You Might Think You Know Me, But You're Wrong

I'm Skylar, you can call me Sky. My parents died in battle, im not aloud to say how. let's just say they died on '' Unknown Sircumstances''. I live with my brother Sam and my Best Friend Abby. When My parents died, they left me nothing, and I had no one to stay with. So Abby let me, and Sam stay at her mansion with her and her parents. We are all going to a supernatural boarding school at Illinois for werewolves and other magical creatures. But there is one thing we ALL have to worry about, The vampires. There is more important stuff going on like how i'm the chosen one along with Sam and Abby. We have to fight save the world. But their is one thing me, sam and abby all have in common, we have powers. Sam controls the sky, Abby controls water and i control Nature. I know I don't get the Sky powers and my name is sky, Unfortunte right.


1. Profile of the Characters

Name: Skylar ( sky ) Long

Age: 19

Eye Color: Pure Green

Hair Color: Brunette with Amber Highlights and Green Highlights

Power: Nature


Fur: Brown with Blonde and light brown streaks

Eyes:  Pure Green


Name: Sam Long

 Age: 19

Eye Color: Pure Purple

Hair Color: Brown with Purple streaks

Power: Sky


Fur: Brown

Eyes: Pure Purple


Name: Abby Turner


Eye Color: Pure Blue

Hair Color: Brunette with Blue Highlights

Power: Water


Fur Brown: Brunette with Blonde streaks in fur

Eyes: Pure Blue


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