cheeks blushing, the alcohol kicking in. 
"Scott, don't," Isaac growls and Scott flinches. Is he afraid of him? 
"Why can't he? You don't own him," I snap at Isaac. 
"Sorry Hope," Scott sighs next to me. I was so confused and my head starts spinning. 
"I'll be right back," I say standing up and making my way through the crowd on the stairs. 
I push open the door to what I guess is the bathroom and lock the door behind me. 
I run a hand through my hair. I don't understand why Isaac told Scott he wasn't allowed to do something. And why did Scott obey him? Someone knocks on the door so I open it quickly and push past them. 
"Wait Hope," Isaac grabs my arm and pulls me into a room. 
"Get off me!" I shout, pushing him away. He lets go but doesn't move away, his face inches away from mine. He doesn't say anything. 
"What do you want?" I snap. 
"Why did you want to kiss Scott?" He asks me. 
"Why not?" I retaliate. 
"Because he's not right for you," he tells me, his warm hands on my hips. He pushes me against the wall and I don't know why I don't stop him. 
"And you are?" I ask him. 
"No, I'm bad for you," he smirks darkly. Before I can reply his lips are on mine and they intoxicate me. My lips move in synch with his, my hands moving to his curls. He pulls me towards him, his lips moving from mine to my jaw and then my collarbone. He nips lightly at the skin as his fingernails dig into my hips sharply. 
Suddenly I get a searing pain in my temple. "Isaac..." I say, wanting to tell him to stop. Instead his lips move to my shoulder, underneath my dress. I close my eyes and groan from the pain. Under my closed eyelids shapes start forming and colour develops. What was happening? 
Finally the shapes turn into faces. I see Scott's, sat on the couch with Erin and Stiles. Then my vision flicks to Ava and Derek dancing in a crowd of people. I zone in on a boy dancing in front of a large bookcase and he accidentally backs into it, causing it to loose balance. I hear Ava scream as the bookcase comes tumbling down on her. 
My eyes shoot open and I jerk away from Isaac. I'm aching all over, my neck and shoulders in pain. I push Isaac off me and run quickly down the stairs. As I run into the living room I see what I saw in my mind. Ava and Derek dancing. And then I see the boy bump into the bookcase. 
"Ava!" I shout. I run to her and grab her waist, pulling her with me. We land on the floor with a thud as the bookcase crashes at our feet. Everyone looks at us, mouths wide open. 
"How did you know?!" She asks me shocked. But I couldn't answer her, I just stared at the bookcase lying on the floor.

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