What's it like to be out of control? What's it like to lose everyone you love? Jess knows.


1. What's the point

"Fuck off mum!" That was it. That was breaking point. Jessica Cod had ruined her relationship with the last person who loved her enough to deal with her nuissance. Her mum, Liv, didn't retaliate. Instead, she took a deep breath and with a smile as straight as a ruler, Jessica was told to pack her things.

Liv knew this was coming. Actually, for months she'd been dreading the day she would have to send her rioting daughter away - but she knew nothing lasted with Jess, so she'd planned a new start ahead of time. 

Jess covered her mouth as soon as the words escaped, she hadn't meant to sound so spiteful, she knew the last straw had finally been snapped when her mum didn't shout or lash out. Jess knew this had been coming for a long time. Except, she could wait to get away.

Life's a bore when you have no friends. When you fade into the background and no one seems to recall your name. It sucks being picked last in sports, or having nobody ask what's wrong when you skip a day. It sucks when you feel alone in a busy lunch hall, or when you don't know where to sit in class. It just sucks.

Money doesn't buy happiness. I know everyone believes otherwise, but it truly doesn't. You can have everything you ever desire, but you can't buy love, you can't buy friendship or laughter or hugs. You can't buy a shoulder to cry on - not a real one anyway. Jess was spoiled as a child, her deceased Dad, a Fireman who had some unpredicted luck in an LA casino, had spoiled his only daughter, but he'd never really been there for her. Jess had gotten what she wanted and soon she picked up devious habits and was able to wrap whoever she wanted around her little sticky fingers. As she grew up, her evil ways grew with her, she became more and more spiteful and the people around her lost interest. Now a tall, angelic fifteen year old, even she realised enough was enough.

It took a while for Jess to decide exactly what to pack. She wanted a new start, so image felt vital in order to fit in at her new school, which she was dreading yet excited at the possibility she may be accepted for once. The rules seemed harsh to her; no mobile phones, no wifi in the dorms, and only one suitcase per child. Good thing her suitcase was humungous - and her clothes were thin, likewise to her figure.

In her suitcase, she threw; her trusty black jeans which hugged her curves comfortably, three band tee shirts for weekend wear: Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana and Oasis, her black skater skirt which she deemed an appropriate length for private schooling and some other random teeshirts and leggings - mostly acquired from Topshop sale racks. Shoe-wise, Jess didn't own anything other than black Vans and various patterned Converse. She also had 'drinking heels' but these would not be acceptable in her new school, much to her disapointment. 

Once she'd done packing, she opened her MacBook and searched for school clothes and shoes. School uniform had never been something she'd worried about or made an effort to look acceptable in. Usually, she would turn up at school wearing leggings, converse and a plain teeshirt, sometimes she'd go as far as swinging the schools tie around her neck.
Lectured about uniform once too many times, she didn't need to guess Buckbank would be strict on their girls attire, and from the school website it appeared Jess couldn't be any more right. The girls were pictured all with their hair tied back, stiff burgundy blazers hung from their shoulders in the most unflattering manner, and their skirts came to just above their knees. It could have looked smart if you were living a century ago. 

Liv had agreed terms with the head teacher of Buckbank Academy, Jess would come home the last weekend of every month, she would be allowed to make phone calls on Wednesday nights anytime between 4.30pm and 7pm. These rules could not be bent as Buckbank ran a strict service of discipline which Jess would soon enough have to get used to.

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