Wrecking Ball

Payton Smith is a 17 year old girl with only a mom. She starts her first day in a new town hoping things will get better. Lucky for her, she gets some new friends. But secrets are kept and Payton tries to figure them out. Mistake. Knowing these secrets only break her and drag her into something she doesn't want. Tears are shed, secrets are kept, and Payton has to go through it all.


8. Chapter 8


i was wondering what everybody thinks of this so far. Remember to comment, like, and favorite. Don't stop reading because things start to get more intense from now on!!!



Im awake but Harry doesn't know that. He shakes my shoulder. "Payton, we are here."

"Harry? Can I call him?" I ask. Harry looks unsure but regretfully nods his head yes. I take out my phone and shakily dial Nialls number. "Hello?" He answers. I hear him sniffle. He's still crying. "Niall," I say. "Payton!" He says excitedley. I laugh. "I will be inside," Harry whispers. I look in his direction and nod. "Niall, I love you," I say. Tears escape my eyes and I begin sobbing. "Princess, it's okay. I'll see you soon enough," he says. I calm at his words. I trust him. "Where is Harry?" Niall asks. "Inside the Hotel," I answer. "Oh. Do you miss me?" I can fel him smirking through the phone. I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around. A man way taller than me stands there. He looks strong. I have a bad feeling this is the guy Niall warned me about. I slide the phone in my pocket careful not to end the call. 

"Hey beautiful," he says. "Im Joe," he adds. "Kylie," I say. He looks confused for a moment. "Why hello there Kylie. Would you happen to know a Niall Horan?" He asks. I shake my head. "Nope. Sorry," I say. "Thanks anyway," Joe says and wake away. I gulp. I put the phone back up to my ear. "Was that...?" Niall asks. "Yea," I say. I hear him whisper swears to himself. "Babe, I'm coming to deal with him now," Niall says into the phone and breathes heavily. "Why? He won't do anything to me," I say. Niall laughs sarcastically. "He's the one who took my parents just to piss me off. It's a game to him. And I refuse to lose," he says. "Then bring the boys," I say. All I can hear is Nialls deep breaths through the phone. The same breaths that comforted e every time I had a bad dream. The breaths I would listen to when I couldn't sleep. 

"We are on our way," Niall says disconnecting the call. 

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