Wrecking Ball

Payton Smith is a 17 year old girl with only a mom. She starts her first day in a new town hoping things will get better. Lucky for her, she gets some new friends. But secrets are kept and Payton tries to figure them out. Mistake. Knowing these secrets only break her and drag her into something she doesn't want. Tears are shed, secrets are kept, and Payton has to go through it all.


7. Chapter 7


Niall was acting weird. He never acts like this. He's acting like its the last time I'll ever see him. All I know is one thing. It has something to do with that person that called him. I know it. 

"Wanna stay over?" Niall asks. I nod. He throws a shirt to me. I walk into the bathroom and put it on. I walk out and see Niall texting. He's wearing sweatpants and no shirt. I can't help but stare. He looks up and I immediately look away. He laughs. I can feel myself blushing. 

I slip under the covers  and close my eyes. I immediately fall asleep. 


I get into bed and look at her. She's fast asleep. I kiss her nose and close my eyes. I find myself thinking about leaving. I can't do this. Let Joe try to take her away from me. I was 10 when he took my parents. I couldn't fight then. 

My eyes shoot open and I'm on my feet. I grab my phone off the bedside table and run out in the hallway. I close the door silently behind me. I dial Harry's number and wait for I'm to answer impatiently. "Hello?" He answers. "Harry!" I say. "What is it Niall?" He asks. Tear escape my eyes an I'm full on sobbing. "J-Joe is trying to take P-Payton," I stutter. Dead silence. "You still there?" I ask still crying. "Yea," he says. "She needs to s-stay at your house for awhile," I say though it breaks my heart. "I'll be right over. But it's up to you to explain everything to her," he says. I'm just happy he said okay. "Okay! Just get here soon!" I say. I wipe the years from my eyes and hang up. 

"Payton. Payton," I say and shake her shoulder to wake her. She rubs her eyes then opens them. "What?" She asks. "Get ready to go. You're going to Harry's for a while," I say. "Have you been crying?" She asks. "Never mind that. You need to go," I say waving her question away. "Why?" She asks. "The phone calls. Joe. He is going to take you. Harry will go into fuller detail but for now, get ready," she nods and starts crying. I hate to see her cry. 

Theres a knock at the door. I know it's Harry so I walk to the door. I open it and Harry steps in. "She needs to leave. I rented a hotel room about 2 hours away so we should be okay," he says. I nod and let another tear fall. "Niall, it's okay. I won't hurt her. And Joe will stop at nothing to hurt you. Your best bet is to get boys to help you out. You know have them stay at your house while you all wait for Joe," he says. He's right. 


I was crying uncontrollably. Niall eventually came up to me and hugged me for 5 minutes. He whispered comforting words to me. "Payton, are you ready?" Harry asks. Nialls last words to me were, "I love you." We go out to Harry's car. Niall cried and didn't hide it. I was doing the same thing. I'm leaving the boy I love and always will love. 

I yawn. "You can sleep. I'll wake you up when we get there," Harry's says while driving. I nod and close my eyes. But I couldn't fall asleep. I am coming down with something. And it's a broken heart. 

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