Wrecking Ball

Payton Smith is a 17 year old girl with only a mom. She starts her first day in a new town hoping things will get better. Lucky for her, she gets some new friends. But secrets are kept and Payton tries to figure them out. Mistake. Knowing these secrets only break her and drag her into something she doesn't want. Tears are shed, secrets are kept, and Payton has to go through it all.


3. Chapter 3

"Woah, were you two just about to kiss?" Harry asks shocked. Niall quickly shakes his head. "No. We ummm," he says. Harry smirks. "Well I better be going," I say and stand up. "What about the project?" Harry asks. "Tomorrow? We can do it at my house if you would like," I suggest. Harry nods and I look over to Niall who is staring at his feet. "Bye Harry, bye Niall," I say and walk downstairs. 


I was on my way to my locker when somebody pulled me into the janitors closet. They close the door and switch the light on. I look to see Nialls face. "Were we?" He asks. "What?" I ask. "Yesterday, were we about to kiss?" He asks again. I shrug. "I don't know," I reply. He sighs and sits on a turned over bucket. "What's wrong?" I ask and kneel next to him. "I-I need to figure it out," he answers. "What?" I ask. "If I like you or not," he takes his face out of his hands when he says this. He stares at me. Waiting for a response. But I don't have one. "Well?" He asks. Before I know it I'm out of the closet and at my locker. 

I stay there for a while. I ignore the bell and just stand there. I hear a cough right behind me. I turn and see Niall. "Before you run away again, I just wanna say I'm sorry. You could've just said you didn't like me," he says. I shake my head. "No Niall. The problem was that I was trying to figure out the same thing," he seems relieved by my words. "So you wanna watch a movie at my place tonight?" He asks. I nod. "Sure," I reply. 

My classes seem to be the longest classes ever. When the bell for lunch finally rings, I walk with Niall and Liam to the cafeteria. I sit next to Niall at the end of the table. "Hey Payton!" Louis says. I wave back to him. "Oh and Harry. Umm I can't work on the project today. I have a family thing," Niall says. I look at him and he winks at me. "Are we ever gonna start this?" Harry asks. "Why don't you text me when you're ready to do the project," He adds. We all laugh. 

"We have English. Walk with me?" Niall asks me while I wait for him to get his books out of his locker. I nod. We get to English and everyone is staring at us. Then I look down at my hand and see me and Niall are holding hands. Harry's face is the funniest. He's staring at us wide eyed with his mouth hanging open. I drop his hand. And rush to my seat. Niall sits down next to me and pulls out his phone. He starts texting me. 'What just happened?' He asks. 'Idek' I reply. We text the whole class. The teacher didnt even notice but Harry did. He kept death staring me the whole entire class. 

When the bell rings, me and niall rush to our lockers and then go to his car. We get to his house and go to his room. We sit on his bed and talk for awhile. My phone buzzes. A text from Harry. 'R u home?' I panic and show the text to Niall. He takes the phone and starts typing. 'Nope. Went to the mall.' He sends. I receive no further messages from Harry so we continue our discussion about the people in our grade. "So who was that girl that took my seat in English that day? The blond one?" I ask. Niall looks at me questioningly and and says "Kayla Devery. And I don't like her by the way," he smiles when he says this. 

"Wanna watch that movie now?" He asks. I nod. He puts a movie into the DVD player and lays down on the bed. He pats the support next to him and I lay down where he wanted me to. He puts his arm around my shoulder and I move closer to him. I feel myself fall asleep in the middle of the movie. 

*Nialls POV*

she fell asleep with her head on my chest. I kiss her forehead and fall asleep too. 


My alarm clock wakes us up in the morning. I forgot to turn that off. It's the weekend. Payton looks up at me and I smile. She closes her eyes again and I kiss her on the cheek. I see a slight smile appear on her face. I close my eyes and fall asleep. My alarm went off at 6. It's Saturday. I'm sleeping in. 

"Niall. Niall. Wake up!" Payton whispers and shakes me. I groan. "What?" I ask. "Should I go home now?" She asks. My eyes shoot open and I sit up. "No." I say. She smiles. I love her smile. "Why?" She asks. "Because I want you to stay," I answer. I lean in and kiss her. Not apassionate kiss but a small peck on the lips. "Then I will," she says. "Good,"I reply. I stand up and walk over to the door. "I'll be right back," I say. "Bathroom," I add and head out the door. 


when he leaves, I pull out my phone and see a text from Luke. 'Im guessing ur at Nialls so I won't worry.' How does he know about Niall? 'Um how'd u no?' I type. A second later he replies 'I know all.' I roll my eyes and laugh. 

I ffeel the bed sink beside me. I turn and see Niall. "Hey babe,"he says and pulls me in for a hug. "Im hungry. You?" He asks. I nod. He stands and holds out his hand. I take it In mine and we walk downstairs to his kitchen. 

"so where are your parents?" I ask. "Visiting family. So I'm here all alone for a year," he replies. "A year?!" I ask. He laughs and nods. He walks towards me with a stack of pancakes on a plate. He sits beside me and we eat. After 15 minutes, all the pancakes are gone. 

My phone buzzes and I read the message. My eyes light up. It's from Lucy. My best friend. 'Movie night tonight?' I text back as fast as I can 'YES! I'LL BRING THE ICE CREAM!' I must be smiling like an idiot because Niall asks "what happened?" I reply, "oh my friend and I are having movie night tonight  " he looks down at the ground. "What's wrong?" I ask. He looks into my eyes.  His eyes in this lighting are the perfect blue. I live his eyes. "Thanks," he says. "What?" I ask confused. "My  eyes," he answers. "I said that out loud?!" I ask laughing. He nods and joins my fit of laughter. 

When should I leave?" I ask. "Why? Do you want to leave?" He asks. "No. I actually want to stay but I feel like I'm boring you," he laughs at my words. "Boring me?" I'm having fun!" He says. "How about this, I'll drop you off in 15?" He suggests. I nod. "Okay. Go get your stuff from my room and then we will leave," he says. I nod and obey him. I go into his room and collect my things. When I go back downstairs, we get into his car and go to my house. 

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