Broken inside


1. First chapter.

She's open the door. She's just came home and luckily there's nobody home. She's going to her room, but stops by the mirror. She's stopping and looking. What is she's seeing? A happy girl? No, she's seeing a girl who's broken. Who need someone who cares about her. Her tears are coming. She's broken. She needs to talk to someone but who wanna listen? No one. No one cares. She's going quick to the kitchen and finds a glass and breaks it in thousands of pieces. She's never did something like this before. She knows a lot of people who already do what's she's on her way to doing. She forget about anything she's said before. She's just want to hurts herself - just like everybody else is doing. She's going to her room and finding the glass. She doesn't thinking about anything. There's one thing she wants - hurt herself. She's taking a piece of glass in her hands. Slowly she's open her own skin. She sees blood. More and more blood. She's crying. It hurts. She's continue and even through it hurts more than anything - she doesn't stop. After a few minutes she stops for a minute. The tears is all over her face. What is she's doing? She's thinking about her life. Of all the times people have said mean things to her. She's always pretend like it doesn't hurts. The truth is, it does. She's taking the sharpest piece and now she sees blood again. A little smile is on her face now. Why? Because all the pain is gone. Every time she hurts her self, everything gets better. She should have listened when people told her, that it's actually helped and she's stupid enough to believe them. This has been her life for the last few weeks. Everyday is the same routine - over and over again. People don't know, that behind that happy smile, there's a sad and insecure girl, who's broke in thousands pieces. What people don't know, doesn't hurt them.

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