You Might Think You Know Me, But You're Wrong

I'm Skylar, you can call me Sky. My parents died in battle, im not aloud to say how. let's just say they died on '' Unknown Sircumstances''. I live with my brother Sam and my Best Friend Abby. When My parents died, they left me nothing, and I had no one to stay with. So Abby let me, and Sam stay at her mansion with her and her parents. We are all going to a supernatural boarding school at Illinois for werewolves and other magical creatures. But there is one thing we ALL have to worry about, The vampires. There is more important stuff going on like how i'm the chosen one along with Sam and Abby. We have to fight save the world. But their is one thing me, sam and abby all have in common, we have powers. Sam controls the sky, Abby controls water and i control Nature. I know I don't get the Sky powers and my name is sky, Unfortunte right.


5. Chapter 4: Mom and Dad

''It was a stormy night, my parents were talking about it coming and protecting the kids, they told us to hide in the closet and not leave till you can sence that no one was here. I was trying to understand what they ment than Sam grabed my arm and dragged me to the closet. We waited for 15 minuetes when the door bell rang, they opened it and there was the pizza guy. My parents told him to come and than one person changed to 20 and all I heard was my parents yell 'I love you' I mouthed I Love You Too than all went silent and I saw a nife go through my parents hearts and than I burst out with anger. Sam and Me stepped up the group of vampires looked confused than me and sam got so pissed that we started to turn red and the vampires turned to ashes. we still don't understand what happened to us. But now we have these weird werewolf powers, I controle Nature, Sam controls Sky, but the thing is that we went to Abby's house and than she had tears in her eyes she saw that the vampires killed her mom and dad and that she turned them to dust just like we did. And now she controls the water"Than I looked at her, she looked worried. '' I must go shopping, the fridge is empty.'' She said


Trudy wasn't going shopping, she was going to see Mr. Rivers. She entered his office and said '' The chosen ones have their powers, they have had them since the accident. We can't put them in danger. They must figure out their destiny's themselves.'' '' Areed nice work, Trudy.''

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